Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Double-Header

Shooting His Mouth Off
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In the ongoing battle between gun owners and the Whitehouse, Joe Biden has come forward to tell worried homeowners that they don't "need" an AR-15 for protection, and that they should instead "Buy a shotgun! Buy a shotgun!"

And in the event of a home invasion, what should innocent citizens DO with their two shots? According to Joe (in advice given to his wife), they should walk outside and "put that double-barrel shotgun up and fire two blasts outside the house!"

Unfortunately, this means that the homeowner is now effectively unarmed and - oh yeah! - has just committed a felony in many states by firing randomly at the neighbors with no regard to what damage may occur.

Much the way Joe's mouth does at news conferences.

Rice Baiting

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Hope n' Change isn't even going to try to put a humorous spin on this godawful story.  Susan Rice, who made the rounds of the Sunday news shows following last year's 9/11 terror attacks in Benghazi and blamed a YouTube video, has now gone on the Jon Stewart show to do more damage.

Specifically, Rice said that the murder of four Americans was a tragedy, but the subsequent investigation is "the bigger tragedy."

And what was the reacton of Stewart's studio audience? Riotous applause.

Frankly, Hope n' Change thinks that Susan Rice should henceforth have no more protection from danger than Ambassador Stevens did. And if, heaven forbid, something bad happens - we hope that no one will create a bigger tragedy by investigating it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Black and Blue

Liberal icon and alleged actor Alec Baldwin made new inroads into interracial harmony last Sunday when he angrily berated a black photographer (who happens to be a decorated, retired NYPD detective) and called him a crackhead, a drug dealer, and a coon.

Such blatant racism would, in most cases, be considered a career-killing faux pas. Or at least it would if the offending party was a Conservative. But for those blessed by the Left, not so much - because if you're a high-profile and vocal supporter of Barack Obama, you get special dispensation to use words like "nigger" (a favorite of Bill Maher) and "coon."

Then again, maybe Alec Baldwin isn't a screaming racist and honestly mistook the African-American man for a drug-addicted furry mammal with a ringed tail, mask, and flash camera.

It will be interesting in the coming days to watch the comic spectacle of Baldwin admitting his racist diatribe (which was recorded on tape), pretending to apologize (which will be immediately accepted by everyone on the Left), and then doing some infinitesimal act of penance to show he's sorry.

We're thinking maybe he could record some public service spots for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Perhaps explaining to Liberals how to tell the difference between raccoons and black people.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Par for the Coarse

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Now that Barack Obama has a "clean desk" (having taken care of unemployment, sexual and racial inequality, the healthcare system, nuclear threats from North Korea and Iran, staggering debt, and Ambassador Stevens' death at the hands of YouTube fanatics) he's enjoying a little well-earned time off during his "President's Day" vacation.

Specifically, Barry flew to Florida for golf lessons with a $1000-an-hour pro, and to shoot a few rounds of golf with serial wife-cheater Tiger Woods - perhaps giving the two a chance to compare which is the bigger liar.

In the interest of Black History Month, Hope n' Change thinks it is a sadly missed opportunity that OJ Simpson and Michael Vick weren't there to fill in the president's foursome, if only because the jokes would write themselves for days (OJ: "I'll look for the real killer!" BARRY: "I'll look for real deficit reduction!" TIGER: "Damn - that woman over there is a real dog." VICK: "I wonder if she can fight?")

Sadly, Michelle Obama wasn't able to join the president in Florida owing to the fact that she was taking her daughters (allegedly his, too) on their annual ski vacation in Colorado. Of course, we don't want to place undue significance on the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Obama prefer to vacation hundreds of miles apart from each other, and instead believe that it was simply a case of figuring out what would be the most expensive for taxpayers.

In any event, Hope n' Change Cartoons wishes all of our readers a very happy President's Day, and hopes you'll take some time to reflect on what this day is really about. Drinking.

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We're pretty sure this really happens every year.