Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Surreal Estate

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Some ideas just seem bad from the moment you hear them: Auschwitz™ Extra-Crispy Gingerbread Men, Hiroshima™ Sunscreen Lotion, and New York's new Ground Zero Mosque.

And this won't be just any mosque. It will have a built-in theater ("Fahrenheit 9/11" anyone?), a swimming pool ("try the 1300 foot screaming high-dive!"), and a public basketball court which will no doubt see its first game when Barack Obama drops by for "Hoops n' Healing."

As great as all this sounds, there are some people who are concerned because the mosque will be named for Cordoba...where Islam reached a "glorious peak." And some people who don't like the idea that the money for the mosque may have come from anti-American Wahabists in Saudi Arabia (which also supplied 15 of the terrorists who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks).

And of course, there are some people who think that sad and hallowed ground should be respected by people of all faiths, including Islam, out of a simple sense of decency.


drjim said...

Yes, but radical islamists *have* no sense of decency.

Joe said...

If they approve a mosque, I want a mormon temple, a catholic cathedral and a jewish synagogue on the site as well. Our country was founded on religious tolerance. So let's be tolerant!

Suzy said...


That would be like making a car-shaped headstone with a bottle of booze carved into it on the grave of a drunken-driver victim.


Anonymous said...

It's wrong, wrong, wrong.

Chuck said...

Sense of Decency.

Mutually exclusive.

Anonymous said...


Say goodbye to America, everyone. It was worthy while it lasted.

Dr.D said...

It would make a fine demolition target for the near future, sort of a repeat performance as it were.

What a disgusting idea! Why do we not have laws to stop Arab oil money exporting izlam into the US? We should at least be able to put import duties on it, just like any other product coming in. Tax it to death.

Anonymous said...

That is so totally WRONG!!!!!!! It makes my blood boil with anger.

Suzy said...

Some are saying "freedom of religion" and while that's true....its just plain rudeness for Muslims to build a Mosque in plain view of mourners of Ground Zero...so that they have to see that every day of the rest of their lives, as if Ground Zero wasn't reminder enough.

Of all the free soil they can build the Mosque, they want to build it right near Ground Zero.

I'm thinkin' Dr. D might just have something there...

Anonymous said...

Here's what happens whenever you let tolerance & accommodation happen to a Muslim community-