Friday, June 29, 2012

Simon Decree

(Special thanks to DougM at for "Rope n' Chains" joke!)
Well, well, well. The Supreme Court has spoken, and Obamacare is still standing - found to be perfectly constitutional as long as the Supreme Court pretends that it's something other than what it was presented to be.

Even though the language wasn't in the law, and Barack Obama himself denied it, the majority of the Court decided that the "individual mandate" which compels Americans to buy a product (in this case insurance) whether they want it or not is entirely long as the word "penalty" is replaced with the word "tax." Hey, there's no need to rewrite the Constitution when it's so much easier to rewrite the dictionary!

In making this preposterous ruling, the Supreme Court essentially threw out individual liberty in this country, chained and shackled us, and delivered our sorry asses to the new Massas in Washington DC who will now make all of our decisions for us...or punish us with punitive taxes.

Driving a gas guzzling car, or one that doesn't spontaneously burst into flames like a GM product? Uh-oh...higher taxes for you! Belong to the Mormon church? There'll be a line for that on the new 1040 tax form (but good news! There may be tax credits for Muslims!).

Overweight? Multiply the number of pounds by $150 and send the total amount to Washington by April 15th, or else. Do you want to marry someone of the opposite sex? That'll cost you! You're NOT aborting that baby? Ka-ching, ka-ching!

Do you think these examples are extreme? Because NONE of them is as extreme as the government deciding whether or not you, or someone you love, will get life-saving healthcare based on Washington's whims of the moment and whatever political files they're keeping on you. And that's now been upheld as the law of the land.

And unlike Barack Obama, we're not allowed to simply declare that we won't obey laws we don't like.

The government now has the means to control all of our wealth, all of our means of productivity, and all of our personal actions and choices. So it is no overstatement to say that we are all slaves now.

And that we've got precisely one chance to change that peacefully in November.

So now is not the time for despair. It is the time for anger, for action, and for reclaiming our nation from those who have sold out our lives, our liberties, and our children for the sake of their own insatiable desire to rule us, to rob us, and to whip us into submission.

But they should be warned - there is no whip that strong.

Nor will the whip remain in their hands if we have the resolve to take it.

As usual, Bill Whittle adds a clear and compelling perspective.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Courting Disaster

And this just in: it's also okay to drink whiskey for breakfast if we call it coffee. Bottoms up!

Readers: just for fun, I'm posting some graphics that I've been sharing over on Facebook today (and these may continue to flow; it's therapy). Special thanks to reader Kencor04 for the Mayan calendar idea!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Waiting for Sanity

We're not going to lie - there are plenty of big, hugely important news stories worth covering today, but Hope n' Change can't focus on anything other than waiting for the Supreme Court's decision on Obamacare tomorrow.

Because, like a child who's been good all year and is hoping to get a pony on Christmas morning, we're hoping that the Supreme Court is going to give us the best gift we can imagine: a good ass-kicking for Barack Obama, and a reaffirmation that the Constitution still trumps Marxism.

A good, solid rejection of the Constitutionality of Obamacare could be a deathblow to Obama's hopes for reelection. After all, he sneeringly ignored the needs of jobless American people and a crippled economy during the first two years of his Democrat-supermajority term in order to concentrate exclusively on his healthcare power grab.

And if it turns out that the "Constitutional Law Professor" (who, in fact, was
never a professor...who no longer holds a law license...and who recently quoted words from the Declaration of Independence which he thought came from the Constitution) squandered over two years of American's lives and prosperity on an illegal scheme, voters will have every right to be angry.

Of course, the Supreme Court could uphold Obamacare. They shouldn't, but let's face it - we get bad news and jaw-dropping stupidity on an hourly basis these days... and this could be another one of those times.

One thing is for sure: the healthcare and insurance industries will be (in the short term, at least) in worse shape after any announcement than they are now - thanks to Obama. If Obamacare is fully upheld, then private insurance and private practice doctors are on the way out. Period.

If Obamacare is thrown out in its entirety (which it should be, as there is no "severability" language written into the law), then there will be chaos caused by all of the changes which have already been made to the system, and the costs and problems associated with restoring things to the way they'd been previously.

If only the individual mandate is thrown out, then the insurance companies are still required by law to give out more benefits and accept higher risk patients... but without a matching increase in revenue to cover the bills. Which means that insurance premiums will skyrocket for those stupid enough to have insurance... while the uninsured (who allegedly got us into this mess) will continue to get a free ride in hospital emergency rooms.

Hope n' Change is willing to take it as a given that Barack Obama and the Democrats have badly damaged the healthcare and insurance industries...and that damage may be irreparable. So why do we care so much about hearing the Supreme Court verdict?

Because, as we've said so many times in the past several years, Obamacare has never been about healthcare. Period. It's sole purpose was and is to give government ultimate control over the individual by telling us what we must or must not buy, what we must or must not do, and having final decision making power over whether we live or die based on our "value" to the state.

So when the Supreme Court announces their verdict on Thursday, they won't simply be telling us if Obamacare is Constitutional.

They'll be telling us whether the Constitution itself still stands...and with it, the freedom of our nation.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Spork Semper Tyrannis

Talk about mixed messages. The president who just unilaterally declared that 800,000 illegal (and mostly Latino) immigrants can be trusted with the rights and privileges of citizenship has also declared that Latinos can't be trusted with least, not if they're in the same room as His Holiness, Barack Obama.

Actually, it seems holes are what Obama
doesn't want...which is why 1000 delegates at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials were forced to turn over their knives and forks at a luncheon before Barack Obama was willing to appear at the speaker's platform.

And nervous president Barney Fife wasn't exactly appearing in a dangerous Barrio warzone when he had his agents do the fork sweep - he was in the
freaking ballroom of the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World.

Pansy ass.

Of course, the Latinos present weren't offended because cutlery is
always removed from a room in which Obama speaks and...wait. Hang on. What's that..?

Oh, we need to offer a correction. It turns out there are
tons of dinners and fundraising events where the crowd is considered trustworthy enough to keep their forks. Assuming they're Hollywood celebrities or, you know, not Latinos.

But once all of those dangerous forks, stamped with little Mickey Mouse faces, had been collected - Barack Obama took to the stage and promised the señors and señoritas present that if they donate generously and vote for him in November, America's "salad days" will return.

Of course,
Latinos will have to eat that salad with their fingers.