Monday, September 13, 2010

Your Move

All's well that ends well. Over the weekend, pastor Terry Jones decided not to have a Koran bonfire, and his congregation presumably made rice krispie treats for the homeless out of all the marshmallows they'd planned to toast.

Similarly, "Ground Zero mosque" proponent Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf conceded that "If I knew that this would cause this kind of pain, I wouldn’t have done it.” So he's going to move the mosque, right? Right...?

Unfortunately, he says he
can't move the proposed project now because "the headlines in the Muslim world will be that Islam is under attack… (there’s) the danger of the radicals in the Muslim world to our national security, to the national security of our troops.” He further explained "If we don't handle this crisis correctly it could become something which could really become very, very, very dangerous indeed.”

Hope n' Change would like to give some free public relations advice to Imam Rauf. If you really want to build a mosque to help heal the wounds of the
last 9/11... don't do it by threatening us with the next 9/11.

Oh, have another. Maybe you DON'T have diabetes.


Anonymous said...

All hail the religion of peace!

anombrerose said...

Yes, the religion of peace dismissed from their prayers for peace instantly thousands of them poured into the street and rioted, burned buildings, and committed lots of gross violence upon others, yesterday in India.


Dhimmi isn't any safer than burning korans.

I have nothing civilized to say. Whatsoever.

- Rose

Anonymous said...

Let them build it, then have the Koran bonfire in the middle of the new mosque. Kill two birds with one stone that way.

Anonymous said...

Since when do we care about who we offend and who cares. The Muslims don't run America and neither does any other country as far as I'm concerned. The rest of the world can disppaer tomorrow and I wouldn't miss them at all. If the muslims don't like us tell the idiots to stay out of america and move their butts back where they came from. Get the enemy off our soil.

Erik said...

What's most revealing about this situation is where the liberals are standing: normally, whenever anyone is offended (at the sight of a working white man, for example) liberals foam at the mouth crying for tolerance & acceptance of a victim's 'right' not to be offended e.g. a crucifix in a jar of urine (shame on me, a Christian, for not wanting to see my God submerged under human waste); however, despite 70% of the nation being against it, liberals are on the side of the mosque, saying that people who are offended are bigots!! This proves that liberals hate America & they hate freedom, because the flip side of freedom is responsibility, which liberals, being innately children and impervious to maturation, despise and shirk away from.

Moreover, this finally proves why liberals love Islam so much. Islam is inherently collectivistic. I hate sharia law because it treats people as groups, not individuals. Liberals hate Christianity because we have confessionals, which require an adult, objective reckoning of one's own behavior; Jesus said take up YOUR cross, not take up the cross of perceived victimized groups. They hate Judaism because they hate the Law, which, again, requires responsibility; in fact, they seem to disregard all laws. They love Islam because it tells the Muslim what to do & when to do it. Liberals are pampered children who would be the first to die in a hunter-gatherer society. They act as if only liberals can empathize, but I have yet to see liberals doing anything other than shoving their repugnant ideologies down the throats of successful people.

God, I needed to get that off my chest!

Chuck said...

Let me see if I get it:
Building a Mosque near ground zero - First Amendment important and anyone against the mosque is un-American (even though no one at all is questioning their right to build their mosque, only the wisdom of it).
A small (<50 person) fringe church wants to burn the Koran – First Amendment not important and anyone who disagrees is un-American.

AND, to top it off, we are now told that the mosque must be built or we will suffer the consequences of the “religion of peace”. But, Islam is misunderstood by the masses and the hysteria, hatred and fear-mongering of the lunatic right is the real problem. Islam preaches peace and there is no room in it for violence. So, the riots that took place (because they didn’t get the word that the burning was off) were a figment of our collective imagination then?

And one more thing: how did this Koran burning story involving a couple dozen people in a small Florida town become world news and get the personal attention of everyone up to and including the President? This was purely a media generated crisis, and they are wholly responsible for any and all violence that has erupted as a consequence … whether they accept that responsibility or not (hint … they choose “not”).

The left is wholly comprised of capitol "H" Hypocrites! Or am I missing something?

Suzy said...

So they are saying as large as the outcry was against burning Korans....that is how large the agreement should be for building the mosque near Ground Zero.

Got it.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Islam: The religion of pieces...of bodies...still being found at ground zero.
But we are the haters because we don't want their victory mosque built there. Amazing.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- Good and interesting comments across the board. It's interesting the Imam Rauf is essentially conceding that at any given time, there is a statistically dangerous number of radical Muslims who are intent on causing our deaths. He also states that moving the mosque - even if he did it by his own choice, and to show sensitivity - would incite violence because it would be "reported" to be an attack on Islam...even though it wouldn't be true.

In other words, it's not even what we do that can cause Islamic's what they report, whether it's true or not.

Which is dangerous precedent: if the penalty is the same whether we do what is right or wrong (in the eyes of Islam), what is the incentive for us to even try to get along?

pryorguy said...

Hey Erik....right on, buddy...I think there are too many definiitions of what 'love' and 'peace'is in this world. And 'personal responsibility'? What a foreign concept nowdays!

Buzz Bannister said...

Somehow it seems if you are not a dangerous-angry Muslim then you're not doing it right.

Anonymous said...

Imam Rauf is making unVEILED threats. This is the same tactic used by unions and Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson types: do what we want or there will be riots (blood) in the street. Except this is on a much larger scale and we know he is referring to unrest on the Muslim "street" with potential violence all over the world. Question. How did he come by this sudden awareness that there are Muslims capable of violence? Is he finding he can't raise money in the Middle East UNLESS the Cordoba Center is built where it's proposed? Even if this center gets moved, I will never believe Rauf intended it to be a center of tolerance and healing. Rauf is a world class bully and international hypocrite. He is not a good man.

Anonymous said...

One other point. Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson bullying works because there is still significant white shame over slavery and CEOs must be PC. The whole mosque thing backfired because most average Americans (i.e. not part of the media/political/educational elite) have zero shame over the fact that most Islam-majority countries never left the Dark Ages. And they feel no guilt over defending our country against Islamic terrorists.

TheOldMan said...

I really don't see this as a 1st Amendment issue. It's a property rights issue, same as burning books. If they have the property rights to build, let them. If the fellow in FL has the property rights to the korans he was going to burn, let him. Neither of these two situations have anything to do with religion. Having the right to do something is not the same as having the wisdom to determine if doing so is the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Let's review:

Burn a Quran: Muslims world-wide are incited to kill Westerners.

Move the Cordoba Mosque away from the site of 9/11: Muslims world-wide are incited to kill Westerners.

Leaves in New England begin to change color and fall: Muslims world-wide are incited to kill Westerners.

See the pattern? Exactly. There is none. Can you put your finger on any specific thing that drove Muslims to murder (sometimes labeled as "terrorism") prior to 9/11? No. Our existence is all the motive needed.

The Quran instructs followers of Allah to convert or kill infidels during their invasion of new lands. Muslims have used the ways and means of the times to carry out that directive since the 9th century. Allah has not sent down new orders to change that scenario.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Anonymous (three above)- That's an interesting point that we haven't heard made before: Americans don't suffer from "Muslim guilt" because they don't believe they've oppressed or injured Muslims...and as such, the well-practiced guilt trips which have worked so well for Jackson and Sharpton (and, without doubt, elected the current president) simply won't work.

Colby_Muenster said...


You hit the nail on the head. Muslim extremists no more need a reason to kill us that the McKenzie brothers need a reason to drink beer. "Hey! It's Tuesday, lets go kill some infidels / drink some beer!

The Bin Laden types are going to find any way they can to attack us, so let's do what we know is right and stop trying to appease the bastards.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

I have oft repeated and still contend that Obama drained the well of white guilt in 2008. He will try to draw from that well again in 2012 (that's why he's actively hushing the voices of reparations for now; to keep from really pissing us off) but he will find that well bone dry anyway. The only white guilt he will find is among those liberals who would vote for him regardless.

Anonymous said...

Angry Hoosier. I agree that there is a lot less white guilt (especially thanks to our alleged post-racial president.) But I fear that white "blame" has become institutionalized in our education and political systems and the culture at large. It can take many years of work and tax paying in the real world to overcome this brainwashing. I'm afraid it took me thirty years of my adult life. Sigh.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Yes, the blame game is alive and well and the liberals are winning. But that is half of the game. The other half is to have a group that accepts the blame and is willing to act against their best interest because of it. As more decades pass since the end of slavery and the institution of legal protections for all Americans, I think the acceptance of blame is not quite so automatic. We are becoming more aware of how stupid and pointless it is to accept blame for people we never knew on behalf of victims long dead. It helps that the purveyors of that guilt trip are slime-soaked, scum-sucking, race-baiting poverty pimps like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama and the (mostly racist) liberal elites. I have no problem telling that crowd what they can do to themselves, and the horses they rode in on.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, greentangent and Colby_Meunster, but I see a pattern: anything happens, Muslims world wide are incited to kill Westerners. NOTHING happens, Muslims world wide are incited to kill Westerners. The pattern? Muslims world wide want to kill Westerners and will do so upon the slightest provocation--in fact, no provocation is necessary. That's the "pattern" of the religion of peace.

Anonymous said...

Angry Hoosier. I hope you realize I agree with you. (I was born a Hoosier in South Bend, but insulated from reality in Bloomington.) On a different tangent, I'm really proud of Americans. Where was the rioting in the streets after 9-ll? There was NONE! Has NEVER been any! Have people noticed that 9-11 didn't get fractious until Obama took office?

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

South Bend hasn't changed that much. Still run by Democrats and still deteriorating. They're tearing down all the old, rotting Studebaker buildings, but there's nothing to replace them but empty lots and grand promises. South Bend shrinks while Mishawaka grows. What's the difference. Mishawaka is run by Republicans. Even the South Bend Tribune is shrinking the size of the newspaper, literally. You can hardly read the Sunday comics without a magnifier. At least we have a nice, (relatively) new, grossly overpriced jail to house the marked increase in felons. Yippee.