Friday, May 23, 2014

No News Is, Uh, No News

Readers- All is fine on the spacious Hope n' Change ranch, but the news of the day seemed to just be more of the same old, same old. We therefore decided to "just blow it off" in much the same way Barack Obama likes to angrily announce that he will investigate his administration's failings and abuses...before doing nothing. Hey, at least we're honest about it!

Here's hoping that all of you enjoy this Memorial Day Weekend (and for any Hoosiers like me, watching the Indy 500)!  -Stilton

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Call (of Duty) Waiting

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Despite White House spokesweasel Jay Carney's claim that Barack Obama only learned about the scandalous conditions of the VA medical system by watching recent TV news reports, there is evidence the he was actually fully informed of the problem over five years ago...and did nothing, repeat nothing, to improve conditions for those who have served our nation.

During that period, the ever-busy president has managed to find time to go golfing over 160 times, at approximately five hours per round of golf. That adds up to an awful lot of time which could have been better spent kicking asses in the VA and repairing our veterans' medical system.

But nooOOooo. The president who arrogantly boasted on the campaign trail of being able to "do two things at once" put all of his attention on ruining the healthcare system of the private sector, rather than repairing the damage already being done by an existing government-mismanaged medical system.

He partied, vacationed, and campaigned while our veterans suffered and died. And despite reports that he is "mad as hell" about this growing tsunami of scandal, no one - on either side of the political aisle - seriously expects him to do a damn thing to clean up the mess.

As commander-in-chief, Barack Obama should take full responsibility for the failings of the VA system. He should stand and face our nation's veterans, apologize, and take 100% of the blame.

Our sick and injured veterans will have to wait a long, long time for that to happen.  But sadly, waiting a long, long time is nothing new to them.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Moanday News

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Hope n' Change can all too readily identify with the gentleman in the cartoon above, trying to balance an infinite supply of bad news with a decidedly finite supply of liquor. Or at least, so it seemed to us while combing through stories to consider for today.

The VA scandal is only starting to unfold, but we agree with Fox News' Judge Jeanine that it's looking like the criminal charges should start with negligent homicide of veterans, and move out (and up, and up, and up) from there. Of course, spokesweasels from the White House assure us that Obama is "mad as Hell" about this - but then again, Barry said exactly the same thing about the IRS abuse of conservative groups until he later declared that there wasn't even a "smidgen" of wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama spoke at a college commencement and complained that "our schools are as segregated as they were when Dr. (Martin Luther) King gave his final speech," and whined that "many young people are going to schools with kids who look like them." But if she's really against racial segregation, shouldn't she be starting a hashtag campaign against her husband's "Brother's Keeper" initiative which discriminates according to skin color?

Then there's the newly-opened 9/11 Museum...and it's increasingly infamous gift shop. You can buy wearable replicas of FDNY, NYPD and Port Authority Police outfits...because it's cool to look like the heroes who died on that horrible day. Or for $39, you can look like Obama's son (if he had one) in a black hoodie that says "In Darkness We Shine Brightest." For the kids, there are toy "search and rescue" dogs - although it isn't clear if the stuffed animals represent the dogs who died when the twin towers fell, or the dogs brought in later in failed hope of finding survivors.

Also in the news: the zero-gravity pissing match between Russia and the United States. In response to our country's rather tepid sanctions against Russia for their ongoing mischief in Ukraine, Russia has declared that they will cut off our access to the International Space Station. Which isn't hard for them to do because Barack Obama ended our own manned rocket program (albeit after thanking Islam for the centuries-old mathematics which, he claimed, helped put a man on the moon).

In the cartoon above, Hope n' Change then ran out of cartoon panels - but we hadn't run out of head-slapping teeth-grinding idiocy in the news.

Specifically, we were honked off because Debbie Wasserman Schultz says that there should be no law against a man secretly slipping an abortion drug to a pregnant woman, even though it sounds suspiciously like denying a woman her precious "right to choose." Her reasoning? Passing such a law would suggest that there was a person being killed, rather than a meaningless lump of tissue being excised. And if the pregnant woman feels raped and violated by this involuntary violence to her body and reproductive system? Well, what the hell - like Debbie says, you can't make a Liberal omelet without breaking a few women's eggs.

Despite all of this terrible news, Hope n' Change would like to leave you with at least one happy thought.

We're not really out of booze - nor are we likely to be for the rest of Obama's administration.