Monday, June 9, 2014

Weeking Off

Our news hound is always digging for stories

Hope n' Change Cartoons is taking a week off to catch up on a few personal projects which have gotten shoved aside in recent months. Nothing exciting and, happily, nothing health-related. Nope, we just need to set aside a little time to untangle some health insurance problems, work on employment issues, do some budget balancing, train our laser-like focus on revenue enhancement, and organize priorities overall.

In other words, we'll be doing the kinds of things that Barack Obama can't do worth a tinker's damn - all of which have become harder for those of us in the peasantry since Barry took office. 

One of the more pleasant things taking up a lot of our time lately is Penny, the official news hound of Hope n' Change. As you can see in the video, she's grown a bunch - and is an absolute dynamo. At 8 months old, she's entering the "teenage" developmental stage in which she doesn't like taking orders, wants to run around at all hours, and likes to experiment with "forbidden" substances (by eating furniture, for instance). We love her dearly, and will do so even more when she calms the heck down.

Truthfully, taking a week off will also help recharge our personal battery; the day-in day-out scandals and idiocy in the news take a genuine emotional toll. And the "Gitmo Five" travesty has done so even more than usual. So for the next seven days, Hope n' Change plans to let Life and Liberty take care of themselves while we put a little more emphasis on The Pursuit of Happiness.

Feel free to leave remarks in the comments section - there will no doubt be plenty of things to talk about!    -Stilton

 As a matter of fact, Harry, they did.