Monday, December 28, 2009

Let Them Eat Poi

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As average Americans struggle with double-digit unemployment, and the Democrats prepare to launch the most expensive (and economy-busting) legislation in a half century, Barack Obama will be vacationing in a $4000-a-day mansion in Kailua, Hawaii ("the favorite beach of Hawaiian royalty").

While in Hawaii, the president will have the opportunity to inspect the tax-supported healthcare system which has caused so many doctors to quit and move that the president of the Hawaii Medical Association likens the state's medical care to a "third world nation." Or he can inspect Hawaii's public long as he doesn't visit on a Friday - when all the schools are closed because the teacher's union gave themselves 4-day work weeks.

And of course, when in Hawaii the president can pay a ceremonial visit to the "Changing of the Guard" which protects his birth certificate. Have fun, Mr president - and don't hurry back!

"None shall pass!"
Hawaiian "Keeper of the Birth Certificate"


pookie18 said...

Good one Stilt! Will be posting it with below attachment under the title
"Click below for 0's sum game:"

pookie18 said...

Well, my above link didn't work...need to copy & paste :-(

Also, I was supposed to type "0's sum game"...other than those my comment was good ;-)

Just previewed...typed the number zero & it still comes up as the letter o...what's that all about? :-(

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Pookie18- The link was acting weird, but I eventually got to work (and see the Obama Monopoly game board). HTML is frequently as baffling to me as liberal politics.

Philip said...

Stilt - You've said :

Obama isn't saying the American people are about to get what they want...he's saying they'll get what they deserve. And he's right - if a plurality of the people vote lying scoundrels into office hoping to get something for nothing, then they deserve a government of lying scoundrels.

You know what ? That's exactly what the W-Times said too :

The polls show that Americans no longer believe the president's rhetoric over health care. The president's approval ratings continue to tank. Left, right and independent men and women are dismayed.

Only he sounds like a true believer in himself, that he's delivering what's good for us. Describing Obamacare as genuine reform, he told us that "the American people will have the [health care] they deserve." A cynic would say he's right about that.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Philip- It doesn't take a "cynic" to make that observation anymore...just a realist.