Friday, March 13, 2015

Par For Discourse

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Surely Barack Obama and Eric Holder are exchanging high-fives in Washington today after their unending, anti-white anti-police rhetoric has caused the shooting of two officers in Ferguson, Missouri.

Thankfully, both officers will survive. Whether racial harmony in this country will survive has yet to be determined, but it's not looking good.

Despite the fact that the "Hands up - Don't shoot" myths surrounding the death of Michael Brown have been repeatedly proven false, Barack Obama was still attacking Ferguson in his sanctimonious "white devils" speech in Selma, Alabama only days ago.

And of course, even though officer Darren Wilson has been repeatedly cleared of wrongdoing, Eric Holder's Justice Department released a scathing (and highly questionable) report calling the entire Ferguson police department so filled with racism that it may need to be disbanded entirely. And for bonus points, Holder suggested that the same may be true of other police departments across our nation.

Small wonder, then, that peace officers are suddenly finding themselves in the crosshairs. There's a reason why inflammatory statements like those coming from Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and the MSM are referred to as "a call to arms." And we now have two more wounded officers to prove it.

Eric Holder has declared the shootings to be "inexcusable and repugnant," apparently unaware how perfectly those same terms describe his entire body of (ahem) "service" as Attorney General.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama tweeted his regrets (140 characters is plenty, right?), calling the shootings "unacceptable" - a word that sounds like it should come from a wealthy dowager who has discovered a bit of untrimmed crust on her cucumber finger sandwich.

In fairness, he also tweeted that those responsible for the shootings would be "hunted to the gates of Hell" and be punished to the full extent of the law no matter what race they are.

Only kidding. Barry's tweet really said the "path to justice is one all of us must travel together." Which only doubles down on his position that there currently isn't racial justice in America, just a path. A path that will continue to be littered with the bodies of fallen police officers as long as the Left continues to deliberately stoke racial hatred for the sake of politics.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hilarity Clinton

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Hope n' Change waited patiently for Hillary Clinton's brief press conference, at which she had promised to clear up any confusion about her use of personal - and only personal - email for her duties as Secretary of State rather than the system mandated by the Obama administration and maintained by the best cyber-security people taxpayers can buy.

Her excuse was so mind-bogglingly stupid that it left us at a loss for words. Which is why we're giving the floor to special guest commentator John the Econ:

She said that she opted for her private server because she didn't want to have to carry more than one "device" to access both State Department mail and personal mail. "One device would be simpler."

. She acts as though she's unaware that you can have many more than a single email account on a single mobile device. I can't buy that. She's smart enough, or has consultants smart enough to run a private e-mail server, but not smart enough to configure a single device for multiple addresses? I have a dozen e-mail addresses for personal affairs and different businesses activities, and several of them are on my "single" device. I suspect many of you, along with millions of Americans do the same.

In fact, we know that she used multiple addresses on that single server/domain:,,,,,,,,  

From "Slick Willy" to "Slick Hilly". 

Thank you, John the Econ, for your trenchant insight. Your check's in the email.

BONUS: You've Got A Call On Defcon One...

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, hillary, email, scandal

Monday, March 9, 2015

Civil Rites

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On Saturday, Barack Obama traveled to Selma, Alabama to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the "Bloody Sunday" civil rights march in 1965.

Those were sad and tumultuous times, marked with violence and social injustice. But even then there was hope. Even on the day of that fateful march, there was a young black boy who dreamed that someday, somehow, he would become president of the United States.

That boy was, of course, not Barack Obama. He was in Indonesia eating dogs and bowing towards Mecca. No, the boy was Herman Cain, whose presidential dream screeched to a halt when the Democrats destroyed his reputation with bogus sex scandals. Tough break, kid.

Still, 50 years after the march, much has changed in our country. We've gone from a time when a black man couldn't drink at a "white" drinking fountain to a time when a blitheringly incompetent anti-American douchenozzle can be elected president solely because he is black. In other words, we've made a lot of progress - but mostly on the drinking fountain front.

In his remarks to the crowd, Obama did his standard job of disparaging America in the most poetic of terms.  Giving a history which was not "airbrushed," he described our country's development by farmers and miners...followed by entrepreneurs and hucksters. The immigrants who came to our country were "stowaways," of course, much like the "hopeful strivers who cross the Rio Grande" to get here.

"We are the slaves who built the White House," the president continued - not even pausing to thank the slaves who now fund Obamacare and myriad entitlement programs. "And we’re the Tuskegee Airmen, Navajo code-talkers, and Japanese-Americans who fought for this country even as their own liberty had been denied." Denied by evil white folks, of course.

But not all of Barry's remarks focused on the past. He made a point of calling out Ferguson as a sad modern day example of racism run amuck - a town where black people lack the basic freedoms to commit strong arm robbery and attack police officers.

The Great Uniter then savaged Republicans, saying "the Voting Rights Act, the culmination of so much blood and sweat and tears, the product of so much sacrifice in the face of wanton violence, stands weakened, its future subject to partisan rancor."

All we can say is, if there's a partisan ranker than Obama we have yet to see him.


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