Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Careful What You Wish For

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To show that record joblessness is really and truly on his mind, Barack Obama has announced a presidential "summit on entrepreneurship" for Muslims...not just in America, but for the entire Islamic world.

For those who lack the president's Harvard education, an "entrepreneur" is defined as "an individual who
creates and carries out a plan, assuming all risk and taking full responsibility for the consequences."

Come to think of it, there have been quite a few Islamic entrepreneurs in the
news lately, haven't there? And, apparently, there will be more to come...


drjim said...

His true colors are really starting to show these days.

Suzy said...

I'm ready for this whole race thing to be flushed down the toilet. Just came out that more minority babies will be born this year than whites....and that America will soon be a minority gee whiz...DROP the race card already, Obama.... of course being a muslim sympathizer is one of the most racist groups on the planet....wish people would SEE that.

Anonymous said...

Wow!, the news just gets weirder by the minute!

He's pretty much just what his worst critics said he was. Jobs for Muslims!, at a time when so many people are struggling. Another example of Obama giving us the finger. Time for change!