Friday, June 19, 2015

Faceless Evil

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Nightmarish evil in the form of a young man came to a South Carolina church Wednesday night.  He walked in the door, took a seat with others in a Bible study meeting, and waited - no doubt smiling and nodding over the course of an hour - after which some unspeakable, pustulent growth in his soul ripened and burst...and the killing began.

He shot 9 black men and women to death, pausing to reload his weapon several times, then spared one woman so she could "tell the world what happened."

But what he really wanted was for the world to know his name. To give him notoriety, even of the most heinous kind, because he believed it better than the nameless obscurity which he actually deserved.

Which is why you won't see his name or face here.  Fame is not a just reward for being a murderous loser.

The tragedy of what happened to those 9 victims is unfathomable. And there will certainly be a second tragedy when this horror is eagerly appropriated and manipulated for political purposes, because such is the sad nature of our times.

So Hope n' Change would like to preemptively clear the air by naming some of those who are not to blame for this massacre: Democrats or Republicans. White people or black people. Al Sharpton or Rush Limbaugh.

Neither the NRA nor the NAACP is to blame. Not Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or Instagram. This is not the fault of Barack Obama, movies, television, Rap music, violent video games, schools, religion or atheism.

The list could go on endlessly, because there is only one person at fault here. A nameless, faceless hate-filled punk who is certainly insane.

We only hope that our nation can maintain its own sanity enough to remember that simple fact over the next few days.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Holiday List

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As if one couldn't tell by the throngs of shoppers at the malls, the beloved songs on the radio, and the twinkle in every child's eye, today marks the beginning of Ramadan - a sacred, month-long Islamic holiday marked by fasting, prayer, and (as the president just impishly proved) "some surprises."

In this case, the surprise was Obama's barely reported release of six more Al Qaeda detainees from Guantanamo Bay, including three of Osama Bin Laden's bodyguards.

The prisoners, all of whom were classified as "high risk" by US intelligence in 2008, were reclassified as harmless (if not downright cuddly!) by Obama's "Periodic Review Board," which is charged with "finding a way to empty Gitmo - period."

To accomplish this, the Review Board takes into account things like whether the jihadists have been good about attending taxpayer-funded yoga classes designed to curb their violent impulses, and the detainees' expressed desires to return to the war torn Middle East only for the purpose of starting "milk and honey farms."  No, really.

Oh sure, skeptics are going to point to the fact that nearly 30% of detainees released from Gitmo go back to killing on the battlefield. But shouldn't the holidays be a time to set aside skepticism and simply believe wholeheartedly in peace on Earth and good will to enemy combatants?

Apparently Barack Hussein Obama thinks so.


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Donald Trump announced yesterday that he, like everyone else, is now officially running for president. Frankly, Hope n' Change finds it hard to take him seriously - but then again, maybe it's best not to judge a potential president based only on a hairstyle.

A lesson the Spokane NAACP just learned the hard way.

Monday, June 15, 2015


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On Saturday, Hillary Clinton attempted to inject some much-needed excitement into her presidential bid with a campaign speech to a surprisingly small number of New Yorkers, almost all of whom were white.  Although whether they self-identify as white is anybody's guess.

Mixed in with Hillary's standard populist sloganeering about despising Wall Street and the evil rich who are writing the checks for her campaign, her Foundation, and her pantsuit collection, Mrs. Clinton took time to humanize herself by making reference to the inspiration she's found in her mother's miserable life.

As a child, Hillary's mother was abandoned by her father at age 8 and sent to live with nightmarish grandparents until she ran away and became a housemaid at age 14 (a job option no longer available to actual American citizens of any age).

In her autobiography, which we highly doubt Hillary has even read, it says "I thought often of my own mother’s neglect and mistreatment at the hands of her parents and grandparents, and how other caring adults filled the emotional void to help her.”

In other words, don't look to your family for support and guidance - look to the (ahem) "caring adults" of the Big Government "village" which Queen Hillary wants to rule over to help exorcise the demons of her own criminally dysfunctional family.


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Speaking of Hillary's dysfunctional family, we all know that Bill Clinton was our nation's first all-white black president. Now, we know who the second one is: Rachel Dolezal, president of the Spokane NAACP.

According to Ms. Dolezal's parents, she's not black (as she's claimed on various legal documents) so much as crazy and entirely white. Not that there's anything wrong with that, other than being descended from whip-wielding slave owners and enjoying scads of filthy white privilege and being unable to clap on the beat.

Much like the puzzle of whether a tree which falls in the forest when no one is around still makes a sound, the media is now being forced to consider whether telling a white woman that she's not black is still racist. So far, particularly on MSNBC, the answer seems to be "yes."