Friday, March 16, 2012

Green Energy

Saint Patrick's Day is upon us, and our Irish president (who traces his family back to the aptly-named village of "Moneygall") is celebrating his roots by spreading the Blarney even thicker than usual.

Specifically, Barack O'Bama says he is now considering opening our nation's strategic oil reserves to help drive
down the price of gasoline, and drive up his own plunging poll numbers.

While some might see this as pure politics and sham (or shamrock) policy,

Hope n' Change
recognizes that keeping the strategic oil reserve intact is really only of value in case of a far-fetched emergency like the Strait of Hormuz being blocked, or Israel and Iran getting into a shooting war, or Arabs deciding they don't like America. And fortunately, since our Nobel Prize-winning president brought lasting peace to the Middle East, none of those things could possibly happen!

Still, it's odd that until now the president has insisted that there is
no relationship between the availability of oil and the price of gas...a belief which has informed his decisions to prevent the Keystone XL pipeline, to shut down oil exploration and drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and bring the issuing of new oil leases to a crawl.

But now he's out on the stump claiming that
no one is a bigger proponent of drilling than he is, with the possible exception of Sandra Fluke.

Hope n' Change is writing off all of this nonsense as just some good-natured St. Patrick's Day joshing by Mr. O'Bama - none of which should be taken seriously.

all of which should be washed down with a significant quantity of green beer.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Poll Poll Pitiful Me

Hope n' Change will be the first to admit that today's cartoon isn't exactly subtle... but then, neither is the message that the American people are sending to the president.

In a new poll from CBS/New York Times (two alleged news organizations that
love Barack Obama), 80% of people interviewed say they are not better off than they were 4 years ago. And the other 20% are presumed to be Sandra Fluke's boyfriends.

Moreover, the president's approval rating has hit an
all-time low of 41%, and his disapproval rating has hit an all-time high of 47%. These numbers represent a big drop in the last month alone, giving the lie to the media narrative that Obama is being swept into a glorious second term on the strength of a nonexistent economic recovery, a nonexistent energy policy, his nonexistent military victories, and of course his newly-declared dedication to fighting Republicans in the nonexistent "War on Women."

The president has, however,
one solid accomplishment under his belt (no hand lotion joke intended), which is...(drum roll, please)...the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Or, more accurately, the fact that he didn't have a politically expedient way of
stopping Seal Team Six from killing Osama bin Laden.

Which is why the president's new bought-and-paid-for political mockumentary,
"The Road We've Traveled," pays so much attention to Osama's death...showing Barack Obama furrowing his brow in heavy thought and courageously jutting his chin while violins play emotion-stirring music and Tom Hanks (no, really!) narrates the story of the bravest decision ever made by a human being: to sit in a room thousands of miles from any danger while wearing golf clothes and mentally planning his next vacation to Martha's Vineyard.

But will that be enough to turn the poll numbers around, and make Americans forget that their lives have gotten worse, the country and Constitution weaker, and our enemies stronger under this president?
Hope n' Change doesn't think so.

Because when the Republican primaries finally come to an end, there's only going to be one real news story of any importance: Barack Hussein Obama's terrible performance as president of the United States.

And when that story really hits, he'll only
wish he had the poll numbers he enjoys today.

Also on president Fudd's list, finding Nicole Simpson's real killer.

Monday, March 12, 2012


(Click cartoon for larger size)

In 1964, Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart famously said that while he could not define obscenity, "I know it when I see it."

Which is why Barack Hussein Obama's latest attack on the Supreme Court and the Constitution is, without any doubt whatsoever,
spectacularly obscene.

In order to support his illegal healthcare power grab, the president of the United States is drawing upon his experience as a radical community organizer to send protesters to surround the Supreme Court as they hear arguments on Obamacare.

Are you throwing up in your mouth yet? Wait - there's more! Because this won't be just an
ordinary group of protesters. NoooOOooo. The man who just threw Catholics and freedom of religion under the bus (and famously was a 20-year member of a radical, racist, America-hating church) invited dozens of allegedly religious activists to the Whitehouse to coordinate his "prayer vigil" to support Obamacare

In commenting on this clear blasphemy and Constitutional assualt, the Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney is direct and eloquent:

“It is troubling that President does not celebrate the National Day of Prayer at the White House or attend church on a regular basis, (as he did all during the 2008 campaign) yet he will call for prayer vigils to help support and promote his political agenda. Mr. President, prayer should never be about advancing a political agenda, but honoring God.

The President seems very ‘selective’ in celebrating and respecting faith and religious freedom. President Obama is calling for public prayer and expressions of faith to support legislation that crushes religious freedom with immoral and unjust HHS mandates against the Catholic Church. I would suggest that the President pray and seek God to put forward health care legislation that honors the Constitution, respects religious freedom and protects innocent human life.”

Frankly, Hope n' Change doesn't believe there's a hoot in Hell's chance that Mr. Obama will pray for any such guidance...nor would he accept it if it was presented to him by God personally on stone tablets.

And so, the Chicago Organizer's "Occupy the Supreme Court" protests will undoubtedly happen.

And if a pillar of salt is subsequently found in the Oval Office with its feet up on the desk? Then our prayers will have been answered.