Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Free For All

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For 2012, "Sandy" was our least favorite name owing to its association with so much sadness, destruction, and shameless politicization. Per the cartoon above, MSNBC newsidiot Chris Matthews actually expressed delight that Hurricane Sandy occured because it helped the president politically.

But the worst has got to be Barack Obama's current invoking of the murdered children of Sandy Hook not just to promote gun control- but as the reason that members of the GOP should "take off their partisan war paint" and raise taxes, increase spending, and give Obama unlimited borrowing powers.

It says a lot (in fact, frighteningly too much) about this president that he would enthusiastically use the blood of innocents for his selfish political power grab. The children of Sandy Hook did not die to promote Socialism. 

And although Hope n' Change is purely secular, we hope there's an especially hot spot in Hell for anyone who says otherwise.

And now for the week's Facebook roundup...

obama, obama jokes, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, conservative, gun control, fast and furious, sandy hook

I created this cartoon right after Eric Holder opened his gun-running yap about it being time for this administration to crack down on gun control. But I didn't want to use it; it was too soon and too raw. But Obama, Holder, and the MSM have already thrown taste and decency to the wind and decided that they want to roll back the 2nd Amendment now, before all of the blood has dried. And so, like it or not, I've got to fight back rather than let them go unchallenged.

There are hundreds of deaths linked to the Fast & Furious fiasco. What the heck did Holder think the drug cartels would do with all that weaponry? Go deer hunting?! We don't know and will never know why Holder thought it was a good idea to give guns to those most likely to use them to take human lives - because Barack Obama used Executive Privilege to make sure the American people will never know exactly who within his administration shares the blame for those hundreds of deaths.

The hypocrisy of having Obama and Holder lecture the rest of us on "gun control" is appalling and unacceptable.

obama, obama jokes, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, conservative, gun control, joe biden, sandy hook

Speaking of Godawful ideas, Barack Obama has put VP Joe Biden in charge of an emergency process to generate new gun control policies. This despite the fact that after his televised debate with Paul Ryan, the popular consensus was that Biden was not only a raving, hyperactive lunatic but is probably the sort of guy who should be court-ordered not to get within a mile of a gun. Or metal cutlery.

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And of course, today is the day the Mayans said that the world as we know it would come to an end! Which is clearly ridiculous, because as any Conservative can tell you - the world as we know it came to an end on November 6th this year.

The reference to B. Hussein as the "Lord and Savior" is a direct quote from alleged actor Jamie Foxx, who surely speaks for a lot of Obama-worshippers across the country. 

Including the president.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Egg Noggin

A stupid joke? Sure! But not as stupid as the mainstream media's cheery dismissal of any suspicions about Hillary Clinton's surprisingly convenient fainting spell and concussion which can apparently only be cured by plenty of bed rest during the Congressional hearings on the fiasco in Benghazi.

Does Hillary have an actual concussion? In fairness, it might be possible - especially since her noggin probably sustained a number of headboard-related injuries when she and Bill were a lot younger and friskier.

But Hope n' Change is more than a little suspicious and, to paraphrase Mrs. Clinton, believes there might be something of a "vast Left-wing conspiracy" at work to keep the American people from ever getting straight answers about the brutal murder of four Americans.

Which, by the way, the Left is now mocking in a way even more offensive than most of their rhetoric. According to a meme currently making its way around the Internet, "Four adults killed in Benghazi and the Right-Wing screams for answers. Twenty small children slaughtered in America and the silence is deafening."

This would be one of those Louisville Slugger moments that Hope n' Change would so dearly like to, um, clarify for liberals.

Yes, we've screamed for answers about Benghazi because it's important, and because the answers are still being hidden.  But silence about the tragedy at the Sandy Hook elementary school?! No, we haven't been silent - but we've said things that the Left and the MSM don't want to hear - asking, for instance, if the highly-profitable culture of violence stoked by Hollywood liberals, the video game industry, and the music industry might want to consider voluntarily scaling back their glorification of mass killing.

But then again, the Left isn't really in favor of "voluntary" anything.

Including testifying about the death of an American ambassador if it's too much of a headache.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Taxes of Evil

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After spending over a year demanding tax rate hikes on evil "millionaires and billionaires," on Saturday Barack Obama got what he least wanted from House Speaker John Boehner: an offer to raise tax rates on millionaires and billionaires. Just millionaires and billionaires.

And apparently, Barry has flatly rejected the offer because he actually wants to tax "billionaires" who make around $200,000 a year - which is approximately $999,800,000 less than a billion bucks.

Actual millionaire Obama says that raising taxes only on the millionaires and billionaires he's been bitching about won't actually raise enough money to substantially reduce the deficit, which is surely true since his plan to raise taxes on the top 2% of earners already wouldn't substantially reduce his nightmarish deficit. It would, however, kill tens of thousands of jobs - so the president would be able to add more dependents to his government plantation.

Boehner surely knew that Obama wouldn't agree to raising taxes on only "millionaires and billionaires," and perhaps made the offer simply hoping that the president would STFU on that phrase and finally say that he's really demanding a massive small business tax.

Barry will never admit it, of course. Nor will the MSM call him on his hypocrisy.

But we can dream.

Your million dollar bank accounts? You didn't build that.