Friday, October 21, 2011

Say WHAT?!

For a truly compassionate conservative, there are always mixed feelings about seeing a tyrannical despot's brains being splattered.

Of course, we're not referring to the bullet-punctured noggin of Muammar Gaddafy Gaddafi Gadhafi Qaddafi who, after "months, not days," can go straight to Hell if only because we're sick of trying to spell his last name. No, we're referring to Harry Reid and Joe Biden, whose brains are not only splattered but may be missing altogether.

Majority Leader Reid, when encouraging the Senate to spend another $35 billion on government jobs, claimed that such jobs are where the real urgency is in this economy because "it's very clear that private-sector jobs have been doing just fine." Really?! Because the private sector has lost 2.5 million jobs since 2008... while the number of well-paid federal employees has gone up by 253,000 in the same time.

But for statements of sheer jaw-dropping stupidity, it's always going to be hard to beat Joe Biden - and this week he certainly didn't let us down. After being criticized for saying that there will be more murders and rapes unless Obama's Jobs Act is passed, the vice president doubled down and angrily said of stimulus critics "I wish they had some notion of what it was like to be on the other side of a gun, or [to have] a 200-pound man standing over you, telling you to submit.” (Note: As of press time, Monica Lewinsky could not be reached for comment)

Frankly, with this kind of idiocy coming at us day after day, it's no surprise that Hope n' Change feels exhausted by the end of the week.

And that our former spirit of TGIF seems to have been replaced by a heaping helping of STFU.


The vice president likes news reporters who give good headlines.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Eat (with) The Rich!

Not content to sit on the sidelines, the Community Organizer In Chief has finally made it official that he stands in solidarity with the anti-capitalist "Occupy Wall Street" movement.

Preparing for his latest bus tour (in which the president actually flies to meet the monolithically black "Darth Bus" so he can be seen getting off for speaking engagements), Barack Obama declared that "the interests of the 99% of Americans (will be) well-represented on the tour!"

Ironically, the president is charging 100% of these campaign appearances to American taxpayers, and a full 30% of that money comes guessed it...the Evil Top 1%.

And just to make sure that there's absolutely no confusion on the subject, Obama granted an interview to ABC News in which he declared "we are on their side." Meaning, pretty clearly, he's sure as hell not on our side.

We'd like to say that it's baffling for the president to associate himself with a group that is threatening violent class warfare, promotes anti-Semitism, is anti-American, defecates on the police, wants the government to give "everything to everybody," and has no idea where jobs or paychecks come from...but it's not baffling in the least. Barack Obama and Occupy Wall Street are as identical as Siamese twins and just as inextricably joined.

Sadly, Hope n' Change believes that Barack Obama will not be satisfied with mere protests, and will continue to stoke the fires until he attains his actual goal: rioting in the streets.

Think it couldn't happen? YouTube has plenty of videos showing OWS speakers calling for violence, Jimmy Hoffa Jr promised the president a unionized "Army" to "take sons of bitches out," and former National Security Advisor (under former "Worst President Ever" Jimmy Carter) Zbigniew Brzezinski is calling for the government to give the public lists of citizens "who make, largely through speculation, enormous amounts of money" in order to "pressure some of those people to give some of it back, back to society."

And what kind of "pressure" would that be, Zbig? The people with "pitchforks" that Obama previously threatened to set on bankers to force them to take bailouts? Molotov cocktails? Or perhaps a trip in a horsedrawn cart to visit Madame Guillotine?

It's frighteningly possible that we're now facing a true Socialist revolution. A revolution stoked and supported by the media, unions, brainwashed youth, leaders of the Democrat party and, of course, our nation's first Socialist president.

For the record, this is how "that Hope and Change thing" is working out for America.


Monday, October 17, 2011


Yesterday, Barack Obama commanded center stage at the dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr memorial and, unsurprisingly, did his best to imply that his own presidency and policies are the most meaningful legacy of the civil rights leader. "We will overcome," the president told the crowd in the National Mall, and "Let us keep climbing towards that promised land!"

Only the land that Obama and his ilk are promising doesn't actually look very
good these days, and the important message of Dr. King seems to have been deliberately lost in the shuffle.

For instance, the Rev Bernice King, a daughter of Dr. King, used the occasion to say the Occupy Wall Street movement is turning her father's dream into action, praising the "radical revolution of values and reordering of priorities in this nation."

Equally cheery was her brother, who declared that the American dream has "turned into a nightmare for millions." Although not necessarily for himself or other members of Dr. King's family, who charged an $800,000 fee for permission to use his face on the monument.

US Rep John Lewis, a civil rights icon who protested alongside Dr. King, also spoke at the dedication ceremony...which is more than he was allowed to do when he recently was
supposed to speak to a group of Occupy Wall Street protesters but was turned away when the hippie-ish crowd voted with "down twinkles" (wriggling fingers) to say they didn't think either the man or his history were as important as their drumming and chanting.

Which didn't keep Obama from including praise for the Occupy Wall Street protesters in his comments, saying "Dr. King would want us to challenge the excesses of Wall Street." Really? And how did you come up with that information, Mr. president? Using a Ouija board in the Oval Office?!

But apart from all of that, what
is the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr...and how far have we really come since his march on Washington?

On the one hand, 2012 may mark the first presidential election in our nation's history when
both candidates are black. But in response to the possible candidacy of Herman Cain, the political Left has gone into full-fledged racist mode in a way that would make a Klan member blush.

Alleged actor Sean Penn referred to the president as "The N-word in the Whitehouse" and asserted that the Tea Party wants him lynched. Alleged comedian Bill Maher (who uses that same n-word whenever he feels like it) dismissively refers to Cain as a "token black guy." On MSNBC, host Martin Bashir has appointed himself the judge of whether or not a black man is
really black, and asserts that Cain's conservatism shows he's trying to "denude and diminish his own ethnicity." Meaning, apparently, that a real black man knows his place...and it's on the liberal plantation.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama continues to retreat from his promise to bring Americans of all races together, and instead enthusiastically sows hatred and division for his own political gain. And in this desperate and failing economy, black unemployment has risen to almost twice the national rate while the president does everything in his power to
fight actual job creation. Even the Congressional Black Caucus has become upset that the president spends far more time golfing than working to improve life for his African-American constituents.

But Barack Obama and his liberal cronies still want to claim the legacy of the civil rights movement (despite the fact that more Republicans than Democrats supported the 1964 Civil Rights Act) and are only too happy to pose for pictures in front of a 30-foot likeness of Martin Luther King Jr which is made of stone.

Because you'd
have to be made of stone not to shed a tear over what's happened to his dream.