Monday, April 22, 2013

Homeland Schooled

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Only one day after the Boston Marathon was turned into a bloodsoaked terror scene, Homeland Security Director Janet "We Need To Search Your Child's Genitals" Napolitano said there was "no evidence of a broader plot" despite having no idea who had committed the bombing or why. But her statement was necessary to keep up the Administration's campaign assertion that Barack Hussein Obama had personally won the war on terror when he kicked open Osama bin Laden's bedroom door and put a couple of hot rounds in the old fart's eyehole.

For Napolitano to make such a statement in the absence of evidence amounts to intentional misdirection. A lie about terror committed against Americans - very much of the kind told, and still maintained, about the successful 9/11 terror attacks in Benghazi.

But now Janet's story is falling apart. The FBI is hunting for a suspected 12 member "sleeper cell" of radical Islamic terrorists who may have worked with the Boston bombers. Exactly the scenario that Janet Napolitano and Barack Hussein Obama have been telling us - and presumably law enforcement officials - not to consider because it's politically incorrect. Which is why, in all likelihood, that the government ignored high-level intelligence warnings from Russia as recently as last November that Tamerlan, the older brother, had been working with terrorist trainers overseas and was too dangerous to allow back into the United States.

 All of which makes us think that when the FBI is rounding up those who have helped enable Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the names "Napolitano" and "Obama" should be high on the list.

obama, obama jokes, napolitano, boston marathon, terror, tsarnaev, homeland security, conservative, stilton jarlsberg, hope n' change, hope and change, pressure cooker, bomb
Homeland Security's Queen is Under Pressure.


  1. Remember Barry O had Al Qaeda on the run! Didn't know he meant the marathon - but hey, this keeps the media focus off Kerry playing into little Kim's hand by offering talks and gifts, and let's not forget (though Barry O wishes we would) the gun law defeat by Democrats, the Outstanding 5 Year Plan budget that arrived DOA after the legal deadline and that pesky abortion trial).

    Does one really expect anything better from this incompetent lackey of this administration? I really have to challenge history buffs to come up with an administration that has saddled itself with so many clueless morons, Peter Principle examples, and crony capitalist buffoons than this one. Sadly, I went to school with Steve Chu, and he was not a most likely to ____ candidate, but he exemplified himself in later life and won the Nobel for MICRO-PHYSICS, not energy or any energy related field - so naturally, a perfect Dept of Energy Secretary. Please Lord deliver us from this of our making....

  2. But, but, Kerry is out touring the world asserting that the most important foreign policy issue for our country is global warming, er climate change. How can anyone say that we don't have the best and the brightest looking out for our national interests? Besides, don't you remember that "it just doesn't matter"?

  3. And to think that (most likely) a large percentage of the ass-wipes that put BO in office probably don't have a clue who Napolitano is, or Chu, or Kerry, or Biden... This is the crowd that gets their news from Face-crook and Twotter. ...the same crowd that is Tweeting that the Czech Republic should not send their bad people here to blow up marathoners.

    I would like to think that BO's house of cards is starting to crumble, but no breath holding just yet.

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  5. This whole administration reminds me of a bad sitcom that should have been cancelled years ago -- about four years ago.

    And, let's not forget Janet still thinks that Catholics, who believes that abortion is wrong, are terrorists.

  6. @John Greco: Remember, one man's terrorist is Barry O's excuse for ______ (fill in the blank - the choices are many).

    @Colby: Amen, brother

  7. Excellent post, both the graphics and the text. This site is really exceptional. Thanks for your hard work.

  8. I generally don't subscribe to "conspiracy theories", but I can't help wondering if that "Saudi student" who's being deported for "national security interests" was the al-Queada "control" for the brothers. His family seems to have some pretty extensive connections to the "movement". Those goofy lads may be crazy, but they ain't stupid. They have learned that the NSA is all over any electronic communications so they now rely on "face-to-face" communications. So, who better to send to activate the "sleeper cell" than a Saudi with visa preference to take care of that mission.

  9. It may not be PC, and some may consider it a paranoid idea, but is there a possibility that this bombing was carried out with the complicity of the very same people who made the claims stated in today's cartoon? It seemed to have some of the same elements as the Fast and Furious debacle. And this tragic incident did provide the opportunity to enact a form of martial law on a smaller localized scale thereby beginning the conditioning of the population to accept it, for their own good of course. Reading the list of EO's issued by the administration, the amounts of anti-personal ammunition being acquired by so many branches of government, the numbers of bullet-proof portable roadblock shacks, and pictures of FEMA camps makes a reasonable person very suspicious of exactly what is facing American citizens in the very near future. Better it is IMO to be wary and wrong than blindly accepting of what is happening.

  10. @It's No Gouda: I don't subscribe to conspiracy theories either - too easy to do with this bunch of goofballs in DC, however even to my untrained un-informed brain, there is something more going on here. I understand not releasing details of investigations unless you want to flush out particular people, but I'm afraid that this is already taking on the aspects of Benghazi, 'cause The One doesn't want the first terrorist attack on the US since G.W. to be on his watch, like he didn't give these idiots enough stimulus.

    To the idiot jihadist, the only thing they understand is strenght, you find out where they are and carpet bomb them - that they understand. Apoligizing, leading from the ass end of a stick, reducing military strenght, that they understand too - they are causing the great satan to bow to the inevitable caliphate, that Allah has blessed their jihad and they will go to paradise. To quote a Marine General - They all want to go to Allah, it's our job to arrange the meeting!

    Interesting article from Blackfive - reinforces what the Israeli terrorist expert said on Huckabee last night It Was What We Thought....

  11. @SeaDog52- This Administration contains loads of people who are "book smart" but either reality-challenged or completely out of their depth.

    @TrickyRicky- Yes, even as they're still flushing body parts out of the streets of Boston, we're told that "climate change" is the biggest issue in our country (and the world). Why? Because there's no way to even theoretically affect climate change without taking control of businesses, energy, and peoples' freedom to live the way they want. Which is, of course, the actual goal.

    @Colby- I'm sure you're right, and that BO's supporters have no idea who the cabinet members, czars, and bit players are.

    @John Greco- It's a very, very bad sitcom: the "terrorists" are those who are against destruction of innocent life. But then again, I'm so old that I can actually remember when words meant something.

    @SeaDog52- In my case, it's more like I'll fill in the blankety-blank in Tourette's fashion.

    @Dick- Thank you for saying so.

    @It's No Gouda- The always entertaining and sporadically accurate Glenn Beck claims he's going to reveal some hot information about that Saudi student today. I'm getting a big whiff of stink over his presence there - and you don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to suspect the worst from this Administration.

    @American Cowboy- I try not to be paranoid, but I can't help but entertain such thoughts whenever there's a major news story these days. Was the bombing "allowed" (or encouraged) to happen to make the public more accepting of intrusive surveillance technology? Were the bomber brothers given room to work by this Administration's insistence that "anti-Muslim" training materials be removed from the FBI?

    Given that B. Hussein is a liar and Muslim apologist, it's impossible to not at least wonder what is the truth and what is the illusion.

    @SeaDog52- I, too, am getting the same stink of Benghazi here. This won't be a true act of "terror," it will simply be a criminal act by a couple of young men who were made to feel unwelcome in our country by the Islamophobics.

    Meanwhile, I expect another speech from Barry soon about how Muslims invented algebra, which allowed us to land a man on the moon. In the meanwhile, actual radical Muslims have only succeeded in landing a leg on a roof.

  12. The news story about the sleeper cell doesn't seem to be making it to the MSM.

    A lot of things don't make it to the MSM these days.


  13. BTW interesting opinion piece I read today having to do with Obama's America, and why things are how they are....

  14. BTW interesting opinion piece I read today having to do with Obama's America, and why things are how they are....

  15. Another shocker....

    The DOJ will be treating this worthless piece of crap like a jaywalker or check bouncer. Let the sympathy games begin! After all, he's only 19 and was led astray by his evil mean big brother (who coincidently can't testify), and he probably had ADHD issues when he was little, and maybe was abused by his parents and bullied in high school and was also a dyslexic with autism and....

    Never mind that the guy blew up nearly 200 people and ran over his own brother in an attempt to save his own sorry assed skin.

    I think we should lobby to have his "trial" in Montana or Wyoming. Better yet, Mississippi.

    Grrr.... Y'all have a nice day!

  16. I originally felt that he should not be treated as a "regular" criminal, but some people pointed out that if we allow this US citizen to go on trial without the normal protections for US citizens, then eventually WE may find ourselves in the same predicament, without our protections. Therefore maybe we should just be more careful to whom we give citizenship....

  17. Besides the horror;
    and the apparent incompetence of the FBI;
    the lockdown of a major city;
    the Russian warnings on the duo;
    the cupidity of Napolitano;
    Geraldo's shout out to his Muslim brothers;
    the conspiracy theories already afoot;
    lame media's attempt to blame liberty minded people;
    and the bizarre attitude of the president;
    no one thanked cigarette smoking leading to the capture of the creep;
    and Pat Roberston's blamed gay marriage in Massachusetts for the blast;
    despite all that:

    I just can't abide by the idiots who confuse Czechs with Chechens.

  18. Death penalty? Won't happen. Don't want riots in the turd world after all. He'll go to jail for 30 year or so, and then apply for professorship at Columbia, which will happily put him on tenure track in the name of "diversity".

    Look, the military can't even deal with an obvious case of treason in the case of "Major" Nidal Hasan. If there was an open-and-shut case for putting someone up against the wall, that would have been it. Instead, the official report reads "workplace related stress" and they'll bury it at that.

    So what makes anyone think that they'll actually execute a 19-year-old jihadist? Nah, the psycobabblers will be all over about how none of this was his fault. Wasn't he brother's either. There's only one logical reason for this tragedy: The Tea Party made them do it.

  19. @Suzy,
    Excellent point, but I still reserve the right to think this guy should fry. I still wonder which way Obuttma will land on this. He could side with the sympathizers, but he also could be looking for another "I killed Bin Laden" moment to make himself look tough. It's a big mess. I'm sure glad our best people are on it! Like Napolitano, Holder and Kerry. Makes me sleep better at night knowing these completely competent people have my back.

  20. There was so much sarcasm dripping off @Colby's post, I had to use up a whole roll of paper towels to clean it up!

  21. @Readers- Great comments, all. I read 'em and enjoyed 'em, but I don't currently have the startch to add my two cents worth (though you guys are handling matters fine without my input!)

  22. @Suzy: I agree that US citizens should be accorded the protection of the Constitution, but there are some finer points to consider. From my understanding of what was reported, classifying a prisoner as an 'enemy combatant' does not infringe on his rights - it allows additional time for the prisoner to be interrogated before he is arraigned, and any information obtained through the interrogation can not be used in court - it does not automatically mean a military court in Gitmo - he can still be processed through the federal system, and truly, a military court would not have jurisdiction.

    Second point, when a US citizen takes arms against citizens or military forces of his country he has renounced his citizenship. Obama's drone program violates the Constitution on one point - no judge made the call that termination with prejudice was warranted - it was decided by administration lackeys and I do find that disturbing and applaud Rand Paul for bringing to the attention of the public sheep.

    All that said, I do feel that when (in my dreams) a connection is made to the terrorist group that planned, trained and funded this outrage, they and their host country should be carpet bombed back further into the stone age than they are already are. Quite frankly, I would like to see the old B-17's remanufactured and utilized. If you have ever heard the engines of one of those war birds, try to imagine what it is like on the ground when hundreds of them are overhead.

  23. Why is it that the same people who can not equate mass murder to a 19 y/o muslim radical are so sure that every 19 y/o Ameican military member is just itching to commit one if they have not already done
    I don't subscribe to conspiracy theories because I have not found the correct url/link to do so, hope they don't charge a fee.

  24. @SeaDog52, I'm not convinced that US citizens are all that protected by the Constitution anymore; certainly no more so than the left seems to think it should protect non-citizens who wish to exterminate us.

    @REM1875, a brilliant observation. But then again, you are clearly thinking. The leftists who spout the kind of nonsense you are referring to don't think.

    There is some similarity between the modern jihadist and a US soldier; They both joined up voluntarily, usually with a conviction to the cause. But the biggest difference is that the US soldier is trained to respect, protect, and save lives. It's the jihadist that fantasizes about taking lives, usually in the most brutal fashion possible.

  25. SeaDog: As impressive as those old warbirds are, I gotta go with precision bombing from 30,000 ft ala B-52s. I remember sitting in the "Stars & Stripes" villa in Saigon listening to the windows rattle from "Operation Rolling Thunder" along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. I can't imagine what it would be like to be walking along "doin' your thing" and all of a sudden your whole world literally explodes without warning. Gotta be scary as hell.

  26. Thanks for all the great comments, folks...these deliberate idiots running things now still fascinate me with their hatred for us and our nation.

  27. @It's No Gouda: My radio relay shot was on a mountain overlooking the 'Hanoi Highway' when a 52 strike hit - you couldn't hear the aircraft, just the whole valley erupted. The ground shock was tremendous. I also watched the New Jersey fire her 16" guns into Charlie Ridge outside of DaNang - you'd hear a freight train go over, then a few minutes later you'd feel the shock wave as those 2500 lb shells hit. I always wondered what the Japanese on Iwo and Oki thought of those battlewagons getting revenge for Pearl Harbor.

  28. SeaDog, I was a Willow Run Thunder Over Michigan 2 years ago. Always a good show, But that year they had 'the largest collection of flying B-17's assembled in 30 years' - like 30 of 'em? They made a formation pass, and yeah, it was stunning...

    Show opened w/ a parachute / flag drop from 10k ft... I have pix of the bomber on approach, the bay doors opening, and a figure backlit by the upper turret. I remember thinking 'GREAT shot!' Then thinking Holy Crap! I just too a pic of a human 2 miles away!!!

    Anyway, *this* year, they are touting the attendance of the last flying single seat ME-262 - Hells YES I'm there!
    Apols for the flyboy fanboy geekout - Please, resume your regular commentary, in progress...

  29. Speaking of nothing in particular, has there been footage of Li'l Kim Un lately? Seems to me he'd been awol BEFORE the Boston bombing..


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