Wednesday, July 14, 2010


There's good news and bad news from the NAACP convention. The good news is that the NAACP can't even remember what racism is anymore. The bad news is that hasn't stopped them from offering up a resolution attacking the Tea Party movement as "harboring racist elements that are a threat to our democracy".

Excuse us for a moment while we scream and pound our heads on the desk.


Okay, we're back now.

There has only been one incident of racial violence involving the Tea Party movement. It happened when a black man was called the "n-word" and beaten badly enough to put him in a wheelchair. But unfortunately for the NAACP's narrative, the black man was a Tea Party supporter...and the people who insulted and beat him were goons sent by the pro-democrat SEIU. The NAACP did nothing about it.

But surely the NAACP cares about issues like voter intimidation, right? For instance, the recent case in which a man shouted racial epithets and threatened voters with a nightstick at a polling place. But wait - the man, King Samir Shabazz, was a New Black Panther and despite his calls for blacks to rise up and "kill cracker babies," the NAACP sent letters to the Department of Justice to dismiss his case. Which is, in fact, what happened.

In making their false and defamatory statement against the Tea Party movement, the NAACP is not only practicing the worst kind of racial divisiveness, but also attacking the many brave, black participants in the movement and attempting to silence their voices.

We'd like to say more, but this topic leaves us sad and exhausted. So we'll just suggest that it's time for the NAACP to change their initials to WTF and call it a day.


Buzz Bannister said...


alan markus said...

I can understand why the NAACP is scared to s**t about the Tea Party.

Here is video evidence. Check this out (play it loud for effect)

Congressional Candidate LTC Allen West Speaking Before The Tea Party Fort Lauderdale July 3rd Rally

alan markus said...

Here's more video evidence. I imagine the National Organization for Women (NOW) will have to weigh in on this matter.
Cedra Crenshaw at Independence Rally July 3rd

Suzy said...

Obama has done more to foster, basically, the beginnings of a civil war in this country than any other President since THE Civil War.

Since when do governments sue states on racial grounds???? And since when is any opinion opposite to the government's opinion "racist"?


Seriously....this administration is MAKING people racist....anyone who wasn't racist before is going to be racist against somebody or something by the time this guy gets out of office.

Joaquin said...

When in doubt...............drop the race card!

Spinelessobama said...


You are so right about the race card. It makes no difference as what happens the race card is always played. obama plays it all the time, but it is OK for him to call a white cop stupid. I am sick and tired of these games. They keep race issues stirred up to get the focus off of what they are really doing and that is screwing the hell out of hard working Americans.

TheDarkKnight said...

alan -

Thanks for video on Cedra .. if I lived a little west of where I do (in Illinois) I'd be giving her a serious look .. as it is all I can do is provide support to her campaign to be sure the Chicago "Machine" doesn't do to her what they did to Barry Soetero's candidates the first time HE ran for IL-State Senate

fred said...

The word racist" is code for trying to take away,OUR BENEFITS!This in itself,kills any credibility that they might have.It is also compounded by a white house that also tries to use race as a weapon.This is the direct result of electing jesse jackson,in slicker packaging!

alan markus said...

Suzy said:
"Seriously....this administration is MAKING people racist....anyone who wasn't racist before is going to be racist against somebody or something by the time this guy gets out of office"

So true - I grew up during the Civil Rights era & the race riots - we were taught valuable lessons about prejudice and tolerance and injustice, which I think served our generation quite well. Obama ran on his "blackness" (50%) & got elected, no doubt with help from white voters. The Real Clear Politics "President Obama Job Approval" chart shows that at the beginning (1/27/09) his approval was as high as 65%. That means a hell of a lot of people saw potential in him that transcended race.

To tell you the truth, I am mortified that these types of discussions are taking place in this day and age - would have never seen this coming.

Bottomline, Obama has really screwed the pooch on racial relations - too bad for future black politicians - this is really going to hurt in the long run. A real genuine competent leader would be making efforts to facilitate racial harmony at times like this, not sit by passively and let this happen.

Either Obama is the biggest fool to ever grace the Oval Office, or else he is so narcissistic that not only does he want to be the first African-American president in history, he wants to be the only one in history.

Sorry for the diatribe - I know we like to keep things short & sweet here, like a 3-panel cartoon.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

The good news is that the NAACP can't even remember what racism is anymore.

Stilton, Stilton, Stilton! It is abundantly clear - CRYSTAL clear - that the NAACP knows what racism is. They have refined racism to the most powerful tool in their kit, and wield it more effectively as a weapon than any other racist organization I've ever encountered.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

alan markus- Great post, and not a "diatribe" in the least. You've hit on exactly the point that is most frustrating to me (and many people of our age), which is that we were present for the momentous days of Martin Luther King Jr and civil rights legislation, but have subsequently seen the damage caused to black Americans by catastrophic governmental policies.

And now we have Barack Obama, Jeremiah Wright, the NAACP, Jesse Jackson and others of their ilk inciting hatred and damaging race relations solely to foster their own political power.

They're throwing Rosa Parks under the bus.

Anonymous said...

Anymore, racism means not accepting that minorities, especially blacks, are victims. If we expect them to have self esteem, take personal responsibility for their own livelihood and to stop being dependent upon the hard working taxpayers of this country, we are racist. Its not that we treat them differently than people of our own race, its that we want to treat them as equals that gets us the racist label. The leaders of the black community would have no power if those they claim to represent did not believe the the lie that they are victims and oppressed. The only people oppressing the black community are it's leaders.

pryorguy said...

Seems to me a real racist is someone who is a member of the so-called race being discriminated against, railing against other races for their so-called 'discrimination'against them, when it usually doesnt exist. Truth is, I think, is political expediency, trying to get something go your way, and if the race card works, use it.

Another thought, and this is NOT racist or sexist...can we really have a president other than a white male? I mean, we can beat up on a white man all day long and who cares? Just try that on a woman or black man. Or how about a black WOMAN president???? holy mackeral.!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- A lot of good and thoughtful comments here. I was particularly struck by a point made by nakedliberty (2 messages above): Its not that we treat them differently than people of our own race, its that we want to treat them as equals that gets us the racist label.

That is profound and entirely accurate. If I attack the policies of Barack Obama, it is precisely because I am judging him by the content of his character rather than the color of his skin. That doesn't make me a racist - that makes me an unapologetic proponent of MLK Jr.

Liberals, of all colors, act like the "Good Massahs" taking benevolent care of people who can't care for themselves. But you can't be a "Massah" of any kind without keeping people in slavery...which is exactly what they're doing. And now the NAACP has added another link to those chains.

Jim said...

It appears that since I not only oppose Hussein Obama (for his ideas not his skin color)but also rampant and unfettered illegal immigration I am apparently the worst kid of racist in the minds of these people. Well you know something, if standing up FOR Conservatism, patriotism, the rule of law, and freedom and standing AGAINST Marxism, socialism, liberalism, and law breaking makes me a racist, THEN SO BE IT. I will wear the label proudly and with honor.

Jim said...

I wholeheartedly embrace the ideas of hope and change. I HOPE to God we CHANGE presidents in 2012!!

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy if we CHANGE Congress in 2010....

Anonymous said...

Because I disagree with someone of a different color or ethnic background does not make me any more racist than the person whom is disagreeing with me at the time. Maybe everyone should start playing the race card when someone of a different color or ethnic backgrounds disagress with us. Lets see how they like it! "If the shoe fits you gotta wear it."