Sunday, February 27, 2011

HnC Vault: Deafening Silence

Readers- Having perhaps underestimated my OCD and need to post daily, I'm going to try posting cartoons from the "Hope n' Change Vault" on weekends, selecting cartoons that are in some way relevant to today's news and adding a quick bit of perspective from the present. Let me know what you think!

Deafening Silence - Sept 7, 2009

The Lockerbie bomber blew Pan Am flight 103 out of the sky, killing 270 innocent people including 189 US citizens -
the most deadly attack on Americans prior to 9/11. Now, after serving a prison term of less than two weeks per victim, the U.K. has released the bomber to a hero's welcome in return for a better deal on oil.

Now, we've learned that
president Obama was kept fully informed of the exchange before it happened, and did nothing to stop it.

president has made it clear that, in his mind, there is no war on terror...and that no terrorist should be made to feel fear or lasting discomfort.

didn't specifically say that terrorists should enjoy hero's welcomes and parades. But he has made it possible.

A shattered aircraft...a smoldering crater...and a terrorist's welcome into the new world of Hope and Change
Feb 26, 2011 Update: The Lockerbie bomber is still alive, we now know that Muammar Gaddafi personally ordered the bombing, that Gaddafi has since praised Obama as being good news for the Muslim world and, even with Gaddafi having protestors by the hundreds murdered in the streets of Libya, Barack Hussein Obama has not used the dictator's name when assigning blame for the violence.



JustaJeepGuy said...

I've never been known as a supporter of Baracky Fife, but I have read that a letter was sent that fairly strongly disapproved of the release of the murdering terrorist. Of course, Baracky himself could have taken a real stand and vociferously, publicly denounced the release deal. Pigs could fly first, though. Also, Baracky has apparently determined which way the wind is blowing in Libya and has spoken against Gaddafi. Not strongly, but still...

Mondo said...

I think the vault idea is a great one.

Especially for those of us who didn't stumble onto HnC until after the summer of 2010.

The look back with an Updated perspective is also a good idea.

...just my 2 cents.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Mondo - they're all available, see sidebar links. Takes time to "catch up" but it's well worth it.

InRe the President, and Mommar... gotta wonder if they were 'sharing' that all girl body guard squad he has - some of them are pretty hot!

Chuck said...

Stilton: Great idea!

Rich B. said...

Good idea to take a look back now and then. But still looking forward to the new entries as well!

CT Yankee said...

I don't think you should post your archived pieces here; I think you should post them on billboards from coast to coast so the rest of the country can wake up.

Jim Hlavac said...

Oh yes, take a weekend break. If the president only works three or four days a week, I'm sure we can survive with you at the desk for just five days. The world will still be going to hell in a handbasket on Monday too. Even the crazed Muslims bent on blowing things up to destroy rational civilization and to get their 72 virgins seem to take Friday & Saturday off. Why, even we gay folks take a weekend break from our "agenda of destroying family & civilization." It's exhausting! :) Those of us here in Louisiana are even taking the next 10 days off -- it's Mardi Gras!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

JustAJeepGuy- I also read that Obama has finally spoken Gaddafi's name in a negative way and said "he's got to go," but it was in a private phonecall... not a public address.

pryorguy said...

I remember that cartoon, did not realize I had been coming to your site this long! Time flies when youre having fun! THanks again! A very practical and to the point place to stay on top of the hottest stories of the day and how they relate to our pathetic president! (only for another year or so anyway hopefully)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

pryorguy- And don't forget that you can do keyword searches in the archives section. It's a good way for people to see what Hope n' Change was saying as much as two years ago, and if we were not only right, but successful at predicting the future (hint: unfortunately, we were completely accurate).