Friday, April 12, 2013

Free For All Friday

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To make sure that the pitiful Obama sequester cuts damage American morale as much as possible,  the "Blue Angels" precision flying team has been grounded - although if the pilots can learn to play soul music, there's still a chance that they might be paid to perform at one of the Obamas' next celebrities-only Whitehouse private parties...which are still fully and extravagantly funded.

SHOOTING HER MOUTH OFFobama, obama jokes, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg,  hadiya pendleton, michelle obama, gun controlNo one in the entire nation should hate our glorious first lady unless they have good reason. And this week, she gave us reason 1,000 or so when she dared compare herself to young murder victim Hadiya Pendleton in Chicago, in order to push gun control measures which have absolutely nothing to do with the (largely racial) gang violence which took Hadiya's life, and is totally out of control in Rahm Emmanuel's "Murder City."

Like her husband, Michelle Obama cares only about politics and doesn't give a single solitary crap about the millions of black Americans living in fear because no one has the courage to say that a significant part of the young African-American demographic is completely out of control.

But nooOOOooo. We keep seeing headlines that 200 or 400 "teenagers" (apparently none of them with recognizable ethnicity) are staging flash mob riots with looting and violence, and reading daily stories of the body counts in Chicago being higher than those in active war zones.

I wish Hadiya Pendelton was our first lady. Maybe she would have actually put her own comfort and reputation on the line to save some young lives.

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Laws are for the little people - and if you're a black entertainer in Obama's America, you're neither "little" nor expected to be particularly "lawful." And so it is that Beyonce and Jay-Z traveled to Cuba to help promote the "educational" story that socialism is paradise to the same young dipsticks who believe that hip-hop is music.

And who pulled the strings to make this happen? According to rapper Jay-Z (who, I believe, just lost the hosting job of the Tonight Show to Jimmy Fallon), the authorization came straight out of the Whitehouse. Because seriously, who else do you expect to be promoting Socialism so aggressively?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day Off

Have no worries, folks, I just didn't have the time and/or energy for a cartoon today...although I'll feel like a darned fool if nuclear war breaks out with North Korea today without my having first made a joke about it. Of course, this administration's policies towards North Korea are already a joke, so maybe it would have been redundant anyway.

On a far more serious note (not that a threatened nuclear attack from a chubby, psychotic troll isn't fairly serious already), Hope n' Change mourns the passing of Margaret Thatcher - a great woman whose life reminds us to keep fighting the good fight, even when the odds don't appear to be with us. She never gave up or gave in...and so changed the world for the better.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Yom Hashoah

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Today is the observance of Yom Hashoah, the remembrance of the Holocaust. And first and foremost, Hope n' Change offers sincere apologies to those rightfully offended by today's entirely tasteless cartoon. Unless they're Obama supporters, in which case you can go straight to hell because we really do believe the First Family is this despicable.

This is the president who is allowing Iran to obtain nuclear weapons with which to wipe Israel off the map (after which, we suppose, we'll have to refer to Holocaust I and Holocaust II). And this is the woman who could think of nothing about our country which made her proud like, oh, winning World War II and saving as many people as possible from the death camps.

In fact, according to the president, an uncle on his mother's side helped liberate Auschwitz. Or at least, that was his story until it was pointed out that Auschwitz was liberated by forces of the Soviet Union, after which the president changed his story to say that maybe he was thinking of Buchenwald or something, because pretty much all death camps look alike.

The purpose of Yom Hashoah is to remember the Holocaust so that nothing like it can ever happen again. So is it wildly inappropriate for Hope n' Change to attack Barack Obama on this sad and solemn day? We don't think so.

Not as long as he continues to strengthen his own hold on power by pushing hate, fear, and enmity among different groups. Not as long as this administration increases surveillance (and therefore coercive pressure) on "suspected terrorists" like conservatives, veterans, and Christians. Not as long as this president defends the taking of millions of innocent lives via abortion - including"postnatal termination" which amounts to beheading a newborn child (and thanks to Obamacare, your "medical technician" will shout "Allahu Akbar!" at no extra charge). Not as long as this president seeks to use executive orders to take away our Constitutionally-protected guns, while stockpiling astronomical amounts of arms, ammunition, and military equipment to be deployed domestically on unnamed enemies of the regime.

Today, we must all remember the horrors of the Holocaust. And remember not only that it can happen again, but inevitably will happen again if our eyes remain closed and our voices silent.

obama, obama jokes, holocaust, yom hashoah, stilton jarlsberg, hope n' change, hope and change, auschwitz