Friday, May 11, 2012

Robbing Hood and his Married Men

After an "evolutionary period" slightly longer than that which allowed fish to crawl up on dry land and decide that it looked like a good place to start producing dangerous greenhouse gasses, Barack Obama has finally admitted that it is his "personal opinion" that same sex couples should be allowed to marry. To which we say, "Who the heck cares?! What are you doing about jobs and the deficit, you miserable scum-sucking, anti-American slimebag?!"

Admittedly, we have a tendency to get a
little wrought up at times. And when talking politics, a slight inclination for Tourette's.

Let's get something out of the way quickly: here at
Hope n' Change, we don't want to talk about gay marriage because it's exactly what Obama wants all of us to be talking about instead of his abysmal record and the dire straits that America finds itself in under his leadership.

That being said,
Hope n' Change is already on the record as saying that we don't have a problem with gay marriage (well, no more problem than we have with innumerable straight marriages) in a secular, legal sense...but we think churches should be free to define marriage however they want. And that's not really a debate we want to get into again right now, because it distracts - and is intended to distract - from the real issues challenging our nation.

Here's a radical idea (since Barack Obama
loves radical ideas) - what if the president of the United States decided to help gay Americans, and black Americans, and female Americans by helping all Americans?

Seriously, no matter what our differences, don't we
all want a chance to have gainful and meaningful employment? Don't we all want national security? Don't we all want an energy policy which will keep this a vital nation? Don't we all want to know that our largest institutions won't be collapsing under the weight of Washington's lies in a few short years?
Hope n' Change is frankly sick of Obama's unending efforts to divide Americans and set them against each other: rich versus poor, black versus white, straight versus gay, old versus young, men versus women, and on and on and on.

The issue of gay marriage is not insignificant (certainly not to my gay friends, both liberal and conservative)...but it is
not critical to this moment. There is no pending national legislation about the issue, nor is the president proposing such. He has spoken out on the issue only to drown out the voices of those asking the important, difficult, and urgent questions.

We can not and
must not allow ourselves to be sidetracked from focusing on the very real destruction that Barack Obama has done in his first term...and the ultimate destruction which would result from a second term.

We must turn our backs on the president's sneering politics of division and stand united to throw this hateful and hate-filled man out of office.

Young Barry's closest personal friend in college was a composite.
Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Splitting Heirs

Some days, the news raises very troubling whether to defecate or go blind. At least, that was our reaction to the news story that the National Network of Abortion Funds has used "Bowl-a-thons" to raise over $400,000 for abortions.

And not just any old abortions. No, their George Tiller Memorial Abortion Fund, set up in memory of the murdered abortionist George Tiller, only coughs up money for late-term abortions in which the fetus to be dismembered is five months old...or older.

The group's website recently listed one of the happy recipients of abortion funding- a 14 year old girl named Darcy, who embraces their philosophy that "getting an abortion is getting a second chance."

"I'm pretty smart for 14, I think" writes Darcy, adding "I love biology." Frankly, we question her self-assessment of being smart, but think the sad facts absolutely reflect her love of biology. “Y’all were just so nice,” the girl gushed to the abortion group. “I mean, you gave me like more than a thousand dollars. There’s no way that me and my mom could have come up with that much.”

Other than doing something unpleasant like, oh, working or something. Or maybe Darcy could have just waited a few (a very few) more months and simply given birth to a child that someone would want to adopt. But thanks to the Bowl-a-thon, this young genius didn't have to make those confusing choices about whether the child she was carrying also deserved a "second chance."

It's not lost on us that there's an ugly irony in using a game of "strikes and spares" to raise money for abortion.

After all, it's a procedure that strikes down millions of lives each year, spares no unborn child, and demonstrates all too clearly that our nation's morality has thudded into the gutter.


PERSONAL NOTE: I'm feeling particularly impassioned about the issue of late-term abortions because I have a Facebook friend who has been sharing pictures of her newest family member: an infant who had to be delivered at 31 weeks, weighing only a little over 3 pounds.

He's been fighting hard for his life (and as of this writing is doing well). The idea that some people consider a 31-week old fetus as just a mass of cells and not an unborn person is offensively and demonstrably wrong. The distinction doesn't require a committee of scientists, theologians, philosophers, and politicians to determine.

It's as easy as looking at that little fighter's baby pictures.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Tick Tick Tick...

Aaaaaand, they're off and running! Barack Hussein Obama kicked off his 2012 campaign this weekend in less than grand style. The half-black president offered up half-baked promises to finish the job he says is half an auditorium which was onlf half-full. Which is why we're going to go out on a limb and guess that those who did show up are...halfwits.

Throwing positive rhetoric like "Hope" and "Change" to the wind, Obama's campaign strategy seems to be going directly from blaming Bush for his first four dismal years, to blaming Romney for what might happen (but wouldn't) in the next four years.

Specifically, he says that Romney wants to "turn back the clock" on all of the great progress that Obama has made so far, to which we say "Amen!" Because Obama's agenda is a doomsday clock for this nation, and it's ticking away like an amphetamine-crazed drummer playing "Wipe Out" (which, incidentally, will replace "Hail to the Chief" if Obama wins a second term).

Obama also did his best to sell his already-laughable new slogan "Forward," working it into his speech repeatedly...while attendees (or perhaps employees?) in the conspicuously sparse crowd waved preprinted signs proclaiming "Forward" and "Not Back."


Presumably, that would be "not back" to low gas prices and a coherent energy policy. Not back to people actually finding jobs. Not back to really having hope. Not back to constitutionality. Not back to supporting our allies, and demanding respect from our enemies.

Not back to America being the greatest nation on Earth.


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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Punny Meeting You Here

Yes, Hope n' Change Cartoons is now building a presence over at Facebook...and it's going to include a lot of fun materials in addition to those which you already find here on the blog. Which is why you should go to the Facebook website right now and click "Like," so you won't miss anything!

Also, the more "Likes" the page gets, the more annoying and threatening Hope n' Change Cartoons will be to Barack Obama and his supporters - and seriously, don't you want a tasty piece of that?

Nothing is going to change here on this website; same cartoons and commentary, and the same cozy forum (in comments) for all of us to get together and chat. And currently, I'm undecided if I'll post the editorial content over there; I think Facebook is perhaps a better forum for the quick and the visual... and "home base" (right here) is a better place for the exhange of detailed ideas. By which I mean, of course, my angry and hopefully funny rants (and links to the best news items I can find).

So what, then, will be so great about the Facebook page?! Lots! People who "Like" it will get updates on their Facebook page every time I post a funny new graphic (sometimes I post things on other sites that don't get posted here), they'll get each new HnC cartoon sent to them for easier sharing (hint, hint), and they'll be able to enjoy a ton of hilarious material from the Hope n' Change archives.

I've already posted quite a few web graphics in photo albums you can browse through, and I'll be posting plenty more in the days and weeks ahead - along with occasional "classic" HnC cartoons from the past three and a half years (I've spent the weekend culling through over 1000 cartoons, selecting the ones which are the funniest and most topical).

And there will probably be other fun stuff happening there once I figure it all out. True confession: when it comes to "social media sites," I'm definitely a short bus kind of guy. But in the run up to this all-important election, I decided I had to put my own sniveling technological cowardice aside and get the cartoons and satirical graphics out there where they can be seen and shared by as many people as possible.

And as I said, YOU can help with that effort by "Liking" this Facebook page, and hitting the "share" button whenever I post something you'd like your Facebook friends to see.

After just one day, there are already nearly 200 "Likes" on the page - which is great! But I'd like to see that number rise to 500 (or better still, 1000) ASAP.

I hope to see you there - but rest assured, Hope n' Change Cartoons and I will still be here, too!

Here's an example of something I posted on Facebook, mocking Obama's "Life of Julia" campaign slideshow. Sometimes, I just want to run with a funny (and in this case, pointed) idea as soon as it hits me.