Saturday, June 16, 2012


You may have heard about Barack Obama's "millionaires only" fundraising party at Sarah Jessica Parker's home (did I say "millionaires only?" I should specify that the rabble bought lottery tickets from the president himself so one of them could sit with the royalty and bask in their liberal magnificence).

But odds are that you didn't hear who paid for Air Force One (at $181,000 an hour) and many of the other ancillary expenses for the event: you did.

And how did Obama pull off this neat little trick? By arranging an "official" trip which just happened to be near his fundraising event. In this case, visiting the construction site at Ground Zero and asking the workers "howzit going?" before signing an autograph or two and hurriedly getting back in his limousine to speed off to the celebrities, champagne, and campaign dollars.

That's right: Barack Hussein Obama whored out the site of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks as a dodge to jam Americans with the bills for his fundraising.

I'm beyond furious and disgusted. We all understand the little games presidential candidates (of both parties) use to get taxpayers to fund their campaigns. But Ground Zero is sacred.

Not, of course, to the president who chose his Ramadan dinner as the time and place to announce his support to an all-Islamic guest list for building a mosque atop the ruins. But to every real American, 9/11 should be treated with the utmost respect and humility...and not as a fundraising tchotchke like a t-shirt, mug, or bumpersticker.

(Long sigh).

When this story is boiled down to its essentials, you have a president who loves hobnobbing with celebrity millionaires (while claiming that the wealthy are to blame for his failures), a man who has NO respect for Ground Zero and the people who died there, and who is happy to screw America's (fewer and fewer) taxpayers with the bills for his campaign.

The man is an obscenity. A stain. A liar. And a thief.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Bush Did It

Admittedly, Hope n' Change Cartoons is just indulging in a little playful Friday fantasy here after a long and wearying week of Barack Obama claiming that everything that's gone wrong in the past 3 and a half years is Bush's fault.

Which made us wonder, "what else might Barry be expected to take responsibility for that was actually Bush's doing?"

But of course, there's no evidence whatsoever that Obama isn't the real father of the girls in the Whitehouse. After all, only a real father would put the needs of his daughters ahead of his political ambitions and not try to raise money with them. No, wait - Barry's doing that. Bad example.

And certainly Hope n' Change puts no credence in any of the Chicago-based rumors that Barry's repeated visits to Gay bath house "Man's Country" indicate anything other than a politician's desire to connect with his base. So to speak. And Larry Sinclair? Never heard of him.

Nor do we read anything into Michelle Obama's recent "too much information" admission on television that she and Barry are out of the baby business. Which would not only explain their perceived lack of intimacy, but also why Obama spends so much "boy time" on the golf course, and Michelle spends so much... umm...quality time with her rototiller.

But far be it from Hope n' Change to suggest that Barack Obama's fatherhood is as much of a secret-filled lying fiction as the rest of his mysterious past. It's as simple as listening to the obvious pride in his voice when he speaks to crowds, dabs an invisible tear from his eye, and expresses the deep and abiding love he has for...his two sons.

Oops! Hey, anyone could make a little mistake like that, right? Granted, the world's greatest orator has recently made that mistake five times, but it probably doesn't mean anything.


In any event, Hope n' Change wants to wish all of its readers and friends a very happy and meaningful Father's Day this Sunday. Take time to thank your old man or, if he's no longer in this world, remember some cherished memories and say thanks for those.

And while you're at it, be glad that your memories aren't of a father who was an alcoholic, child-molesting, child-abandoning, wife-beating communist and serial bigamist who lost both legs (and eventually his life) in drunk-driving accidents. Because with that kind of a father figure, you'd grow up to be an absolutely terrible parent yourself.

Which reminds us: Happy Father's Day, Barack Hussein Obama...




Thursday, June 14, 2012

We Get It - You're Black

In the face of declining popularity amongst African-Americans (whose net worth has dropped 53% under this president), Barack Obama just released a radio ad which combines funk, gospel, a Barry White-soundalike, and promises of free goodies mixed in with a little angry class warfare.

Because the ad is only targeted to urban radio stations, a lot of people might have missed it. So in the spirit of bipartisan helpfulness, we're running Barry's radio ad right here. And we've even included visuals at no extra charge!

No need to thank us, Mr. Obama. It's just our way of saying "We've Got Your Back!"

Note: Except for a few added sound effects (and the scream "Soylent Green is people!")
the radio ad hasn't been tampered with in any way.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bird Brained

Barack Obama infamously observed that "the private sector is doing fine" almost a week ago, but like a piece of roadkill ripening in the sun, the statement is emitting more of a stench with each passing day.

For starters, let's make it very clear that Obama's words were not "taken out of context" as the Libs would have people believe. In Obama's so-called "economic statement," he cited anemic job growth in the private sector (which he magically took credit for) as the reason "the private sector is doing fine" before declaring that what this country really needs is another hiring binge of government bureaucrats who produce nothing but red tape and grief.

But it's the unending stream of bad economic news which really shows the callousness - if not downright insanity - of Obama's declaration.

Jobs in the private sector are down - way down. In fact, there are currently 4.6 million fewer people working than when Obama started "helping" the economy. Although happily for those people who are paid (and very well paid) with our tax dollars, Federal employment has skyrocketed up 11.4% since 2008.

Then the Federal Reserve issued a report saying that since Obama's election, the median net worth of families has dropped by nearly 40%. Hey, the president promised "change" - right?

But to Barack Obama, all of this really is "fine." Because each devastating blow to the private sector represents more people who are forced to put their hand out for government goodies. More people who will start to believe the propaganda that America's problems come from the oppression of the evil rich rather than the intervention of the determined Marxists.

And more people who are willing to trade away their votes and their freedom in return for promises which will evaporate - again - if Obama is granted a second, nightmarish term.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Leak, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

Last Friday, just after Barack Obama declared in a special news conference that "the private sector is doing fine" and "candy grows on trees in my world and everyone can fly," the president was blindsided by an actual question from an actual reporter which clearly got him wee-wee'd up.

Specifically, the reporter asked about the devastating series of leaks of classified information which are destroying our intelligence capabilities while - entirely coincidentally - portraying Barack Obama as a military strongman who could kick Rambo's ass without putting down his ice cream cone. Leaks which seem to come directly from the Whitehouse.

A clearly peeved president responded that the suggestion anyone in his administration could be involved with revealing classified secrets just to make him look good was "offensive," adding "we could do it, but that would be wrong." No wait, that last statement was from Nixon. Sometimes we get the two of them confused.

So egregious are these high-level leaks that only hours after the embarassing questioning, Attorney General Eric Holder - entirely coincidentally - appointed two attorneys to lead criminal investigations into any "unauthorized disclosure of classified information."

STOP EVERYTHING! It's time to play "Spot the Weasel Wording!" Did you catch it in Holder's statement? (tick, tick, tick...)

Time's up! The weasel word was "unauthorized." Meaning if Holder's investigators (one of whom was nominated by the president, and who has given thousands of dollars to Obama's campaign) discover that the leaks were authorized from within the Oval Office, they can honestly report that they found "no unauthorized leaks" and therefore no criminal activity.

Sure, some people might say that it's criminal to prop up Obama's declining popularity by throwing our allies to the wolves, endangering American lives, and compromising our ability to run intelligence operations in the future...but unfortunately, none of that will stand up in a court of law.

The court of public opinion is an entirely different matter, though. And if it can be shown that high-level members of the Obama administration or the president himself is behind these leaks, the judgement should be harsh, the punishment swift, and be administered by the voters of the United States in November.


If only the problem was really this easy to solve.