Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Frivolities

Steaking His Position
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 When asked about the nightmarish horrors of Dr. Kermit Gosnell's abortion clinic, the president (who has previously advocated killing infants who are born alive after a failed abortion) said that he couldn't talk about a legal matter which was unresolved but, like Bill Clinton, he believe that abortions should be "safe, legal, and rare."
Hope n' Change was baffled by what meaning of "rare" he could be referring to, until Mrs. Jarlsberg explained that the dog-eating Mr. Soetoro was probably using a culinary term. 

Where The Sun Don't Shine
obama, obama jokes, abortion, gosnell, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, conservativeWith Barry's passion for abortions still sadly in mind, Hope n' Change created the cartoon above because A) we think it shows how his mind works and B) because we think he's an a-hole and C) because it struck us as funny to think of these two muttering stupid ideas in the dark. Then again, we sometimes drink at work. 

Gun Control for Dummies
When Obama stood in the Rose Garden whining, pissing, and moaning about the utter failure of his gun control bill, we couldn't help but be distracted by Joe Biden's ridiculous mugging for the cameras. We knew we'd seen that pouting face somewhere before...but where? And then it hit us: ventriloquist Jeff Dunham's grumpy old puppet, Walter.

Although frankly, Walter is better looking, smarter, funnier, and less of a puppet than Uncle Joe.


  1. DAMN!
    I've GOT a "little old man" sweater vest like that, and a bright blue shirt - now all I need is a shitty clip on bow tie, and I can do Biden impersonations...
    Well, a red bow AND shave my balls and learn to walk on my hands - no WAY I'm putting my REAL face out there to imitate Biteme...
    Just sayin'...

  2. On "gun control for dummies", one has an empty wooden head and the other one is a ventriloquist's dummy! At any given moment, either might have a hand up his backside. The main difference is that Walter is intentionally funny.

  3. On a brighter note, the Boston bombers appear to be white, right wing Chechen rebels. Unsurprisingly, Chechens are also proponents of the Religion of Pieces, commonly known as muslims. Where they picked up on pressure cooker bombs, that Hallmark of Rightwing Extremists, I'll never know. I guess it must be global warming. In any case, chalk up another tragedy made possible by liberal immigration policy, without which these guys and the perpetrators of 911 couldn't have done what they had done - at least not with such ease.

    (Fantastic photoshop on the clothes, Stilton!)

  4. It hasn't been a good week for Obama, which means it's a better week for most Americans. Gosnell is gaining traction, and his anti-gun strategy totally backfired.

    Obama really needs Gosnell to go away before people start thinking about it too hard. The MSM has done all it can do to help by pretending that the trial doesn't even exist. (If a tree is falling in a forest and the MSM intentionally ignores it, did the tree even exist?)

    It's only a matter of time before people figure out that it was once Obama's personal agenda to indemnify doctors like Gosnell from the consequences of botched late-term abortions when he was fighting to kill the "Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act" as a legislator in Illinois. If Obama had his way, Gosnell would be immune from most of his current legal problems.

    Meanwhile, Obama's plan to drive a wedge between the GOP and soccer mom's completely backfired. It should have been obvious to anyone that the gun bill in the Senate had a snowball's chance in hell of getting anywhere in the House. That was by design. The plan was to pass it in the Senate, and then watch it die a slow, lingering death in the House so that Obama could blame the GOP for all forms of gun mayhem going into the 2014 mid-terms.

    The reason that Obama is pissed isn't because the bill died, but because it died in the wrong place! It was killed by a lack of Democrat votes, not Republican. So now the Democrats now own the supposed failure, not the GOP. Be sure to repeat this frequently. We know the MSM will not.

    In fact, considering their treatment of Gosnell, I'm surprised they're reporting it at all.

  5. Great three-fer, Dr. J! The first is somewhat disturbing and twisted. I see why you fell in love with Mrs. J. The second had me giggling, but the third cartoon = spewed coffee. and for just a few seconds, I thought SloJoe was really wearing the same clothes as Walter. Awesome photoshop on the clothing, but Joe's face is a natural match... no touchup required. I would add that, in my humble opinion, Joe's personality more resembles Peanut's than Walter's. Off the wall, manic, and slightly vulgar. Come to think of it, BO is kinda like Achmed.... only, I think Achmed loves the USA more than BO. Hmmm... Jeff Dunham seems to have pegged the quirks of our highest ranking leaders. I just wish we could pack THEM away in a suitcase.

    Imagine the frustration and dissappointment of the lefty media when it was found that the bombers weren't a bunch of white supremecists or preppers or something.

  6. Oh, BTW, a primary example of why we have a 2nd Amendment is playing out in Boston as I speak.

    I actually heard a commentator on CNBC suggest that it might be a good idea for those currently locked down in their homes in greater Boston to have their guns loaded.

    I am sure he'll be getting a memo very shortly, if not a impromptu vacation next week.

  7. John the Econ,
    I wonder how many people in Watertown are huddled in their houses with the doors locked and barred, scared half to death and seriously rethinking their lefty anti-gun stance. It's like the old saying; there are no atheists in foxholes.

  8. @Colby, indeed. I seriously doubt that warm memories of the words of reassurance from their intellectual betters about how guns are unnecessary and that the state will always be there to protect them from all evil means all that much at this moment in time.

    But on a more upside note, I'm pretty sure we're done with the "It was either a white supremacist or Tea Party zealot" narrative from the MSM. Don't hold your breath for mea culpas though.

  9. Can you put the two images of the dummies in a single graphic? Make it easier to share. It's hilarious.

  10. I have an idea! Let's do background checks on good, clean US citizens that are so intense they'll give up on the desire to own a gun, but let's NOT do background checks on radical male Muslims between the ages of 18 and 35 who want to come here on student visas in order to kill us, and let's double down and give them scholarships!

  11. @Pete(Detroit)- Truth be told, I can do a very good "Walter" face myself. And my hairline is truer than Biden's is (of course, he's got plugs).

    @Proof- I was going to say that the other difference is that only one of them needs a hand up his ass to speak, but then I realized that wasn't true.

    @Emmentaler- Radical Islamist bombers? I'm shocked - shocked! Thank goodness Janet Napolitano has already assured us - days ago - that the bombers aren't linked to any broader group.

    @John the Econ- Good observations. The WSJ has a great piece on Gosnell today, pointing out that he was able to commit his crimes because there were no inspections on his facility (or other abortion mills) because that might "put up a wall" for women looking for easy access to abortion. Brutal, unsafe, back alley abortions never stopped taking place - they just moved into filthy, legally tolerated "clinics."

    Regarding the gun control measure, you're absolutely right about Barry's failed strategy. It's the same way with his alleged immigration push: he doesn't want it to pass, he wants it to fail in the House so he can beat the GOP over the head with the issue in the midterms.

    @Colby- The first cartoon is disturbing, but much less so than the reality of what was happening at Gosnell's facility (I've read things which I wish I could un-read and never remember).

    Regarding the bombers, I predict that the Right Wing will still be blamed, for making these young men feel uncomfortable in our Islamophobic culture. Anyone want to bet against me?

    @John the Econ & Colby- Suddenly, guns in the hands of honest people for self-defense doesn't sound so radical, does it?

    @SteveO- That's a good idea. I'll try to do that shortly, so check back.

    @CT Yankee- You're accurately describing our topsy-turvy reality. On a related note, can we please all admit now that profiling is a good and necessary idea?!

  12. SteveO- The "Walter" graphic has been updated to make it easy to share. And thank you for doing so!

  13. Kim Jung Un (or whatever) must be standing to the side now, jumpin up and down..." Hey, I'm the big threat to the world, and you're ignoring me! Okay, you caught the guy, now back to me! I'm DANGEROUS!"-

  14. Well it appears it will be awhile before that 20 foot boat will be seaworthy again. Rats aboard can do that to a boat.
    Shades of the post bolshivick revolution according to the msm WHITE RUSSIANS have somehow been resurrected. ( the msm has apologised profusley to putin but reminds him that WHITE RUSSIANS are a threat to mother russia)
    How the russians must be laughing- they tried to tell us about radical muslims -in afganistan we supported the muslims, in the former yugoslavia we supported the muslims, in the break away republics and checnia the msm and probably the cia support the muslims. For the umpteenth time they have showed their gratitude by turning and biting us in the ass. This is not in support of the soviets but a comment on something we were programed to overlook.
    Please forgive my spelling I spent some years in public education.


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