Friday, June 28, 2013

Incuriouser and Incuriouser

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No matter where you come down in the Edward Snowden "hero or traitor" debate, you can't help but notice that "No Drama Obama" seems singularly sanguine about not pursuing the young cyber-culprit. Barry promises no jets, no phonecalls, and no wheeling and dealing - because it's all no big deal, right?

Wrong. It is a big deal, and something stinks to high heaven about Barry's casual attitude toward this security breach. Which made Hope n' Change think about one of Snowden's first comments to the press a few weeks ago, in which he asserted that "even a low-level agent (such as himself) could tap the president's phone calls if desired." Hmmmm...!

Or, perhaps, that low-level agent could also get copies of the president's long-sealed personal records? Birth certificate, passport records, police records, college records, medical records, check stubs to Bill Ayres for "ghostwriting services?" The mind boggles - but it would sure help explain why Barry is suddenly so interested in every issue other than this one.

It seems that in the age of Obamacare, the best health insurance you can have is a copy of the president's secrets...and the know-how to spread them if anything happens to you.

FRIDAY BONUS: Quips From the Crypt!

There are so many hot stories at the moment that I couldn't do justice to them all. But luckily, the Hope n' Change vaults are packed to the brim with cartoons and commentary which are (unfortunately) still timely. Click on the linked titles to read the accompanying historical (and hopefully hysterical) commentary!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Coal Day In Hell

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As predicted, Barack Hussein Obama has now officially declared his de facto "War on Coal," and is said to be mobilizing Seal Team Six to go after America's deadliest enemy: Osamwan Bin Minen.

Barry is putting his anti-coal regulations into effect using an arcane interpretation of the Clean Air Act. So arcane, in fact, that the law's main author - Democrat John Dingell - says that Obama's misuse of the Clean Air Act "has the potential for shutting down or slowing down virtually all industry and all economic activity and growth."

Which is, in point of fact, the president's primary goal as he continues pushing the United States into third world status.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is currently laughing its butt off at the idea of curtailing industry in order to possibly (and quite likely magically) change the climate. Which means that for Obama's new policies to have any conceivable impact on climate change, our nation will have to virtually eliminate all our industrial activity to help compensate for the fact that other nations will continue to build things, create jobs, and use electricity from dirty old coal (in fact, the very same coal which will be denied to Americans).

All of which would be really scary if Barry had a longer attention span - but he's already forgotten Fast & Furious, and getting to the bottom of the IRS scandal, and Benghazi, and his "laser-like focus on jobs," and stimulating the economy, and honoring foreign policy agreements, and the Fort Hood massacre, and the entire War on Terror. 

So perhaps he'll also forget his "War on Coal" when something else shiny catches his attention. Like 50,000 angry coal miners marching on Washington with their picks and helmets gleaming in the sun.

Sixteen yams and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt...

Monday, June 24, 2013

Where There's Smoke There's Failure

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In his continuing effort to create as much smoke as possible to avoid talking about his scandals, Barack Obama will soon announce his plan to get rid of as much smoke as possible if it's tied, in any way, to American prosperity or energy independence.

Specifically the president wants to put yet more burdens on coal-fired electrical plants in the United States in order to raise the price of energy, reduce the number of jobs, and keep the Earth's oceans from spontaneously boiling - an issue which is clearly way more urgent than coming clean on Benghazi, IRS harassment of citizens, domestic spying, monumentally screwed-up foreign policy, or any of Obama's other legion of scandals and failures.

As part of the president's "plan," he is strongly demanding that scientists "must design new fuels and energy sources," which would be a pretty good freaking trick. Perhaps as part of his "plan," he should also demand that scientists must design anti-gravity machines, time travel, cake with no calories, and a way for dead people to vote which is more efficient than the system Democrats currently use.

Of course, the fact that recent studies show that the Earth hasn't heated up in the past 16 years is irrelevant to the president's continuing effort to bankrupt the coal industry and further cripple our economy.

Because the real goal of the president's plan is to take the heat off himself.