Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What's Up Doc?

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Although the Obama administration continues to fail on almost every front, they have accomplished something that previously seemed impossible: they've made conservatives downright nostalgic for the (comparatively) "good old days" of Bill Clinton.

That's why Hope n' Change is sincerely glad that Clinton is doing well after his recent surgery for blocked arteries.

Think about it: he's tirelessly working to help the people of Haiti, he actually seems to be chummier with George Bush than with Barack Obama, and it's widely believed that as long as Bill continues to draw breath, Hillary Clinton won't have a realistic shot at the Whitehouse.

Stay healthy, Mr President!


alan markus said...

When it comes to comedy, Clinton is "the gift that keeps on giving".

Pete(Detroit) said...

Somehow, I get the feeling that if O "stepped out" Michelle would actually do what Jesse Jackson said he wanted to do...

Philip said...

CNN poll: 52% say global messiah doesn’t deserve reelection

Elvis "Alfalfa" Bodine said...


What were the numbers for those that say he doesn't deserve to draw another breath?