Friday, May 24, 2013

He's Going to Focus Again

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As the most corrupt and anti-American administration ever sinks deeper and deeper into scandal and exponentially-expanding lies, Barack Hussein Obama is taking strong steps to get things back into control. Specifically, the "most transparent president" is going to get even more transparenter thanks to his entirely transparent "renewed focus on transparency," which the mainstream media is actually hailing as a good thing instead of just screaming "WTF?!" the way actual journalists would.

Hope n' Change, on the other hand, would like to see the president attempt a renewed focus on honesty, although it's hard to have a "renewed" focus when you've never had any previous focus on the issue at all.

And speaking of honesty, some of our more gentle readers may be asking, "Gosh, Stilt, surely you're not equating the president of the United States with the maniacal Muslim terrorists who butchered a brave, selfless young British soldier in the streets, are you?!" To which I would reply, with my renewed focus on honesty, "You bet your sweet ass that's what I'm doing."

Is that British soldier any more dead than Ambassador Stevens, Sean Patrick Smith, Glen Doherty, or Ty Woods? No, he is not.

Does Hope n' Change believe that those two murderous Muslim bastards hate Western culture and wish to destroy it more than Barack Hussein Obama does? No, we do not. And frankly, those morons are a lot less dangerous because they don't have the full power of our government to subvert elections, harass citizens, and chop up our Constitution bit by bloody, chunky bit.

As more information comes out about the IRS attack on conservatives and who knew what when (hint: everyone knew everything a long, long time ago), we can't help but reflect on what the Obama team was saying in public during the run up to an already stolen election. Specifically, the president, the vice-president, the first lady, Eric Holder, and Janet Napolitano were all running around the country during the summer and autumn months of 2012 (AFTER the IRS scandal was presumably known to them) and telling people that the Tea Party was making moves to suppress the votes of Blacks with imaginary Jim Crow laws.

As is so often the case, the Government Leftists were falsely accusing us of the horrible deeds which they were genuinely doing to us in secret. The rat bastards.

Hope n' Change has been using metadata to label this a "tea party" site for years. Who knows what files are now being kept in Washington which were triggered by that term, and what punishments are being arranged behind the scenes for myself or my family? It's easy for paperwork to get lost in a huge, uncontrollable bureaucracy of the kind David Axelrod says Barack Obama can't possibly manage. There can be misfiled paperwork about taxes, about business permits, or about urgent healthcare. ("Sorry, Stilt, we accidentally sent your heart transplant to Obama's Aunt Zeituni - but the funny part is that she ate it with noodles!")

For Conservatives, paranoia is largely moot at this point. They are out to get us, just as surely as the radical whackjobs swinging meatcleavers in the name of Allah are out to get anyone who doesn't share their zealotry.

The coming days will tell whether or not there's still enough integrity, honesty, and bravery left in Washington (and the country overall) to respond to this administration's attacks on our laws, our values, and our people.

Frankly, we'll be holding our breath.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

No Cartoon - But Some Venting

Readers- No Wednesday post for a variety of reasons: primarily that I had personal business to attend to, my part of Texas was under hazardous weather watch for quite awhile on Tuesday, and the sadness I feel for the victims of the Oklahoma storms just outweighs my (still existing) anger at the ever-growing political scandals. I encourage you to visit this link to find ways you can help the many people who lost much, or in too many cases lost all, in the tornado tragedy. -Stilton

To expand just a bit on my comment above, Hope n' Change Cartoons really does try to view the world through hopeful eyes as much as possible. That hope is frequently expressed as anger (leavened with humor) - but anger can only exist when you won't accept defeat. And some days, the sheer soulless evil of the other side knocks me back a few paces - and such was the case with the tragedy that struck Moore, Oklahoma and the reaction of those on the left.

You've probably read about the tweet from the co-creator of Comedy Central's "Daily Show" saying that the tornado was sent to Oklahoma to target conservatives. The woman (barely) rescinded the remark later, but there was no sincerity in her apology. Meanwhile Democrats are blaming the tornado's destruction on global warming...which means they're blaming you and me if you have a car which runs on fossil fuels, electricity in your home which comes from a coal-fired plant, or have greater love for the American eagle than for the wind turbines which are turning them to feathered chunks of sushi in midflight.

This is sick, sad, and wrong - and those who would seek to score political points by using the dead and suffering people of Oklahoma are without shame and, probably, beyond redemption.

And of course, in the background of all this, we have the continuing development of the multiple scandals in Washington, and an administration which has oxymoronically declared war on conservatives while going to great lengths to give political cover to terrorists in Libya.

On days like this, even "coffee" doesn't help. And so it's necessary to step back, take a deep breath, and reflect on where we are, how we got here, and how (or sadly, if) we can make things better. Watching the good, strong people of Oklahoma help each other is what allows me to answer that last question in the affirmative.

So I still have Hope for Change - which means angry & funny will return to this page (probably on Friday).

NOTE: The comments area is still open for business today as usual!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Call To Inaction

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Ha, ha - just kidding!  Hope n' Change has absolutely no desire to see the Whitehouse burn to the ground with everyone inside, screaming for help which would never come. Quite the contrary, we have exactly the same amount of genuine concern that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had for the diplomatic mission in Benghazi and its ill-fated occupants.

However, if we were eager to see the Whitehouse go up in a roaring inferno (which we're not!), turning the many empty suits to soot, it might be because of the flaming lies which continue to spew out of the place.

On the Sunday morning news show, "Fake the Nation," Senior Obama Advisor Dan Pfeiffer stated that it was "irrelevant" where B. Hussein was during the Benghazi massacre"irrelevant" who changed (ie, falsified) the talking points, and that laws concerning the IRS terrorizing of Tea Party groups are - you guessed it! - "irrelevant."

Clearly, the message from the administration is that we shouldn't get so attached to government officials, government buildings, or the truth.

All of which will help console us a lot if the Whitehouse just happens to go up like the Hindenburg one of these days. We would, as a nation, have to face it bravely...then cheer ourselves up a few hours later by going to Las Vegas.