Monday, November 30, 2015

Shoots and Leaders

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Let's get a few things out of the way first: the mass shooting at the Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic is an awful tragedy which should never have happened. Whatever the gunman's twisted motives (which remain unclear, although he mentioned "no more baby parts" in a rambling, disjointed conversation with police) he is nothing more, and nothing less, than a psycho killer who deserves capital punishment as quickly as the system will allow.

Clearly, the world would have been better off if this lunatic didn't have a gun. But Hope n' Change is struck by the hypocrisy of the president declaring "enough is enough" over this shooting of 12 people (3 killed, 9 wounded) while showing less interest in the holiday weekend's body count in Chicago (15 killed, 67 wounded) than he shows in sports scores.

And the reason is simple: Mr. Obama's goal remains to take guns out of the hands of the law abiding while doing nothing to curb the endemic inner city gun violence which takes so many black lives (which apparently don't #Matter to him much.) So his selective outrage is clearly political rather than moral.

Make no mistake, Hope n' Change is all for keeping guns out of the hands of homicidal lunatics. But how? What are the telltale signs which clearly signal that someone has gone around the bend?

According to voter records, which Democrats assure us are always 100% accurate, the bearded, formerly-married shooter was listed as a female. Was this a governmental error (unthinkable!) or a case of Caitlyn Jenner-itis? If it's the latter, the Left assures us that this is proof of rock solid mental stability.

The shooter also lived in tiny dwellings (sometimes a shack with neither running water nor electricity) which once might have seemed the mark of a spooky loner, but now is laudable for producing only a small, environmentally-sound carbon footprint.

Might his college records have provided a tip-off? Unlikely, since even those who spent their college days actively seeking out radicals (and later consorting with bomb-making terrorists) - as Obama boasts about in his autobiography - are clearly on the side of the angels. Still, the fact that the shooter got his degree in "public administration" suggests that he's harbored antisocial tendencies for quite awhile.

Sadly, there's no absolutely certain way to make sure that the insane (or people who have become insane over time) don't get access to guns - although Hope n' Change is genuinely open to hearing realistic ideas.

Until then, we suggest that the president drop his "weapons of war" rhetoric when talking about sane people who carry guns to help ensure public safety, and instead finally get serious about the actual wars and staggering death tolls in his Democrat-ruled inner cities.

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Say what you will, the president isn't afraid to use Brut force.

Join us in wishing a very Happy Birthday to the intelligent, well-informed, lovely, and remarkably understanding woman who contributes so much to the insights and opinions expressed here on Hope n' Change!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

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Yes, but at "double time" you'll finally get that $15 an hour you've been wanting.
As we reflect on Thanksgiving 2015, it strikes us that one of the defining qualities of the liberal left is that they demand everything but are thankful for nothing.

We suppose it's hard for them to count their blessings when they're more consumed with covetous envy of others. And it's seemingly impossible for them to swallow their pride (or is it hubris?) long enough to say "thank you" to their fellow citizens (including, especially, the "evil rich") who fund not only this nation's many generous social programs and safety nets, but the infrastructure that keeps our standard of living high and the troops who keep us safe.

We enter this Thanksgiving holiday at a time of great world tension and, sadly, legitimate concern about the quality of our political leaders. But that shouldn't stop us from drawing a deep breath, turning off the doomsayers on television for awhile, and making a calm reassessment of the incredible bounty which all Americans enjoy.

And of course, taking time to give thanks.

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To help put everyone in the holiday spirit while blood is still being mopped up in Paris and Mali, Barack Obama gave his version of FDR's proclamation that "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself." In this case, the president - who is constantly surrounded by heavily-armed Secret Service agents - said that "the most powerful tool we have to fight ISIL is to say we're not afraid."

Which would have been a lot more comforting if the State Department's CYA Bureau didn't then scare the hell out of everyone by issuing a worldwide terror warning suggesting that, according to their keen analysis of intelligence data, anything could happen, anywhere, at any time. And they advise special caution "during the holiday season and at holiday festivals or events."

So remember, don't be afraid - but make sure your Thanksgiving turkey really has a pop-up timer and not a detonator.


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Young Ahmed the Clockmaker has decided that rather than settling for 15 minutes of fame, he wants 15 million dollars for alleged "damages" to his reputation.

But just what "damages" has he actually suffered? Following his brief kerfuffle with authorities in Irving, Texas, his story went viral for two major reasons: his publicity-addicted father and CAIR promoted it, and Barack Obama made it into a national news story by tweeting "cool clock, Ahmed" even though the president hadn't yet seen a picture of the device which looked like it should have been disarmed by a sweating, cursing Bruce Willis as the seconds tick down to zero.

Subsequently, Ahmed was "damaged" by receiving truckloads of goodies from tech corporations, offers of scholarships from colleges, guest shots on scads of televisions shows, and an invitation to the White House, as well as being named "Young Muslim of the Year" and getting the opportunity for his family to visit the United Nations and trash talk our country.

The family eventually announced that it was moving to Qatar to enjoy the more civilized and tolerant nature of a Muslim country, but now seems to have second thoughts about living under a system in which you can be beaten to death with rocks for filing baseless nuisance lawsuits like this one.



Monday, November 23, 2015

Population Bomber

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Hope n' Change believes that the current fervor about vetting refugees to avoid terrorist infiltration is dangerously shortsighted. We're being distracted from a real and much greater danger - an actual bomb capable of incalculable damage and an actual bomber already working to deploy it.

To put this statement in context, we must begin by conceding that terrorism is a real and terrible threat worldwide. But the kinds of attacks mounted in Paris and Mali, while horrorific, do not and can not amount to an existential threat for our country. In a purely clinical sense, we lose more people to automobile accidents than terror and life goes on.

That isn't to say that it isn't critically important to fight terror as vigorously as possible. Nor should we allow any refugees into our heartland without thorough vetting.

But the real threat which can destroy this nation is a population bomb - and unsurprisingly, Barack Hussein Obama is the bomber. His goal is to destroy the culture and values of the United States from within by flooding our country with immigrants who are unlikely to assimilate.

Millions of them, if Obama has his way, by the end of his second term.

It has always been this president's clear goal to sponge the alleged stain of America and American ideals from history and the map. To redress the colonialist evils he believes we've visited on the world. To assure, in the words of his spiritual mentor, that our "chickens come home to roost."

That means bringing the United States down both as a superpower and as an economic and moral force in the world. And Barack Obama has already taken us terrifyingly far down that road with a multi-pronged attack on the cohesion of the American people.

Like other western countries, the United States is seeing dramatic demographic shifts as populations age and birth rates among the most educated segments of the population decline. The liberal culture mocks traditional marriage and parenthood, infantilizes young men and women, idealizes minimum wage jobs with little chance of advancement, and aggressively promotes abortion as a "choice" to allow a selfish "me" generation to avoid the responsibility of raising a child.

Not so with the immigrant populations, legal and illegal, who enthusiastically "go forth and multiply," changing our demographics, language, beliefs, and culture.

Does this make the immigrants bad? Absolutely not. It's human nature to try to move from a bad situation to a better one. But neither are drowning people "bad" if they attempt to overload a lifeboat and, in the process, cause it to sink. When the immigration process is uncontrolled and assimilation becomes a discarded virtue, we're all in that sinking lifeboat - and Barack Obama knows it.

But this population bomb isn't the only challenge the president is mounting in his effort to erase our sense of unity and our collective national identity. He has worked tirelessly to set American against American - inflaming racial tensions, attacking police officers, and preaching pitchfork-wielding class envy while promoting economic policies designed solely to reward the rich, subsidize (and make dependent) the poor, and bleed the great American middle class out of existence.

There is no power on Earth - certainly not radical Islam - which can bring down our nation as long as we believe in ourselves and each other, and reinstitute a most American institution: the melting pot  which simultaneously celebrates ethnic, national, and religious diversity while bonding our citizenry in a proud, singular, and unifying culture.

This is what America's greatest enemy has focused his attentions on destroying.  An enemy who, ironically, was never thoroughly vetted.