Sunday, April 20, 2014

From the HnC Vault: Roll Playing

Readers- Hope n' Change is taking Easter off, so there won't be a new Monday cartoon. Instead, we're reposting our Easter cartoon and commentary from one year ago which is, sadly, still topical.
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Today's commentary will be short and (not very) sweet, simply because Hope n' Change is feeling tired and pissed off today. And while the roots of these feelings are many, the idiocy du jour is the false flap about whether or not the dreaded sequester cuts were going to cause cancellation of the annual Whitehouse Easter Egg Roll.

But this was all just another distraction; the Easter Egg Roll was never in jeopardy and the story was floated by the Whitehouse simply to give the MSM some puff piece they could use to fill news minutes on-air while ignoring genuinely important stories.

So the networks charged after the "Easter Egg" story like a fat kid diving on a Cadbury egg, while completely ignoring the nearly unreported story that the survivors of the Benghazi terror attack are being hidden from Congress, the Press, and the American people - and for good measure, their being warned not to talk to anyone about what really went wrong in the weeks leading up to that hellishly successful terror attack. Forget the Easter Egg Roll- let's find out Obama's role, Hillary Clinton's role, and the roles of all the other incompetent liars with blood on their hands.

It's an old refrain here, but it's still important and it still burns: the mainstream media is dead in this country as far as showing even marginal interest in anything which could make this administration look bad. Which is, not coincidentally, virtually everything this administration does.

By accepting fluffy, fictitious "news" stories handed out by the administration, Whitehouse "journalists" have shown themselves to be basket cases.

Or in this case, Easter Basket cases.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Taking Leave Of Their Census

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Per the great Abbott & Costello, "Who" is on first, "What" is on second, and "I Don't Know" is what everyone will now be forced to say when asked how big a failure Obamacare has been in providing insurance to the previously uninsured.

The reason? The Census Bureau has suddenly announced that they're changing their long-used survey questions about health insurance, and replacing them with new questions which will make it impossible to compare the new data to historic data, as well as indicating a reduction in the number of uninsured even if no such reduction has taken place, owing to the way the questions are worded.

While this switcharoo obviously provides the Obama administration with a very convenient way to deflect assessment of policy failures (such as the early estimates that Obamacare failed to provide coverage to 98% of the uninsured), critics of the president can at least take comfort from the knowledge that the Census Bureau is entirely non-political and wouldn't ever slant the questions in a deliberate attempt to bury the truth.

Or at least, they were non-political for over a century while under the supervision of the Commerce Department. But that ended when Barack Obama took office in 2009 and immediately seized the Census Bureau and put it under direct White House control.

Of course, the president would never, ever, ever abuse that power and generate corrupt data for purely partisan politics.

That's Valerie Jarrett's job.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Last Round Up

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Yesterday was April 15th, and it was a genuine twofer as far as government suckage goes: it was Tax Day, on which the few are required to pay their "fair share" to support the many or go to jail, and it was also the last (alleged) day for anyone to complete their Obamacare applications until the next enrollment period.

Both events struck close to home here at Hope n' Change, and have given us a lot to think about over the coming days and weeks. We can't really give details, other than to say an examination of our income to expense ratio (especially when it came to health insurance and medical bills) is, stunningly, an almost exact duplicate of our drinking coffee to drinking "coffee" ratio. Which, of course, is not a coincidence.

(Side note: Hope n' Change sends a sincere "thank you" to generous reader Mary, who recently restocked our official HnC "coffee" bar with about a dozen airline-sized bottles of refreshment. They are president-approved, because they are painkillers rather than pacemakers.)

There are, happily, some consolations to avoiding (unintentionally, but entirely legally) any taxes this year. We didn't pay for even a single new hollow-point bullet for the freakin' post office. We didn't pay for a single glass of champagne on one of Nancy Pelosi's "official" government flights. Our taxes didn't supply Sandra Fluke with a single multi-ribbed spermicidally-lubricated citrus-flavored condom. We didn't buy a single golf ball for Barry. Nor did we pay for as much as a tablespoon of jet fuel to help Michelle Obama take yet another million-dollar vacation.

When looked at from that perspective, Hope n' Change feels pretty darn good about the governmental idiocy, evil, and pork which we personally failed to fund, thereby making the world a better place.

So maybe being taxed isn't such a sure thing after all. We'll let you know what we come up with for cheating Death.