Friday, September 17, 2010

Tea for Tuesday

Following the recent round of primary elections, the mainstream news media is showing increasing signs of panic about the Tea Party movement.

On the CBS Evening News, a petulant Katie Couric declared that the success of Tea Party-friendly candidates showed that "American voters are in one angry mood," even though the network's own poll showed that twice as many voters were "dissatisfied but not angry."

Meanwhile, MSNBC's Chris Matthews has started comparing the Democrats' situation in Washington to that of the Titanic, saying "The boat is sinking. The establishment is sinking."

Matthews, who famously observed that the sound of Barack Obama's voice gave him "tingles," is now discovering that it also tingles when the oblivious captain and crew of your ship rams an iceberg at full speed, and you're plunged into freezing and unforgiving waters.

Might we suggest a nice hot cup of tea?



Pete(Detroit) said...

Wannnn - wanahhhh (sound of loser horn)
Sorry, y'all, but you've gone and managed to piss a bunch of us off.
I mean REALLY piss us off.
Guess what? You kick us in the head long enough, hard enough, we actually wake up!
And, note to the GOP "Powers that be" WE are the "Power that IS" Get USED to it. We're effing tired of a choice b/n Democrat, and Democrat Lite!
Give us a REAL choice, or stand w/ VP "Bite Me".
Nuff said?

anombrerose said...


A home run! Just Fabulous - just my cup of tea!

- Rose

Erik said...

God, I hope the Tea Party wins. We don't have a future if they don't.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Oh, I think they'll win. I just hope they're real. If not, as The Who famously said in song: "We won't be fooled again!"

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Waiting for the in-depth analysis of the source of our "anger" and how this regime has run the economy into the toilet (even given G.W.'s quick march head start).
Waiting....still waiting...any minute now...

Spinelessobama said...

obama called the Tea Party tea baggers, someone who rests their testicles on another person face, while they are asleep/passed out. This is what obama thinks about someone who dissagrees with him. Can't wait to see his ass get kicked in the election coming up. I know he still will be in office but he will be a limp noodle.

Buzz Bannister said...

What Erik said!

AngieComics said...

To Emmentaler Limburger:

During the Obama / McCain campaign, I saw some graffiti on a wall saying "Bush=McCain: We won't get fooled again!"

I wanted to write under it:
"Bush-> Obama: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!"

Tea = real Hope 'n Change
& Hope 'N Change = great comic!

Larry Sheldon said...

Sorry to ....what's the phrase? kill the buzz?

First Great Rule: MSNBC in general and Chrissy Mathews NEVER get it.

Second Great Rule: If the First Great Rule seems to be being violated, check your work carefully. You have missed something important. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Philip said...

Tea Party comes to Australia

pryorguy said...


Quite Rightly said...

Every morning, another great comic.

Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Anonymous said...


drjim said...

45 days and counting!

pryorguy said...

My gosh, leave it to the GOP to start division within its ranks this close to an election!

alan markus said...

Speaking of the Titanic, this post has a great graphic - could have been inspired by Stilton, I think it's that good:
B-Day is Coming

You can save it to your computer by right-clicking it and selecting "Save Picture as...". I know I'll be spreading it around.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- Thanks for the nice comments!