Saturday, April 25, 2009

Swine Flu

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A long time ago, before these days of Hope n' Change, immigrants were turned away at the border to keep out horribly infectious diseases. Of course, that was when there were real borders. And real "immigration."

Friday, April 24, 2009

MicroScope & Change

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When the Whitehouse Spokeperson announced that the President was cutting "$100 million dollars," the press corps actually laughed in disbelief at the trivial amount (when compared to the almost unimaginable deficit spending). By comparison, this would be like you or me borrowing $60,000 with no idea how to pay it back...but claiming that we were fiscally responsible because we found a way to cut $6 out of our yearly expenses.

The Whitehouse admits that the total budgets cuts amount to nothing monetarily, but has "symbolic value" for the American public. I think we've seen this "symbol" before...and the "bird" that's flying ain't no American Eagle...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Los Angeles Attack

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According to CIA memos that the President has not published yet, Los Angeles would have a "ground zero" sized hole in its center today if not for the CIA using enhanced interrogation techniques. So threatening to prosecute the CIA agents involved is good news for future terrorists, and bad news for any Hollywood liberals who spend much time in LA office buildings...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hugo Chavez

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Perhaps in these days of Hope n' Change, our memories are too short. We're complaining about the president shaking the hand of an avowed enemy of our country, but not appreciating how hard he's worked to stop bowing or kneeling.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thank You, Readers!

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This "bonus" cartoon is just to express our sincere thanks to the increasing number of loyal readers and followers of "Hope n' Change." We'd like to encourage you to share the cartoons with friends and family...or even liberals who have a sense of humor!

A few newish features: by clicking on the little envelope icon, you can easily forward a cartoon to a friend. This does not create spam for the recipient...nor will we even have a record of the email. I also encourage you to cut-and-paste your favorite cartoons into email to share, or post them on your own blog or social page if you want!

Additionally, you may have noticed that there are now links embedded in many of the commentaries that accompany the cartoons. This will help you know what the heck the cartoon is about (if you've missed the news), but is also intended to help steer readers toward well-researched and thought-provoking stories.

Please know that all of this is being done FOR YOU! The goal of Hope n' Change is not to make money, but to share some laughs and conservative viewpoints during these strange times...and to hopefully become a place where like-minded people can drop by to exchange thoughts or just find a much-needed daily chuckle.

THANK YOU for the support you've shown already. We'll keep the cartoons coming!

Thin Air

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You can magically create money with paper and ink...but you can't create value. So the more money that gets printed, the less purchasing power remains for money saved in a bank account or mattress. This is the "magic of inflation," and the government is using it to punish people who greedily save their money instead of patriotically going into debt.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Danny Pearl

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Even by our standards here at Hope n' Change, this is a very dark cartoon. For those who've forgotten (including, apparently, the POTUS), Daniel Pearl was the Wall Street Journal reporter who was tortured and beheaded by Islamic terrorists. He wasn't just threatened with caterpillars, slapped, or kept awake.

If you take the entire list of "tortures" that Obama has revealed to the world, you can find every one of them on Youtube being done on college campuses for fun. Stupid fun, but fun. You'll also find people setting their own buttocks on fire, people hurling themselves onto patio tables from roofs, people being shocked with dog collars, and people deliberately having friends choke them until they pass out. We're not saying this is a good thing - we're saying that these people are idiots.

But it's also idiotic to be unable (or unwilling) to tell the difference between inflicting stress or physical discomfort, and true torture. Telling the world that America tortures as a matter of policy is a lie...and a lie that has no other goal than to weaken and tarnish our country.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cloned Camels

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If you wonder why anyone would want to clone a camel, it's so they can make duplicates of the camels that are the fastest racers, or which produce the most delicious milk. Mmmmm!