Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Veil of a Party

Before leaving for his latest round of vacations and golf, Barack Hussein Obama hosted his "Iftar" annual Ramadan dinner at the Whitehouse on Friday night.

Although the alleged president has had nothing to say about the Ground Zero mosque controversy, he was positively effusive in his enthusiasm for all things Islamic, saying: "Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity and racial equality...a reminder that Islam has always been part of America and that American Muslims have made extraordinary contributions to our country."

Which would have been an acceptable time to shut up, but the man who stresses "Muslim outreach" over bipartisan outreach, conservative outreach, Christian outreach, Jewish outreach, or
taxpayer outreach had lots more to say.

His Iftar dinner "reminds us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam's role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings."

Except women. And gays. And infidels.

Let's be clear: Barack Hussein Obama is not the first president to host an observance of Ramadan in the Whitehouse, nor is it inappropriate to do so. But considering that this president has never shown anything other than cold-blooded boredom and ennui about anything remotely connected to traditional American values, we're getting sick of his effusive praise of Islam.

Frankly, mister president, we don't give a Ramadamn.

EMERGENCY UPDATE: After previously refusing to give the American people an opinion on the Ground Zero mosque, Barack Hussein Obama chose his Ramadan Iftar dinner to announce to the assembled Islamic guests that he fully supports the building of a mega-mosque at the site of the 9/11 attacks.

We cannot say with any certainty that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim and, in fact, we find it hard to believe that he could possibly worship anything more than himself.

But we can now say with absolute certainty that the stranger in the Whitehouse loves Islam far more than he loves or respects America or Americans.




Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- I'm just an old, pissed-off cartoonist. For brilliant commentary about the Ground Zero mosque, please read this
outstanding piece by Charles Krauthammer (which was written before Obama's announcement).

Quite Rightly said...

Hey Stilton! Great insights every day.

My thought: It doesn't make sense that El-Bloomberg and his ACORN hacks would have backed this mosque in the face of an angry New York and angry USA without the express approval of (or was it demand by) Obama right from Day 1.

Anonymous said...

I call again for a celebration of our religious tolerance and open, inclusive society by asking all artists to help "decorate" the site of the new mosque (if construction begins) by drawing reverent images from all religions. Be sure to include the prophet Mohammad who surely wants this mosque built. Have lots of smiley faces.

Suzy said...

I read that article on Fox before bed last night and I was just so upset about it...and I know you can't really say it, just to be nice, but I don't have to be nice...and without a doubt, we have a Muslim President. Who would have imagined, on 9/11, how quickly the terrorists would win such a victory. *sniff*

(Again I'm all for religious freedom as I am "religious" but the Constitutional rights give us freedom to practice our religion...and that we will not be barred from practicing does NOT give freedom to build a church on any square inch of property our little hearts desire. Just ask zoning...many churches have big problems building their buildings simply due to local zoning laws. Due to that reason alone I can say that the Muslims have NO RIGHT to build where a large percentage of the entire COUNTRY does not want it built.)

Next thing you know a Mosque will be built right next door to the Pentagon...with Obama's approval, but of course....

alan markus said...

Don't know if anyone here follows Riehl World View, but there is something right on in this post he put up last night:

"Watch him at about 10 seconds into this CBS circulated video of him supporting the Ground Zero mosque - when he says "as everyone else." It's the disdain in his voice, regardless of the issue. That is the sign of a person people don't like. And he makes it clear he does not like anyone that disagrees with him. It's a personality trait we never saw during the campaign, one that I think ruins his chances of ever connecting with enough Americans to win a national election, again. added - He just doesn't seem to wear the office well, imo. There's a smallness in him that one can sense."

Video: Obama's People Problem

Suzy said...

I don't know Alan...there was a snideness in his voice during the campaign too...but he tried to hide it...when he would debate with McCain (who I'm not a huge fan of but obviously he would have been an improvement over what we have now) he would have to work really hard to keep himself from sneering. Nobody wanted to notice though, or recognize him for what he really was.

alan markus said...

Suzy - you are right about that - but I imagine anyone swooning over Obama would have seen that as a "plus" as his target was McCain. Don't know if any of those people are smart enough now to figure out that at times they themselves have become the target.

What I remember from those debates (and I'm not good at reading body language) is the way McCain shoulders would kind of rise up when Obama was doing that - he looked like a rocket starting to lift off, and then being pulled back to the ground. To me, it seemed like McCain was doing everything he could do to not show anger (although anger would have been justifiable) and/or react in a way that could be perceived as beating up on the "annointed one" or god forbid, being a racist. My perception was that McCain was very "stifled" during the debates, and his exasperation at that was showing.

I do look forward to that time (hopefully within 2 years, not 6 years) when Obama no longer has the shield of being President to protect him from "real" questions being asked about him.

Bobo said...

I call on all true-blooded American individuals, unions, tradesmen, craftsmen, contractors, vendors, suppliers to protest, boycott and refuse to particiapte or support the construction of a mosque anywhere near ground zero, or for that matter, anywhere in the city of New York.

The building of a mosque in NYC should be reprehensible to the senses to all free-thinking men, women, children of America.

For that matter, becuase of what I have seen and read about the Muslims I think we shouldn't allow them to build a mosque anywhere in the United States. Their stated purpose is to take over the world and apply their beliefs and ideals to all aspects of peoples lives. Do we really want to live under Islamic law and its barbaric principles of discipline? Freedom of Religion guarantees my having the right to practice, or not practice, the religion I choose, and that includes not having to follow Mohammed.

Islam is EVIL. Deep down in their heart of hearts, I believe all muslims, if they follow the exact words of the Quo'an, are EVIL and want to destroy all other religions and beliefs and replace them with Islamic teachings and practices.

I am not a bigot, racist or any other name someone might what to label me. If someone doesn't like what I have to say about Islam, I tell them to read the history of Islam and their barbaric treatment of their own women, children, non-belivers, infidels, christians, jews and all others who are not muslim. And, yes other religions have presecuted those not of their faith, but nothing, I repeat, NOTHING to the likes of Islam.

pryorguy said...

If only, if only more people would see what is right before our eyes....Obama IS muslim, or he's got to be the top American sympathizer to the muslim religion.

alan, during the 2008 campaign, I waited, and WAITED, AND WAITED for McCain to open up on Obama in his debates! He never did, shows his civility and good taste, BUT....if even an old warhorse like McCain is affected by political correctness that he is afraid to speak plainly to obvious B.S., its shows why most leaders younger than McCain's generation CANNOT stand up and RENOUNCE and FORBID, in the name of the American people, an AFFRONT to the dignity and good sense of all Americans! GOD HELP US!!!

pryorguy said...

Guess I wasnt thru ranting, but my blood is boiling!

I dont know if Obama is"legally" an American or not, BUT....ANYONE who wants to run this country into the ground by destroying its economy, weakening its military, and generally doing anything and everything detrimental to the security and soverenty of this nation...whether they were born 'legally' an american....IS NOT AN AMERICAN IN MY BOOK! That goes for everyone in the present administration who is sold out to this agenda, or doesnt have the guts, balls, or LOVE for their country to denounce all this unamerican policy that they are shoving down our throats!!!

Hang onto your jobs, you lame-minded politicians,its gonna be your legacy, a shameful one at that...time will prove it out!!!

Front Woodsman said...

Have to say it was nice of Hussein to finally confirm his utter disdain for all Americans who happen not to be Muslims. And just in time for any Republican with any cojones whatsoever to start doing ads ponting out how hateful this character is and how necessary it is to excise him and all his fellow travelers from the fabric of our government, as you would have a surgeon excise a melanoma from your own skin. Hussein and his ilk are a CANCER on the body politic, and they all need to be cut away and flushed down the sewer at the earliest possible moment. As to the GZ Mosque, if the construction trades people in New York are still as patriotic as they were during the "Peace" demonstrations long ago, wearing their American Flag hardhats to work every day, I'm hopeful they take a stance again against letting one piece of ironwork, one brick, or one cupful of concrete make it to that site. New York is a Union town of the very strongest left here, and we can only hope that the Union workers who run every construction project in the city will let Hussein and Ali Bin Bloomberg know that their elitist view of the world is NOT the majority view and we won't tolerate this latest OBOMINATION be built on the very gravesite of the 911 attack. Ali Bin Bloomberg is no friend to the NYC police either, cutting back on them and on firefighters while bankrupting the city pursuing an anti-gun agenda also contrary to the wishes of the citizens, so I'm hopeful they will also prove to be unhelpful as security for the project. Big question is why neither of thes morons could not simply say, "Gee love the Mosque Idea, but wouldn't you really rather build it down along the Jersey Shore, just to avoid pissing off about 20 million New Yorkers? Going to be tough doing that daily call to prayers thing with a couple thousand NYC Cabbies honking their horns every time you guys start with that..... Not to mention all the new gay bars and the porkrind and pulled pork barbecue vendors popping up all around you... How is it that these folks insist on going where they're not going to be welcome? A little lack of tolerance for the views of the rest of us, or maybe just a total "screw the infidels, they are as nothing to the children of Allah" kinda thing? I hope this newest atrocity marks the end of Obama in this Country. Even the worst of the koolaid drinkers have to wake up now, right?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- It would be great if this incident could mark "the beginning of the end" for Obama, but he's already started backpedaling and claiming that he has not voiced an opinion on the mosque. So - will the mainstream media assist him one more time in rewriting the recent past, or will he finally be forced to answer for his anti-American views?

moronpolitics said...

I cannot express my contempt for this thing the American people elected President. He couldn't stand to be in the Whitehouse for the Easter observances even though they are purged of all religious content. Same story on the "Holiday
Tree" -- Can't have one. PLEASE don't fall for the crap about he held a seder dinner too. He doesn't claim to be Jewish, but Rahm Immanual does, much to his mother's shame. feel free pryorguy to rant over at my place. lots of room. moron.

Roy Stewart said...

Quit Complaining and START Campaigning:
Make 'o' a 'half-term' pres!
Fire the WDC 'Aristocracy', or accept the fact that "We The People", will continue as 'Serfs' to those elected to Represent US!
Quit Complaining and START Campaigning:
Out with 'o'! Out with WDC!

Roy Stewart,
Phoenix AZ
P.S. The Internet is a marvelous instrument!
Please 'Campaign' via the Internet!
"We The People" Are The USA;
Assert Yourselves America!
or continue to live in Slavery!

Anonymous said...

We are entering truly surreal territory here. If I wasn't living through it, I'd say it was all blown out of proportion in not outright lies. I was willing to give BHO the benefit of the doubt back in 2008. Not that I agreed with his politics or was ever going to vote for him, but I was willing to see what he would do after he was elected do before I made up my mind. In 2009, I was wondering if he and his cronys were amateurs, stupid or really the evil SOB's they appeared to be. In 2010 it is clear. They are the evil SOB's. The have power and they are going use every once of it to push their agenda, even if it means losing congress in 2010 and the White House is 2012. Even if they lose Congress, I think BHO will do everything in his power effect his brand of change, including the courts, executive orders and any other Presidential he can find or make up. America and our liberties will be put through the ringer over the next three years no matter what happens in November.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a Muslin Traitor Period.

Anonymous said...

Of all the grounds and places to build a mosque this is not the place nor time for that to be built there.
Freedom of religion is one thing but this is a mockery of our loved ones that died on 9/11 as well as an insult to the American People. I can't tell you how angry I am about this one.
President or no president he is dispicable and needs to be removed from office---now. How dare him push his religion in our face. I HAVE A GOD and I don't need his or what he believes in.