Friday, November 11, 2011

Taking To The Streets

Today is Veteran's Day and interestingly the date is 11-11-11. A date composed entirely of "ones." Which seems particularly appropriate since it's only about 1% of our population who serve in the military, guaranteeing the freedoms of the 99% who exist comfortably, noisily, and too-often ungratefully on the sidelines.

We stand in the debt of these rare heroes - not just today, but
every day. And we should thank them every chance we get...because they gave us every chance, and every choice, we get.

Currently, we see our city streets and city parks littered with inarticulate and over-privileged people who know nothing of the hardships of war, yet demand
domestic war and class warfare - notions which are actually being fomented and encouraged by Barack Hussein Obama and the Left.

disingenuous politicians have passed their budget-balancing responsibilities to a "supercommittee" which seems increasingly likely to do nothing...forcing a half-trillion dollars in cuts to the military's budget and unavoidable reductions in benefits to veterans and their families. Once again, they're the first to be put in harm's way.

Hopefully, things will be changing for the better after the next election. But for today, let's put
all politics aside and take time to honor those who have lived and died in service of our nation.

Make time to say "thank you" to the 1%.

Please follow this link to a moving collection of Veteran's Day images.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Double Header

Bonus Cartoon!

Readers- I couldn't decide between the two cartoons shown above and decided to go with both of them today because neither really requires too much in the way of editorializing.

Iran, with tremendous support from a do-nothing American president, is on the cusp of completing nuclear weapons...and quite possibly triggering a Mideast war of survival for Israel. And part of the entirely justifiable reason that Israel is feeling so desperate is that Barack Obama is now making no secret of his lack of support for our (former) ally.

All of this is huge...but the news media continues to crank out stories about Herman Cain's accusers, the unspeakable disparities in American wealth, and other blah blah blah topics.

Which leads us rather neatly into the second cartoon. The same media which is pretending to recoil in horror at the idea that Herman Cain might have made an unwanted sexual overture (and immediately took "no" for an answer, even by his accuser's shaky account) idolizes Bill Clinton as a horndog and love machine... and makes no apologies for completely ignoring the story of his accused brutal rape of Juanita Broaddrick in 1978, which was far better documented (with contemporaneous witnesses) than anything currently being said about Herman Cain.

Put these stories together and you have a perfect (and sad) microcosm of the hypocrisy and trivialization of today's "news media."

Which contributes so much, and so directly, to the hypocrisy and trivialization found in our formerly great republic.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Klaatu Baracka Nikto

The Obama administration recently set up a petition site at, so that ordinary citizens could demand answers from the government about today's most important issues...if their petition gets 25,000 signatures in 30 days.

And proving to be as good as their word, the Whitehouse has now responded to a petition which was not about out-of-control spending, the politics of division, our collapsing foreign policy, the destruction of our healthcare system, or the evaporation of the jobs market...but rather, a petition that called on the government to formally acknowledge that aliens have visited Earth and the feds have been withholding the evidence.

Unsurprisingly, the Whitehouse response boils down to "Ha, ha! There
are no aliens, no extra-terrestrial intelligences, and there is no evidence of a cover-up!"

Amusingly, this assertion comes approximately one week after Obama's Justice Department proposed a new rule which would allow the government to deny the existence of sensitive documents and
lie when making official on-the-record statements. Comfortingly, they have now decided not to implement the policy after all...and to prove it, they issued an official on-the-record statement.

is there an intergalatic cover-up going on under this administration? It would certainly help explain why the president cancelled NASA's exploration of space. And why his party so vehemently defends the rights of aliens. And why those "in the know" continue to spend money as if they knew that something was going to happen to mankind before the bills come due. Gulp...

In any event, it's good to see that the government is actually responding to those people who are energized enough to create and promote an online petition.

Which is why
Hope n' Change is planning to start one asking Barack Obama to get serious about our economy "after you've finished exploring Uranus."

If these people aren't aliens, why does the first lady have green hands?