Sunday, February 7, 2010

To Be or Not Tebow

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The biggest clash on Superbowl Sunday may not be between the Saints and the Colts, but between the pro-life and the pro-abortion movements.

Focus on the Family has purchased Superbowl advertising time during which Heisman trophy-winner Tim Tebow will appear with his mother who makes the wildly controversial statement that she's glad she didn't abort her son.

CBS has been fielding complaints from NOW and Planned Parenthood, who feel that either Tebow's ad shouldn't run...or equal time should be given to extolling the fast, fun, carefree lifestyle provided by abortion. After abortion. After abortion.


Suzy said...

I am a Colts, not a Saints fan...haha....but I think that its VERY fitting that a mother who had the chance to abort, and did not, had her baby grow up to be in the Super Bowl and one of the most recognizable football players this year.

Planned Parenthood should say "This team could have been in the Super Bowl this year, but 30 years ago they were all aborted. Although their moms all live with permanent scars, both physically and emotionally, at least our city doesn't have to pay for a stadium!"

TheDarkKnight said...

I definitely do not support NOW or PP but, if they would like to spend their money pushing their "choice" platform then they have a right to

Sad thing is that Tebow's mother had a choice and made it .. anyone who claims to be "pro-choice" should applaud the fact that she didn't have a decision forced upon her .. unless, of course, this really isn't about three freedcom to choose afterall

TheDarkKnight said...

"three freedom"?

Sheesh .. "the freedom"

Richard D said...

I have been appalled at the news coverage of this story. The people from Planned Parenthood and other pro-abort groups are being allowed in the interviews to call Focus On the Family "anti-choice," "unpatriotic," and "un-American." If they are allowed to define their opponents, shouldn't the other side be allowed to call them "pro-murder," "anti-family," and "selfish low-lifes"?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- You all make excellent points, and they come right to the heart of what today's cartoon is about- the media is treating a simple pro-life message as if it were some kind of declaration of hatred against women.

As TheDarkKnight points out, you can't really be "pro-choice" unless you genuinely support offering more than one choice. That should mean that both sides of the argument are presented fairly, thoughtfully, and with foremost concern about the lives (born and unborn) which will be affected.

Sadly, that's not the dialogue our media wants to have.

Suzy said...

Maybe the media should be honest here and tell us which side of this argument makes the most MONEY and that will also point to the side of the truth.

Pete(Detroit) said...

No big fan of Dobson as a rule, but this dust up just proves what a buncha jerks the 'pro abort' crowd can be...

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

It doesn't take any courage to abort a human life. However, it takes plenty of courage to choose not to do so, then go on national TV and talk about it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone could explain why the network that rejected other polically charged ads chose to run this ONE.

Pro-choice is definitively NOT equivalent to pro-abortion, free speech is definitively NOT equal to brainwashing, and capitalism is definitively not equivalent to extortion. But if you reject ads as too controversial or contrary to your policy, you must reject ALL ads contrary to your policy.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

amcit- it's pure conjecture on my part, but it seems the Tebow ad was probably approved because it didn't have any controversial content, even though everyone was expecting it.

The ad simply said that Tebow's mom had been afraid she might lose her baby (nothing controversial there), and that there was a web address where people could learn the rest of the story. So there was no actual advocacy of a position, nor indeed any mention whatsoever of abortion, pro-life, or pro-choice.

By this token, and as you point out, it certainly seems that CBS should accept ads from the pro-choice movement if (and only if) they find a similar way to sidestep controversial content.

Although it's hard to picture a commercial in which a young woman holds up an ultrasound picture of an unborn child, and says "I was afraid I might not lose my baby," followed by an announcer telling viewers where to go for "the rest of the story."