Saturday, April 17, 2010

Works Every Time

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Barack Obama has decided to kill NASA's space shuttle program, kill the moon flight program, and hire Russian rockets when we need to launch anything that Russia is okay with us launching. But to show that he's still a man of vision, the president made clear that he'd like to see mankind reach Mars by 2025.

And once there, why not try to fool the martians with the old "I've got a birth certificate but you can't see it" gag?

Oh sure, it doesn't seem like it could possibly work...but consider this: Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, an 18-year Army veteran and flight surgeon, is facing a court-martial because he wants the president to show his birth certificate. And the president won't.

If Obama simply gives permission for his birth certificate to be shown, Lt. Col. Lakin will return to Afghanistan for his second tour of duty. Where, presumably, as a flight surgeon he will affect and possibly save many lives.

But for some reason...some increasingly troubling reason...Barack Obama has decided that the deaths of a few more soldiers is a price worth paying for his personal secrecy.

Maybe it's time for NASA to turn the Hubble telescope around and start looking for intelligent life in a mainstream media that finds such a trade off acceptable.


Pete(Detroit) said...

Law Review artilcles
"Y'all don't need to see any of that"
"These aren't the documents you're looking for"
"Move along"
-- Sorry, not buying the Jihadi Mind Trix...

Anonymous said...

It's a puzzle why he won't just prove us all wrong for our questions and concerns. Some days I'm convinced he's trying to hide something about his birth; other days I wonder if he's just setting a trap, so he can one day produce something and try to make us look like fools. He's the only person who can put this issue to rest, and for some reason(s) he won't.

Suzy said...

Yeah I'm not understanding this....and the other thing that's pretty sick and wrong about all this, is that if this were a Republican, they would have gotten the courts involved and FORCED him to show it by now. But nobody seems to care since its Obama. I guess its "racist" to want to see personal information.

Lee The Voice said...

RE: Yesterday's post on Obama's Freudian slip.

The background shows the symbol of Obama's nuclear conference. I can't figure if it's the Obama "O", or a stylized star and crescent... Or maybe both. This guy has the best image PR people since Hitler.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- While the media has done a good job of sneeringly equating the term "birther" with "tin-foil hat lunatic," the fact of the matter is that Obama's birth certificate (along with virtually all other "public" documents) is under lock and key.

Seriously, what the heck kind of confirmation is it when one - count 'em - ONE official in Hawaii says "I saw it," and that's supposed to end the questions?

This doesn't smell like a "trap" (although Obama and the media have successfully turned it into one). This smells like a huge, stinky secret.

If no law can force Obama to show the birth certificate, you'd think that honor (or in this case, the career of an 18-year Army veteran, and the health of the patients he treats) would compel him to.

Suzy said...

If we have to show our birth certificate (in some cases) to get a driver's license, howcome the President doesn't have to show his to be the President?


Anonymous said...

I think the energy here is good but misplaced. Whether his BC is real or not, or whether his parents are really who he tells the media are his parents, doesn't matter at this point. He's still in the big chair and he aint getting out anytime soon unless we do something.

The first thing we need to get him out, is get rid of the democratic majority in congress. Then we can begin the impeachment process. Kick him out for his failed policy, not his birthplace.

Suzy said...

I think the point is, though, that if his birthplace is wrong, this whole Presidency thing should be null and void according to the Constitution.

At best case, he's presiding under an alias and still its worth impeachment....

I understand what you are saying though....but true, we can only fix what we CAN fix, and that happens in November.

Buzz "Spanky" Bannister said...

We knew more about the father of Sarah Palin's grandchild just two weeks after Sarah became the VP candidate than we have ever really known about Barack "Bambi" Obama.

alan markus said...

Conservatives get tagged as the "birthers", but it was supporters of Clinton who planted that first seed of doubt.

"According to Avalon, the movement started just after Clinton conceded defeat in race for the Democratic nomination:

...Starr turned her attention to Obama. "I determined that I was going to start digging up every bit of dirt that I could find on him," she told me after I hunted her down in late 2009, "and that hopefully that I would find something against him that would convince the Democratic Party to dump him and make Hillary the nominee."

In the first week of August 2008, as the Democrats were getting ready for their convention in Denver, Starr called Philadelphia attorney Philip Berg and offered a challenge. Berg recalled the conversation for me: "She called me up and said, 'Have you heard about Obama not being national born?' I said, 'Yes.' She said, 'Well, now it's for real, and you're the only attorney in the country with brass balls enough to sue Obama.' "…

On August 21, 2008, Berg filed the first Birther lawsuit, requesting an injunction to stop the Democratic Convention from going forward and alleging that Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii. He faxed notices to the DNC and Obama campaign headquarters, and the next day, he launched the Web site with Starr's assistance. The lawsuit went nowhere..."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- Really excellent posts! It's true that there's probably not much of a chance that Obama could be dragged out of office before his term runs out over the birth certificate issue; legal proceedings could take years.

Moreover, it's possible that his birth certificate doesn't show he's not a citizen, but might simply show something politically sensitive and/or embarrassing (like, very hypothetically, being the son of American communist Frank Marshall Davis).

Still, that doesn't mean we have to shut up and accept being lied to. Something is rotten in Denmark...or in this case, Hawaii.

For now, the best we can do is refuse to be silenced or shamed, and funnel our (ahem) constructive anger into political efforts to clean house in November.

Buzz "Spanky" Bannister said...

I have discovered over the years that is is not the people that threaten you that one should be concerned about, it is simply the people that DON'T. Now I in no way am 'threatening" anyone but what I am saying is there are millions of Americans that are not involved in any sort of rally, tea party or even share their feelings with their neighbors but they will vote and vote out of power the leftists in this Government. My mother, my dad, many of my friends will purse their lips or rub their cheek when they see or hear Obama and his Minions. They don't threaten to make a change...they simply do it. The silent majority sings well and they sing a song of Freedom.
Watch...and learn.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Buzz- You make an excellent point. My personal view is that the people who are motivated enough to attend Tea Parties (or, um, create blogs) will be active in helping appropriate candidates get their message out, and encouraging friends and family members to vote in November...and it is those numbers that will make the real change.