Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tricky Treat

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As a special treat from Hope n' Change Cartoons, you can download a FREE copy of our ebook "Obama Sutra" ($2.99 value) from Amazon today! You don't need a Kindle device to read it - you can use any smartphone, tablet, or computer using the free Kindle Reader apps available at this link!

Be sure that the price shows at $0.00 before purchasing; sometimes Amazon takes a little while to adjust the price (the price is supposed to go to zero just after midnight PACIFIC TIME). The offer is good Halloween ONLY (and maybe a little while on Friday, but don't count on it). And you can find out more about Obama Sutra ("An Illustrated Guide to 57 States of Ecstasy") right here - it's the funniest political sex manual ever written (for adults only, but not as dirty as the deals we regularly get from the Obama Administration).

Enjoy your Halloween treat - and don't trust that mean Mr. Obama with your bag of candy!


They prey on the living... Or at least, those who used to earn a living...

obama, obama jokes, cartoon, stilton jarlsberg, hope n' change, hope and change, conservative, tea party, obamacare, keep it, halloween, walking dems

Monday, October 28, 2013

Broken News - And A Hope n' Change Puzzle!

READERS: Just for fun, here's the current headline from Drudge Report. Beneath that, you'll find the Hope n' Change cartoon and commentary, full of nutritious facts and snark - just like always...

But (and here's where the puzzle comes in), there's something just a bit unusual about the cartoon and commentary. Can you figure out what it is without peeking at the bottom on this page...?   -Stilton

obama, obama jokes, cartoon, dinosaurs, obamacare, insurance, keep, conservative, tea party, stilton jarlsberg, psychic

When Barack Obama speaks, he usually uses language which is so vague, obscure, misleading, and ambiguous that when he actually says something that is 100% clear, we can be sure of one thing: he's lying.

As a case in point, the president ramrodded Obamacare by repeatedly promising the American public "If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what."

Well gosh - that certainly seems clear, direct, and hard to misinterpret!

But according to a new report from the Treasury Department, under Obamacare the majority of employer-insured Americans won't be able to keep their current health care plans. Period. No matter what.

Up to 90 million Americans will be forced by the government to purchase more expensive health plans, whether they want them or not. And up to 80% of small businesses will have to scrap their current healthcare plans...and choose between purchasing more expensive government-designed plans, or simply cancelling employee insurance altogether and paying a less-expensive fine.

Of course, the only real news here is that it's now the government confirming all the dire things that conservatives had been warning about in the many months preceding the passage of Obamacare.

But seeing an approaching asteroid isn't the same thing as stopping it.

PUZZLE SOLUTION (Scroll Down)...







Okay,  the unusual quality about the cartoon and commentary above is that I published them on June 13, 2010...over three freaking years ago (under the title "Details, Details"). That's how long people who've paid attention to non-mainstream (but entirely legitimate) news sources have known that the government itself was predicting millions of people would lose their healthcare insurance. But did anyone listen to us? NooOOoooo! (By the way, the original post included a link to an article detailing the Treasury report, but I've removed it since the page was no longer active.)

Hope n' Change wishes we could take credit for having great insight or a supernatural ability to predict the future, but the truth is far more humdrum...and one helluva lot more depressing.  Per the commentary above, it wasn't hard for us to see the asteroid hurtling our way...but we were powerless to stop it (at least in part because the Obama administration conspired with the IRS to make sure that the Tea Party couldn't organize voters for the last round of elections).

Hmm. When we decided to post this little "blast from the past," we thought it would be sort of amusing. But on reflection, it just makes us tired and sad. And damned angry.

Happy News

Actually, the second panel pretty much sums up Hope n' Change's assessment of the current news cycle. None of the stuff we've been harping on forever has been made any better by the morons in charge (even slightly), but not much new has gone wrong in the past 24 hours in spectacular enough fashion to really demand a cartoon and commentary. Especially if it means postponing our drinking.

But if we didn't post SOME cartoon this morning, we were afraid that readers would think that we'd given a Canadian firm (and one of Michelle Obama's classmates) a few hundred million dollars to revamp the website, and that in the future you'd be forced to call a live operator to hear someone talk nasty about the Obama administration.

Nope, it's just a somewhat slow news day...which we should savor while we can. Especially since Barry has given Israel almost no choice other than unilaterally attacking Iran within the next few weeks.

Now that will merit a fullblown cartoon and commentary. Assuming we're all still here.