Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Special Edition: Tony Snow

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Today (Sunday), Fox News will be honoring Tony Snow throughout the day. Tony was, and is, a hero to us here at Hope n' Change. Somehow, he faced all of the bad news in the world - and the unthinkable bad news about his own health - with unfailing optimism, intelligence and good humor. There was nothing defeatist or cynical in his entire makeup, and hearing him speak always left us feeling a bit better about the world...perhaps only because guys like Tony were in it.

Most of us can never hope to accomplish even a fraction of what Tony Snow did; but in remembering his example and emulating his courage and goodwill to the best of our abilities, we'll all be the better for the effort.

Thank you, Tony. We miss you now, more than ever.

Here's a great video that showcases Tony's eloquence, optimism, and insight:


Philip said...

Yes, Stilt. Greatly missed.

R.I.P. Tony.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Philip, I never saw Tony get angry on the air, which seemed to indicate that however bad things were, he chose not to be afraid or depressed. And by extension, it meant the rest of us could make that choice too.

There's not a news day that goes by when I don't wish he was still here, smiling and optimistic. Losing Tony when we needed him most was one of the many cruel ironies that ushered in these strange days of Hope n' Change...

Proof said...

Tony was a class act! And with a humility rarely found in either Washington or broadcasting!