Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lincoln the Dots

Back when candidate Barack Obama promised that America, under his presidency, would no longer be comprised of "red states" and "blue states," we had no idea that he only meant his preferred color scheme would be blue and grey.

But the increasingly desperate president is now hitting the campaign trail and claiming that his policies haven't failed...they just haven't had time to work. And in his words, "it took time to free the slaves!"

The line was a big hit with an audience of history-deprived college kids, many of whom are under the vague impression that slavery ended about 25 years ago (why else do people keep talking about it?). But for those with longer memories, Obama's anti-slavery stance is a bit harder to swallow.

Consider that the president's party just tacitly enacted the largest tax hike in history by fleeing Washington without a vote on extending the Bush tax cuts. And taxes are the fruits and benefits of an individual's labor being taken force, if necessary. Which sounds just a bit like slavery.

And the president has boldly kept our southern borders open to make sure that wealthy landowners have a steady stream of underpaid people of color to pick crops by hand. Hardly the work of the next Great Emancipator.

Rather, Obama's main goal in invoking slavery is to call up stereotyped images of wealthy white oppressors who are keeping everyone else down. And in this way, he is actually inciting class warfare and adding to (in the words of Jimmy Carter) "the most polarized situation in Washington (since) the initiation of war between the states." Or, as history books might someday call it, "Civil War I."

Which is why we're grateful that, for Barack Obama's selfish and destructive agenda, time is running out.



Buzz Bannister said...

Amazing, when I heard that this idiot said that the first thing that popped into my noggin was "Cold Harbor"

Philip said...

Dear Stilt (and readers),

If you're interested, here is the report you can download :

Obama Eligibility Primer

Philip said...

I forgot. If you are interested to see the movie, here is the link :

Philip said...

Oops, my mistake. The good link :

A Question of Eligibility

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Philip- Thanks for the links. We're checking it out!

John the Econ said...

Since our President and Congress have openly asserted that it's their responsibility to take the fruits of my labors and redistribute them to themselves and the people who support them, at exactly what point should I consider myself a "slave"? When my federal, state & local tax burden is over 50%? Because by the end of next year I think we will clearly be at that point.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

John the Econ- Percentages are so cold and hard for people to what if we simply rephrased things in such a way that people were forced to work 6 months of the year for the government, with nothing in return. Would that be slavery? Would it be slavery if if was required only of certain people, or enforced unequally based on race?

Cartoonist Michael Ramirez (my personal favorite) had the best take on Obama's preposterous statement. In his cartoon today, he had the president saying "It took time to free the it will take time to make people slaves again."

moronpolitics said...

Think. Have you ever heard a Black American Politician or "Leader" use the expression "Free the Slaves"?? They usually say it took a long time to "get our freedom", "Win our freedom", "Get Free", "Break the chains of slavery" or SOMETHING that indicates their real first person feeling of having been oppressed/enslaved etc. Of course, if your mother was white and your father was a descendant of the West Coast Moslem Blacks who by trading with the Moslem slavemasters of the African Continent or by themselves raiding, capturing and selling into slavery other African had their only relationship to slaves and slavery one of THEM, not US being the slaves... Well then you would talk like that. Or should I say "read".