Monday, November 15, 2010

Fault Lines

As surely as birds fly south for the winter and the swallows return to Capistrano, so too are the loons and lame ducks returning to Washington DC.

And in a desperate bid to continue wearing the feathered crown of her Democratic flock, Nancy Pelosi has officially announced that "we didn't lose the election because of me!"

Speaking to the ever-impartial NPR, the soon-to-be-former Speaker said the loss wasn't due to her arrogant pronouncement that "we have to pass the healthcare bill so you can see what's in it." It wasn't her pretentious tendency to use expensive, military aircraft as her personal shuttle service. And it wasn't her preposterous call for an anti-constitutional congressional investigation into the Tea Party movement, whom she likened to Nazis.

No, the real reason for the huge electoral defeat was...was..."$100 million of outside, unidentified funding" for opposing campaign ads!

Despite (or perhaps because of) this ludicrous claim, Nancy is struggling to retain the leadership of House Democrats, and a growing and vocal number of Dems are asking her to step down and walk away before she can do more damage to the party.

Because even lame ducks need a leg to stand on.



Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Not just a lame duck, Stilton, but a plucked lame duck stuck in the muck. Arrogance or stupidity...arrogance or stupidity? Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

No "happy" meals for Nancy.

Cookie said...

..."our members understand, they made me a target because I’m effective, politically and policy-wise.”
Yep, she's effective--in bringing this great country to it's knees! Adios Ms. Pelosi!

drjim said...

And never a word about all the "unidentified" money HRH Obummer raised during his campaign.

Pete(Detroit) said...

drjim - you actually expect Dems to hold themselves to the same standards they attempt to impose on the rest of us?
You Foolish Mortal! BWAHAHAHHAAHHA
/Evil Booming voice

sorry, couldn't resist.

Doc - Northern Nevada said...

"Do as I say ... NOT as I do" never had more meaning than right there in congress right now!
Actually, having the Queen B***h in power with the minoroty party could also work against the Dems even more come '12! ... because you know she will keep digging herself deeper and deeper into a hole, and take a lot of the still in place Dems with her.

drjim said...

You are, of course, correct, Pete!
Just thought I'd bring it up in case anybody had forgotten about 300 MILLION Obummer raised in such a short time.

pryorguy said...

She's right, you know....she is VERY good at what she does...its just that...WE DONT WANT WHAT SHE HAS TO OFFER!!!

This bunch in DC right now are mind-numbing.And they never let up, Pelosi, Reid, and Obama, what a triple threat! And... what a huge challenge for the new congressmen and even some of the more reasonable democrats up there! So, I am not gettng my hopes up too high about anything! But, it will give all the 24/7 news channels something to talk about at least!

moronpolitics said...

So... Is the President making an ultra-top secret Hajj on the way back on Air Force One
? Wait!! Would that make AF1 the "way back machine"?? Who's who on THAT one? Tell me true Doggie Daddy. Can yee imagine should it be found oot? No, America, he was just dropping in to discuss a security matter and Mecca was right there and... and... I mean if he WAS allowed into Mecca I am SURE there are historical or historic examples of of uh... Oh SHUT UP Norton. Or should that be "to the moon, Alice!" or Michelle.. or an asteroid... I am getting confused.