Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Still Running

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Hope n' Change grieves for the tragic loss of lives and horrendous injuries inflicted in the name of terror at the Boston Marathon. We hope that the responsible party or parties are found soon, and that justice will be enacted in full (hint: it shouldn't involve prison time).

As of this writing, nobody seems to know quite what the hell is going on. Was the bomber a Saudi national here on a student visa, was it the "man in black" seen on a rooftop, a backpack-carrying man in a hooded sweatshirt, or none of the above? Confusion remains about whether or not unexploded bombs were found, and why bomb units were apparently on scene "conducting a drill" before the detonations.

Barack Obama has said that we must not jump to conclusions, which (based on past experience) suggests that he's had inside word that Al Qaeda or radical Islam is probably to blame. Then again, David Axelrod has said that the president was reluctant to use the word "terror" in speaking about the bombing because it would bring associations of 9/11 (ie, Al Qaeda) when the president himself thought that this might actually be some sort of tax day protest. You know, from the bloodthirsty Tea Party.

Plenty of other vultures are jumping on that bandwagon- Wolf Blitzer, Chris Matthews, and Michael Moore among others - speculating that this horror looks like the work of Right Wing Extremists or evil conservatives. Barney Frank has come out (so to speak) to say that this proves we need bigger government and higher taxes - so our response teams can always be ready to come to the aid of those blown to bits.

Frankly, Hope n' Change would like to suggest that all of those individuals named in the previous paragraph be caned in public and then shipped to Antarctica for a year of isolation to better help them understand when to STFU during a time of national crisis and sadness.


  1. Stilton: re your suggestion about sending some folks to Antarctica for isolation. There are international rules against leaving garbage there.

  2. @It's No Gouda- Fine; shove some thermometers in their asses and we'll say we're just deploying scientific measuring devices.

  3. So true, but then again, penguins have to eat just like the rest of us.

  4. Oh yeah, I can just hear ol' Bawney Fwank beggin' for a bigger thermometer!

  5. It would be nice if pompous assholes like Blitzer, Matthews et al. would "understand when to STFU during a time of national crisis and sadness."

    However, given their history of seizing on tragedies as a platform to advance their political and social agenda (remember how they immediately blamed the Gabrielle Giffords shooting on right wing extremists) I wouldn't hold my breath.

  6. Even Peter King (who is supposed to be on our side) has proven himself to be a true BO ass-kisser by saying it could have been a "right wing extremist."

    Well said Stilton; why the hell do lefties have to capitalize on events such as this!? I understand the whole 'not letting a good crisis go to waste' thing, but these scumbags have no moral compass whatsoever, and nothing seems to be off limits...

    Perhaps the FBI should be finding out just where Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn were yesterday. Hmmmm.....

    As far as Bawney Fwank, I seriously doubt that, at this point in his life, he would even notice something as small as a
    thermometer shoved up his bum. Besides, his head is already there.

  7. Hey, Barry: Howse about getting hold of your good friend Bill Ayers to sort out this mess in Beantown? After all, he's an expert in bomb-making.

  8. No, what we clearly need is "pressure cooker" control; background checks and 10-day waiting periods.

  9. @Readers- I'm just saddened and pissed off about every aspect of this. When Barry makes a speech and says that at times like these "there are no Republicans and no Democrats," he's basically saying that at all OTHER times, the Republicans aren't on board for helping the country. This man wears the blood of innocents like an evil clown wears greasepaint.

    Colby and Flyboy make a great point that Barry is no stranger to bombmakers of the sort who struck on Monday - in fact, he's best buds with them.

    A stray thought: as horrorific as this attack was, it will be interesting at the end of the week to see whether Boston or Rahm Emanuel's Chicago had more violent deaths and injuries - and how much of an outcry will be made to bring justice to both cities. Then again, Barry isn't going to score many political points by rounding up minority gangbangers, so I doubt anything will be done in Chi-town. Besides, Barry doesn't much care when the victims are black.

    By the way, there won't be a Wednesday cartoon - we can keep kicking things around right here. Although I'm letting you guys do the heavy lifting; the tragedy in Boston was yet another dose of heartbreak, so I'm not operating at full steam (although I am fully steamed!)

  10. After the President's speech today, he was busy hitting the phones for the Democrat's gun control legislation, which will do absolutely nothing to combat the carnage in his home town.

    I dream of a SOTU speech like this:


  11. They didn't use a starter pistol. They used a air horn in "honor" of the alleged "grieving parents" of the alleged sandy hook "massacre."

    This one was real, but as to who?

  12. When, oh WHEN, are the Tea Party going to cease this wave of terrorism?!

    Damn these conservative Christian fundamentalists! - I'm sick of hearing stories about them blowing up school buses, murdering non-Christians and beheading journalists on the internet?!

  13. Agreed, all of them need to STFU.

  14. Kermit Gosnell killed way more living beings than this bomber, but that's OK. The media is just now starting to take notice of his atrocities, thanks to efforts by conservative bloggers. Of course, to the mainstream media, Ben Carson is considered more of a thread than "Dr." Gosnell. God help this country.

  15. Ah yes, welcome to the latest installment of "Leftist Gun-grab False Flag Fear-mongering Crisis Theatre"...

    While I'm certain we are all in agreement that the Boston Marathon Bombing (i.e.:Note 'bombing', not shooting) was a horrendous and vicious event, it is not, most obviously, an incident that involved fire arms.

    Yet again we see the Collectivist in Chief and his cadre of Running Dog Lackeys automatically attempting to use it as spring board to revitalize their crusade to strip the sane, law abiding, tax paying, non-violent citizens of America of our 2nd Amendment Rights.

    This corrupt regime is grabbing at straws now. I wake up each day wondering why the People of American haven't snapped out of their stupor and called for and end to this charade.

  16. ...and, of course, no-one is suggesting that somebody might have perpetrated this in order to create another crisis that just couldn't go to waste...

    I love my country. I fear my government.

  17. Breaking news! Diane Feinstein has just introduced legislation to ban the sale of pressure cookers, ball bearings and nails.

    Well, obviously I'm joking, but with the crowd of 'chicken littles' in DC, it could only be a matter of time. We all best hide our... Wait! I mean we should DESTROY our pressure cookers lest we end up on the Federal Pressure Cooker Registry.

    Ther ewas a time when I would have called you a conspiracy theorist nutjob. No more, though. I would put nothing past this bunch.

    A sad note to end... it would seem that a lib fear has become reality. The suspected Boston perp is a "dark skinned" person. You know damn well the likes of Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz were holding their breath praying that it would be a white guy. I will admit though, that I too hoped it was a white guy: Bill Ayers to be exact.

  18. As some of you have mentioned we are once again left with dealing with liberal logic- that foggy, hazy world where ever shifting moral values no longer leaves us with any black or white choices - no life or death but degrees of death.
    Here exist things like good bombers- bad bombers,good murderers- bad murderers, bad charitable people- good charitable people, etc
    Unable and unwilling to make a moral judgement on an act, they must view each good or bad on things likes political party affilation, social-economic standing, race, sex, sexual orientation,and/or religion. A world where there are good victims and bad victims.
    So now the media waits to see if this latest incident is horrible terrorism- commited by someone on the right, a justified attack- commited by enemies of America, or justified retribution- commited by someone on the left. The last 2 are prefrenced by " It was horrific attack BUT....."
    As a moral compass this fails but as a justification for immoral actions it works supreme.

  19. @Readers- Authorities are announcing at least one arrest now, and some sites are showing pictures of a suspect who is distinctly middle eastern in appearance.

    Which reminds me, speaking of people who should SHUT THE FUCK UP, let's hear it for Janet Napolitano - who said, yesterday, that there is no evidence that the bombings were part of any larger plot. Actually, Janet, "no evidence" means no evidence one way or the other. So shut your hole and quit trying to provide cover for Obama's ludicrous claim that he already single-handedly won the War on Terror. Bitch.

  20. Yeah but according to the media he is ala george zimmerman, a white arab.

  21. And now there is no suspect in custody ( it was just false reporting from CNN and others) but a suspect on video setting down one of the bombs appears to be a young white male between 6' and 6'2". And the salivating media is reporting this joyfully.

    Truth? Doesn't much matter: if it goes against their narrative, it will not be reported (like the abortionist/murderer in PA). If it agrees with the narrative in any way, shape or form, it will be reported and expanded out of proportion to any actual reality.

  22. It is just me, or is to really too much to stomach listening to a speech condemning a terrorist attack given by a personal friend and political beneficiary of a bunch of people who did exactly the same thing, and worse, over 40 years ago, and today enjoy tenured positions at Columbia?

    Shame. Just shame.

  23. @John the Econ- Usually, I can get a certain wry, cynical enjoyment out of such irony. But not in a case like this. Obama doesn't decry the methods used in Boston; it will only be "wrong" (or not) when he knows the motivation of the perpetrators.

  24. @Stilton, if the FBI was smart, they'd put out an appeal to the terrorists responsible for the Boston bombing, and let them know that the sooner they turn themselves in, the sooner they will be on track for tenure at Columbia.

    But hey, at least Boston distracts nearly everyone from the other irony of the moment, the Gosnell trial. Obama really needs this to go away before people figure out that it was once his personal agenda to indemnify doctors like Gosnell from the consequences of botched late-term abortions. If Obama had his way, Gosnell would be immune from most of his current charges.

  25. If Obama had his way, Gosnell would be immune from most of his current charges.

    IMMUNE? Hell, he would be a hero!

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