Friday, May 29, 2015

Car Toon

Readers- A change of pace today owing to the fact that my '93 Nissan ("The Official Car of Hope n' Change") suddenly died about an hour ago, stranding Mrs. Jarlsberg at the dentist's office following her latest smile tune-up. Her smile was fine, by the way, although a little strained after the car's ignition went tickity-tickity-tick instead of vroom-vroom-vroom.

I showed up with the jumper cables and got the old girl running (the car, not Mrs. Jarlsberg) and drove it to the little auto repair shop I've been using for years, secure in the knowledge that the mechanic I've built a relationship with would never, ever screw me.

"Oh, Mario? Yeah, he's gone," I was told. "New management. Replaced everyone. Let's take a look at that car. Man, that's an old one..."

Fortunately, the repair shop was within walking distance of the Hope n' Change office tower, and even more fortunately, the apocalyptic weather in Texas was taking a brief break in which to gather energy for whatever hell will break loose later today. So, after dabbing the mist from my eyes, I left my car in the hands of strangers. Strangers who will no doubt factor into the final bill the fact that I left on foot.

Now I'm waiting by the phone to find out what's wrong with my car and what it will cost to repair, which makes it pretty darned hard to concentrate on politics. Which, considering the current state of politics, may not be an entirely bad thing.

But hey, as a nice consolation, how about a visit from the ever insightful...

Catch 22 Caliber
Automotive Update: Much like the most recent entries in a certain film franchise we could mention, it turned out my car's battery was a "Die Hard" in name only. It has been replaced, and everything seems to be running fine again.

Assuming, of course, that those mysterious "new guys" at the car repair shop haven't actually refitted my car with miniature cameras, microphones, and drone beacons.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cold Comfort

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Licking police brutality, one city at a time
In his Memorial Day remarks, Barack Obama cited the special significance of the fact that it was the first such day in 14 years that the United States was not engaged in a major ground war. If by "not engaged" you mean ignoring the thousands of US troops still at risk in Afghanistan and Iraq, and your definition of "major" ground wars doesn't apply to head-lopping JV teams like ISIS.

Still, by almost any definition the president seems to be ignoring a pretty major ground war right here at home. Over this holiday weekend, shootings in just two Democrat-controlled American cities racked up horrifying body counts which didn't appear on the presidential radar: in Chicago, 12 dead and 43 wounded. In Baltimore, 9 dead and 29 wounded.

Unfortunately for the victims, none of them was shot by a police officer - which is why Al Sharpton isn't marching in the streets, the DOJ isn't launching any major investigations into lost civil rights (breathing doesn't count), and Barry isn't even bothering to tweet #BlackLivesMatter on his precious new Twitter account.

The president has previously suggested that much of the violence plaguing our inner cities can be blamed on policing which is "oppressive" to minorities. Which is why he's been so vocal about pushing a new, "softer" look for police and their policies.

Frankly, we think he should instead be pushing for softer sidewalks, since that's where so many bodies seem to be falling.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, memorial day

No politics today. Only humility, awe and gratitude for those in uniform who gave everything for this nation. Their loss is unfathomable; their gift to us immeasurable. Let us each strive to be worthy as we celebrate and defend their legacy.