Friday, October 26, 2012

Red Ink

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After repeatedly and dishonestly accusing Mitt Romney of offering no specifics about his plans to turn around our nation's economy, Barack Obama has finally released his own specific proposals for a second that the debates are safely over. And his timing is excellent, because even the normally voracious Candy Crowley would find the president's "new ideas" hard to swallow.

Mr. Obama has released his agenda as an expensive, colorful 20-page pamphlet with the thoroughly insulting title: "The New Economic Patriotism."

As in, you're not a patriot if you don't support redistribution of wealth, metastasizing growth of government, and quite possibly a new film ratings board controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. (Just kidding about that last one. We hope.)

Unsurprisingly, the heart of Mr. Obama's "new economic patriotism" is raising taxes on small business owners in a way guaranteed to kill jobs for yet another four years. The booklet also explains that the president has made Medicare more secure by cutting $716 billion in payments to doctors and hospitals,  created 5 million jobs (give or take 5 million), and how he intends to bolster our economy by making more "green" investments in companies like Solyndra.

In other words, Obama's plan is to repeat every failed policy of the past four years but with higher taxes - because damn it, if "patriotism" isn't coerced labor and job-killing tax rates, then what is it?!

Seriously, if Karl Marx had a slicker, better-funded Public Relations team, this is exactly what he would have been passing out decades ago.

We've already seen the devastating results of "The Audacity of Hope." We want no part of Barack Hussein Obama's new, unimproved "Audacity of Crap."

To paraphrase Nancy Pelosi, we have to pass on it, because we've seen what's in it.      

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Call of the Riled

The debates are over (and Hope n' Change is quite happy with how they went) and people are casting early votes all over America. Which makes this a crucial time for all of us to step up and do more than just vote. And no, we don't mean using the Democrat strategy of voting multiple times or doing the whole "Weekend at Bernie's" thing by dragging corpses to the polling places.

Rather, you can multiply the value of your vote by volunteering to help Mitt Romney's campaign reach undecided voters in the most crucial states. You can make phonecalls which can make a difference - or at least ruin a liberal's day - either of which is a worthy goal!

Becoming a phonecaller for Mitt is as easy as going to this volunteer page which will walk you through the process.

Or if you prefer to keep things more informal and you have friends (or soon-to-be former friends) in key states, you can reach out to them personally over the phone, on Facebook, or other social media to encourage them to vote the right way. Especially if they don't want all the horrible secrets you know about them blabbed all over those same social media! 

By the way, don't treat it as a bluff. If you know anyone voting for Obama, you should by all means post whatever pictures you have of them attending Tiajuana donkey shows or smoking weed with the "Choom Gang" in Hawaii. Hey, they're willing to screw up our lives, so we might as well get some entertainment value out of seeing their lives thrown into chaos.

Seriously, we're down to the final battle here - and it's important that ALL of us do all we can. Cheering on the sidelines is great, but it's not going to change the score. And this is one event that we have to win. So check out the volunteer opportunities in your state - because the more people we have working together, the easier it will be to finally - finally - take out the trash.

"Hi, Joyce? I know you're a big Obama supporter, but remember that picnic last July...?"

Monday, October 22, 2012

Debate Update

INSTANT DEBATE ANALYSIS: I'm calling it a draw (judging from the standpoint of the average moron who doesn't know who's telling the truth). Romney was solid and knowledgeable, Obama was glib and had an answer for everything (whether truthful, relevant, or not).

Schieffer did a pretty respectable job of moderating - much better than Candy Crowley.  Summation: I don't think Romney got hurt, and I don't think Obama got helped. I'd give more detail, but after watching B. Hussein for 90 minutes, I'm not actually cold sober.

In candor, I'm extremely disappointed that Mitt didn't beat Barry over the head with his numerous foreign policy failures. I don't know if Mitt's pollsters told him not to risk it, or it Mitt just didn't have the stomach for it. But it SHOULD have been said that this president has endangered American lives, undermined the confidence of our allies, emboldened our enemies, and generally made a complete mess of every conceivable foreign policy decision he's made.

That didn't happen, and frankly I'm damned disappointed.

Can Do

Tonight is the final Presidental Debate of 2012 and may also be, in the opinion of Hope n' Change Cartoons, the night that Mitt Romney clinches the election by performing a chainsaw-style autopsy on Barack Obama's foreign policy.

Those on the Left claim that foreign policy is actually the president's strong suit - which isn't surprising considering the disastrous nature of his domestic policies. Still, there are a few foreign policy issues which the president may find difficult to talk his way out of:

• Why did Mr. Obama whisper to Russia's president (and an open mic) that he'd have "more flexibility" after reelection to cut back our missile defense system in a way pleasing to Russia's Vladimir Putin? And is this why Putin is now more relaxed about rattling nuclear sabers?

• Why does Mr. Obama refuse to answer any questions about the successful terror attack in Benghazi except when he's appearing on Dave Letterman, The View, or Comedy Central?

• Why did Mr. Obama support destabilizing uprisings in Libya and Egypt, but offer no support to demonstrators in Syria or Iran?

• Why has Mr. Obama given billions of taxpayer dollars to Brazil, Columbia, and Mexico to drill for oil, while cutting back access to American drilling fields and generally crippling our fossil fuel industries?

• In response to an Al-Qaeda terror attack that killed Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans, why did the president go to the United Nations and announce "the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam"?

• Has Mr. Obama secretly collaborated with Iran on the timing of a possible "October Surprise" announcement of a potential deal to (finally) allow inspections of nuclear enrichment facilities in return for the removal of economic sanctions? And as a follow-up, why are those sanctions even in place if foreign policy "expert" Joe Biden says Iran's enrichment of uranium isn't even a meaningful threat?

• Why is the president ready to throw away our military gains in Iraq and Afghanistan?

• Why is this Commander-in-Chief willing to slash the budget of the military with "sequestration" after his administration (and political party) was completely unable and unwilling to trim any significant expenses from the budget?

• Most importantly, after four years of foreign policy disasters, why do our allies now doubt us and our enemies not respect us? Is the world a better place than it was four years ago?

Frankly, Hope n' Change expects Mitt Romney to mop the floor with Obama tonight - barring interference from moderator Bob Schieffer or, possibly, the Secret Service.

And we expect to enjoy every minute of it.