Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wiping Out Deficits

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Although Barack Obama has killed NASA's hopes for a moon mission, he has successfully brought us a proposed budget from Mars.

The president is asking for a mind-boggling $3.8 trillion, and declaring a "budget freeze" that actually locks in current spending excesses at such ridiculous levels that economists are losing hope that America's fiscal future can ever be salvaged.

Rather than cut spending, the president is proposing higher taxes on small businesses (which will further discourage the job market), the Evil Rich, the dead (through a restored Estate Tax), and middle class working families.

Which means, of course, that no Democratic voters will be affected.


Anonymous said...

He acts like he is cutting costs by canceling the moon mission. He increased the NASA budget and changed direction to climate change you can believe in. Or better yet, develop climate propaganda you will believe in, or else.

Suzy said...

Its terrible...heard yesterday he wants to cut write offs for all charitable giving (there goes all the churches and charities that do so much for lower income people and medical research, etc). He is effectively doing EVERYTHING someone would have to do to destroy our country. Its the ultimate terrorism!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

M Conservative Operative & Suzy- Yes, Obama's "cost cutting" is a truly un-funny joke. With all the potential pork that could be cut, he instead raises taxes on charitable donations, college expenses, and even unemployment benefits.

As you point out, Suzy, the results of the president's policies are nearly indistinguishable from terrorism. Damage is damage, and we know where that road "paved with good intentions" leads.