Friday, May 17, 2013

Once Upon a Crime

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Currently there are lots of scandals in the news, and lots of stories about them - many (originated from within the Obama administration) far harder to believe than anything the Brothers Grimm ever concocted.

But the stories being told by Obama's team and much of the media are lacking a very important element: blood - and plenty of it.

 Because when you push aside the legal ins-and-outs of the scandals surrounding the AP, the IRS,  the YouTube Video, and "Who changed the Talking Points?" a lot of people have actually died: four Americans in Benghazi (and many more gravely injured), and probably hundreds of men, women, and children in Mexico - and our own enforcement officials - owing to guns given to killers by Obama/Holder's "Fast & Furious" scheme.

Responsibility for these lost lives needs to be determined and justice must be done. Not with firings, apologies, or leaves-of-absence. But with public shame, legal action, and the harshest penalties our courts can mete out.

Obama's scandals are myriad, huge and must all be dealt with. But Hope n' Change thinks we should start by rigorously investigating the political decisions which have taken so many lives.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Call to Distraction

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In the Obama administration, the best defense is multiple offenses - simply because our short-attention span nation can no longer grasp the intricacies of a single scandal, let alone a handful of them.

Still, it seems like (for a refreshing change), something a lot stronger than Shinola is sticking to the president as details of his current scandals emerge. Those stories are developing so quickly that we won't even attempt to recap them here (get thee to Drudgereport!) other than to say that they all involve flagrant abuse of power, outrageous lies to the American people, desperate attempts to place the blame on others, and a belief by this president and his people that nothing is more important than maintaining his political power - no matter who or how many die, no matter what laws are broken, and no matter what damage is done to our Constitution and credibility as a nation.

None of this, of course, comes as even a teensy-weensy surprise to those of us who've been sounding alarms for years now. Barack Hussein Obama is no worse than he's ever's just that his facade seems to finally be cracking, revealing glimpses of the vehemently anti-American radical beneath to a mainstream media which has had more in common with Helen Keller than Edward R. Murrow.

Hope n' Change would be disingenuous if we expressed confidence that any of these (or other) scandals will actually topple this nightmarish administration. But just for a little while, we will allow ourselves something we haven't had since last November.

An actual scintilla of Hope for Change.

obama, obama jokes, scandal, irs, benghazi, ap, stilton jarlsberg, fast, furious, hope n' change, hope and change, trayvon martin

Monday, May 13, 2013

Doctoring The Books

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To the shock of almost no one, it has been revealed that the IRS deliberately targeted non-profit conservative groups in the run-up to Barack Hussein Obama's election with the seeming goal of keeping these groups from exercising their first amendment rights.

The IRS claims no political motivation, but says that "low level employees" decided it would be a good idea to make life miserable for groups whose names included "tea party" or "patriot." Hilariously, when senior IRS officials found out about this, they said they were shocked, shocked!, at this abuse of power, and told their underlings to immediately change their review standards to something more fair: namely, targeting "political action type organizations involved in limiting Government, educating on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, or social/economic reform." Oh yeah, that's much better.

But the good news doesn't stop there! Thanks to Obamacare, the same IRS that is discriminating against people with dissenting political beliefs will also be in charge of enforcing your healthcare, including introducing a new form this January which will tie all of your health records to your IRS account - with all of its records of your political affiliations and donations.

But don't worry, you won't be denied healthcare by "low level employees" just because you happen to belong to the Tea Party or proclaim yourself to be a patriot.

On the other hand, if you're vocal about believing in limited government, economic reform, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights...consider yourself "shovel-ready."

Bonus: AV Club
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When you think of it, the cartoon above makes just as much sense (and is just as offensive) as the Obama administration's attempt to tell the American people that the deaths in Benghazi weren't the result of a terror attack, but simply an outpouring of emotion by passionate Libyan film critics.

That story is unraveling fast, and even the mainstream media are now trying to maneuver their way out from under the potential crapstorm by suggesting - albeit timidly - that lying about terror and sacrificing American lives just to win an election is a bad thing.

Watergate was nothing compared to Benghazi, and all of those responsible need to be driven from office as soon as possible.