Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Audacity of Soap

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To help prevent the spread of swine flu, the president has courageously come out in favor of washing your hands. He is also expected to appoint a "Soap Czar" as soon as he can find a communist that Glenn Beck hasn't heard of.


Suzy said...

Good one!!!

Just to a mom of young children I get soooo irritated at the media/CDC/government treatment of parents. Nowadays we are considered unable to make wise decisions for our kids. Not only have they taken alot of meds off the market because we are so stupid, and adding new vaccines to the list daily that we are supposed to blindly accept, and we have to sign a promise that we will not shake our newborn before we go home from the they are showing a movie in schools from the PRESIDENT about handwashing and personal responsibility? How many tax dollars did they spend to teach kids something they should have learned at home?

Vent over...but mark it down, this was only the foot in the door for government propaganda in school. Get the parents thinking its only "handwashing" and the next time will be easier...and more dangerous.

Parents...don't let the government convince you that you are too stupid to raise your kids!!! Keep your head in the game!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Suzy, thanks for your comments - very well said! The government should not be telling parents that they're too stupid to raise their own children, or telling voters that they're too stupid to realize what's good for them.

Somehow, the people who were elected to represent and serve the public have redefined their roles, and now see themselves as shepherds, and the rest of us as sheep. Which also explains why we're continually being fleeced.

Matt said...

Good one sir. I too am tired of being treated as if I'm a small, ignorant child. But then again, that's how the left views us. It's apparently a mystery that mankind survived all this time without them.