Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just Say Snow

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"Climate Change" has been cited by Barack Obama and the Democrats as the reason to enact massive new taxes which amount to a redistribution of America's wealth, as well as being the central conceit behind de facto government control of all industry via EPA regulations.

But one of the scientists at the heart of the "Climategate" scandal has recently revealed that data was hidden, altered, or destroyed...that the science behind estimations of past climate conditions is fatally flawed...that previous warming periods occurred naturally in the past...and that there has been no "statistically significant warming since 1995."

In other words, there is simply no solid science behind man-made "Climate Change," and no justification for the Democrats to seize control of our wealth and industry. It's a huge story that has been covered by FOX News and the Wall Street Journal...but not many others:

• No mention by the New York Times
• No mention by the Washington Post
• No mention by USA Today
• No mention by ANY major U.S. newspaper EXCEPT Washington Times / Wall St Journal
• No mention by the Associated Press
• No mention by Reuters
• No mention by UPI
• No mention by ABC News
• No mention by CBS News
• No mention by NBC News
• No mention by MSNBC

Apparently, the mainstream media will choose to report this important story NOT when it's cold in all 50 states...but only when it's a very cold day in Hell.


Anonymous said...

This will get interesting since the EPA wants to make new regulations regarding CO2 emissions based on this data. Texas just filed a lawsuit.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Anonymous- we applaud the stand being taken by Texas. The state is being faced with devastating fines, in no small part because they refine fuel for much of the rest of the country (for which you'd think they'd be thanked instead of punished).

Rather than accept the EPA's fiat, Texas is quite reasonably demanding solid, scientific evidence of man-caused global warming. The fact that such evidence is increasingly hard to come by should help their case immensely.

chilepepper said...

My pay hasn't increased in years, partly because the companies I drive for must pay more and more for EPA happy equipment, while regulations about hours I may work, health restrictions, and speeds allowed become more prohibitive. Add to that the fuel taxes, wheel taxes and so on, and it is amazing that trucking companies stay in business. I applaud Texas for fighting. Let's hope more do.

Buzz "Spanky" Bannister said...

That was GREAT Stilton! You are the "MD" of hilarity!

Anonymous said...

My only beef with you analysis is that the government doesn't have any "justification for the Democrats to seize control of our wealth and industry" period. Climate change or not they should not and technically cannot seize our property or industry according to the
Constitution except for very limited and explicitly stated reasons. Though, when has that stopped them before.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

nakedliberty- You're absolutely right, of course. There can be no justification for seizing our wealth and industry. So really, we're just pointing out that the lies they're using are even more transparent than usual.

Elvis "Alfalfa" Bodine said...

Stilty baby, spot on again. It is absolutely stunning how long the donks can hang on to a lie, even when that lie has been exposed for pure fraud. They just keep beating that drum and handing out more kool-aid.

I pray that the dhimmicraps keep fooking that chicken long enough for the voters to remain pissed through November. We MUST have regime change in congress.


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Elvis- helping people stay pissed through November is what we all have to work on - by continuing to expose lies and spread the word when the mainstream media won't.