Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Diploma Sí

On Monday, the Supreme Court upheld a California law that gives the children of illegal immigrants huge college tuition discounts, while denying those savings to those filthy rotten young good-for-nothing citizens who come from out-of-state.

Those U.S. citizens will have to cough up as much as $20,000 part, to help pay for the students who are here illegally.

Remember a long, long time ago when kids were taught "crime doesn't pay" in hopes that fewer of them would grow up to be criminals? Well,
those days are long gone. Now kids see illegal behavior being rewarded while those who "play by the rules" are penalized by the system, mocked as chumps, or branded as racists and xenophobes if they protest.

That's not really the "education" we should want our kids to be getting. Especially since we'll eventually be paying a societal cost much,
much higher than those "out-of-state" rates.

In part, the Supreme Court agreed that California's tuition breaks for
illegals wasn't entirely based on their "in state" or "out of state" residence,
but was also based on whether the students had graduated from an
"All American" California High School like Montebello High School...
where these students rioted, threw bottles, ripped the California flag to shreds,
and then raised the Mexican flag over the inverted American flag.



Diploma said...

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Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Hmmm...state's rights for California but not for Arizona. How's that work exactly?

Pete(Detroit) said...

What part of 'illegal' do people refuse to understand?
What part of the consequences of penalizing success, and rewarding bad behavior is not intuitively obvious to the casual observer?

Oh, an aside to whom ever recommended "State of Fear" by Creighton - I'm 1/2 way through, and it's brilliant. Check your local library.

robert said...

I absolutely hate to capitulate, but, California is lost. It is obvioulsy not part of the United States of America anymore. Get out while you can. But, in the future, maybe it will eventually serve as a cautionary tale to the rest of the country. R.I.P.

Dave said...

@Pete -- It is the progressive agenda to penalize success through excessive taxes and regulations and to reward illegal behavior.

Jim Hlavac said...

Indeed, what part of "illegal" is not understood? Ay que mierde.

And Pete(Detroit), this is how a conservative gay guy is made (though I am a life long sort of Goldwater Republican,) -- by giving illegals more rights and privileges than even American me (even their marriages are legal, eh?) Throw in $4 gas, trillions in deficits, and destruction of the economy (weirdly, Obama is killing the jobs that the illegals would take,) and a defeatist foreign policy (witness "no wall," and this decision) and a nanny state, and my taxes, and you got one mad as hell sissy not going to take it anymore.

Not to mention on father's day I have to pick up my nephew in Canada, because his own father was a FDNY killed in the WTC on 9/11, (expect little of me around here for a month or more, Pete, I'm on a family values trip to aunts uncles cousins etc., two weddings, no funerals.)

The decision by the court is nuts. California is going to go belly up soon, and then maybe those people out there will wake up. Maybe not. So all is not lost yet. And since 1/2 my gay friends in my flyover state are Palinistas, things are looking up actually. I'm working on the other 1/2, I assure you. We might not tote guns, but we do shine the ammo nice. Cheers.

Doktor Paulie said...

@JimH: uh, pardon my density this morning, but if that wasn't some kind of double entendre, about the guns and ammo, then why DON'T you carry the guns? You don't live in one of those benighted places where they don't permit it, do you!? Else, a nice little .44 or .45 would make a marvelous accesory to ANY outfit.

If it WAS a double entendre, and you're already properly accessorized, nevermind...

John the Econ said...

I was at a state school in California when this issue first arose over 20 years ago. During the slump of the late '80s, the Republican governor (the last decent one they had, btw) announced that amongst other budget cuts, that illegal aliens would no longer be eligible for in-state tuition.

There were those of us who perked up and said "What?!?!?" We didn't even realize that they accepted illegals into the system in the first place, much less granted them in-state tuition. (I had many legal friends who were paying out-of-state tuition)

And, of course, there was the much more vocal "What?!?!?" from the more liberal population.

Nobody could ever honestly clarify the logic behind this, demonstrating that they were not getting good value for their educational dollar, or that leftist politics trumps logic or even basic fairness.

It's things like this that make it obvious why California is bankrupt. The danger to the rest of us is the contagion of both the debt and ideology to the rest of the country.

Andrew said...

When California does go belly up (which will come as another 'unexpected' black swan event to the MSM), rest assured Obama will nationalize their state debt and it will be refinanced in 30 year T-bonds. Never paid off, but interest paid for eternity by citizens of the other 49 states.

And yes, the societal price for all this is devastating. The clueless Obama voters of 2008 will be the clueless street protesters/rioters/looters of 2012 or hey, pick a year and month.

stephen boone said...

JIM H:--- I don't want to, and I know SJ doesn't want me to, keep a running conversation going about DOMA or Gay Marriage regardless of the subject of the day, so I apologize for even this message to tell you I answered you back on the Please Be Frank thread. I suspect somehow it will come up again in the day to day and will wait till then for any furtherance or SJ can tell you where to find my blog -- which I'm not going to advertise this way. you can always jump in with a comment there. I have no readers to annoy.

Anonymous said...

It just makes me sick looking at our upside-down flag under the Mexican flag. Those kids have no clue what Mexico is really like. Or do they? I guess their actions show that they are following the Mexican rule of law, eh? May God have mercy on us all.

Colby said...

Andrew is exactly right. California WILL become insolvent, and WE will bail them out (too big to fail, ya know). At that point, we can all be so proud that our hard earned money is funding some effing wetback's college education while our own kids and grandkids work at burger joints the rest of their lives.

It sickens me that there are millions of Californians that are hard working conservatives (I know a few), but they are so incredibly outnumbered, they have no say in how their state (or country for that matter) is run. To all my conservative, hard working, US CITIZEN friends; get the hell out of Mexifornia before it's too late! You are on a sinking ship.

Jim Hlavac said...

Why, Mr. Boone -- just come right on over to my blog, and say what you wish, I'd like to hear it -- and find out all about the vast right wing gay conspiracy (all three dozen of us it seems, sometimes.) Mine is linked through my name. I'd be glad to continue the conversation with you, whither it will go. Though I'm going on a six week vacation, so it might have to wait until I return. I'll be back; without a love child, I'm sure, in tow.

@Doktor, actually, guns are legal here, it's a Sportsman's Paradise, says so right on our car tag. And I have thought of getting a gun, for the first time in my life. It makes me sad to even think I might have to, however. Though I do support gun rights. Both my brothers are quite well armed. As are many of my cousins, and other relatives. I'm just, well, I'm just gun shy. The idea of a hot steel tube in my hand that goes bang just scares me. No double entendre, indeed. :)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jim Hlavac & Stephen Boone- Since Jim Hlavac's name links to his blogsite, I'll let you guys dialogue over there. It's an important debate, to be sure, and while it will certainly come up here from time to time, we've also got other topics to cover.

@Readers- More generally, I really was deeply offended by the picture of the inverted American flag, and this ruling giving favored status to illegals.

Mind you, I'm not a heartless asshole. I realize that many kids were brought here by their parents without any say in the matter...and at this point they've lived in California much of their lives, and been educated (well, as much as anyone can be) in their schools. So would it be fair to punish them for "the sins of the fathers?"

You're effing right it would be. Crime shouldn't pay. Period. At the very least, if California wants to admit illegals into its colleges, make them pay the out-of-state rates. And we should also make it clear that if these kids want to attend a school flying a Mexican flag, we can make that happen very easily (and less expensively) by sticking them on a bus back to Mexico.

And no, this doesn't have anything to do with has to do with breaking the law, and whether we're going to continue to reward it.

Bruce In KC said...

Why were the smiling "skulls full of mush" photographed in front of the school they trashed, and not photographed for a mugshot book at the county jail (where they belonged for malicious mischief and vandalism).

Pete(Detroit) said...

Ok, hope it sticks, this time then...

Jim, best wishes for a safe and happy trip - always nice when the weddings outnumber the funerals.

And remember, the ONLY cure for fear of guns is range time! (assuming, of course, that you WANT to be 'cured' of that..)

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough Taco Bell was sued because they had a stereotype dog with a Mexican accent but if you look at the photo you will see a pinata and a moron in a Sombrero. I know Pinata is spelled wrong but I don't care I speak English not Spanglish. If you think these turds are moronic you should check out the Brown Berets who attend East L. A. College. They worship commies like Chavaz and get extra credit to show up to the "Free Palestine" Jew-hating racist rallies.

Anonymous said...

It's too late. Most of my immediate family is still in CA and they can't leave because their houses are worth less than they owe. So they struggle on and try to steer clear of the gang bangers that hang out in front of every store and business.

Suzy said...

When is that big earthquake coming for California, again?

(Of course, there will be enough warning for all the good guys to get out first, in light of the guy overseas that was arrested for NOT predicting an earthquake...)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous (three above)- "Brown Berets" sounds like what you'd get from not using enough toilet paper.

@Sablegsd- A long, long time ago I wanted to move to California to pursue fame and fortune. And I now give thanks every day that it didn't happen. Oh, I got the fame and fortune...I just didn't have to put up with that idiotic state.

@Suzy- I think it's a troubling sign for California that the rest of the country no longer refers to that fabled earthquake as "The Big One," but instead calls it "The Good One."

Jim Hlavac said...

Nothing more disturbs me than trashing this good nation. Even though at times it has not treated me right; it's still the American way or the highway. I will take my chances with you, for truth conquers all; I am whom I am, (the rest is spinach, for all I care.)

@Pete(Detroit) -- I'm willing, and perhaps going to be required, of being cured of gun fear. I need a strong man to make me less of a sissy on these matters. Available? I won't touch your junk, nor mention it, frankly, but I think, with the right amount of training (not being a complete idiot) I shall shoot the junk off these ballsy people for gov't control of my life at 100 yards. But whether it is the leftists with their Stalinist desires, or the "rightists" which oddly have similar desire to the Leftists: they will make a better man of me according to their desires (not.) -- I shall need some training. For self defense is the greatest virtue. Everything else is just politics by elitists.

Doktor Paulie said...

@Jim: I'm as sorry as I can be that you should have to consider arming yourself. No such necessity should ever intrude on good folks like yourself. But here we are. Please do so. Everyone reading this blog, please do so. Most of the time,nearly always, you forget it's there. And then, like my little bit of fun in the restaurant on Sunday, there are those other times. Jim, if some creep should threaten those beloved neices and nephews you are going to see, you'd know what to do. And otherwise it's just another accessory to your wardrobe. Not really a big deal.

Friends, arm yourselves.

Given the current policies of the federal, and various state governments, like California, it's just a necessary and prudent measure. Someday we will lay down our swords and shields, but not today.

SC said...

@ Jim H - Sounds lovely; have a really nice (& safe) trip. (Your commentary will be missed)

Of course, the simple solution to this is: Do not allow illegals to attend our govt run high schools.

Can you just imagine, telling the illegals that they cannot attend ANY school in the US because they are illegal? (Especially Calif)

That's what I wish our Govt would do. As well as just asking them to leave. No deportments, no drama, just go home. Then seal the boarders. If they want to come back, do it legally.

Jim Hlavac said...

Thank you Doktor, I shall take your prescription. And thankfully not have to pay for it through government run and dictated death panel health care. Or be prohibited from owning the staff of liberty - a gun.

My kids are in good hands; and they are for me too. We have a tight bond, they and I. Very tight. And both have guns, and say they will protect me too. And they call me "Uncle Jimmy" which you may not, for you are friends, not family, which I think you all now understand more than ever. Which bring me some tears.

I only apologize that some sissies are socialists; I'm working on them. You work on your kind; I shall do what I can. Together we shall recapture this nation for liberty for all.

But guns still make me nervous. Do they make a special "bullet polish"? :)

And Stilt -- you deserve so much credit for having brought divers peoples together -- you are a "community organizer" far greater than our pretender-in-chief is. Thank you sir.

Doktor Paulie said...

OBTW: My boss is a woman whose husband is a firearms instructor with the Houston Police. She has a concealed handgun license and she and her two daughters, one aged 17 and the other 15 are all very good shots. It's all just a matter of proper technique and practice. Anybody can do it. You do not have to be John Wayne.

Jim Hlavac said...

@Doktor, I'm in Baton Rouge -- so close to Houston, eh? I shall discuss further. For I am growing fearful in a way I've never felt before. Truly, it's a somewhat frightening experience. I do not want to own a gun, but yet I'm compelled to, for the attacks are from more sides than the "left" -- for I think the "far right" is the left indeed. They just pretend. Bless you.

Oh, I need a vacation. A few more days. Then poof. I will be gone.

Doktor Paulie said...

@Jim: It's good that guns make you nervous, now, for they are very dangerous; that's the idea. But when you learn the rules and follow them without exception, they are safe for you and all except those for whom they ought to be dangerous.

Here's a start:

Rule 1: All guns are always loaded all the time (even, especially, if you know you just unloaded it)

Rule 2: NEVER point a gun at anything you would mind destroying. Whether you think it's loaded or not.

A good instructor will show you the way, and you'll be fine and no harm will come to anyone, except if the necessity is forced upon you.

Four times now, for me, just being armed, with the calm certainty that provided, has convinced some wolves that they needed to find some easier prey. Good thing, too, because shooting without proper ear protection really makes the ears ring.

Doktor Paulie said...

She Who Must Be Obeyed! Says quit blogging! Set the alarm. Put the .44 on the nightstand. Come to bed. Turn out the light.

Knowing what's good for me, I comply.

Jim Hlavac said...

Yeah, Dok, my spouse say the same thing. Throws in "I got a headache" too, once in a while :)))

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Doktor Paulie- There's something very charming about a man sharing his insights about the power of gun ownership, who then says that his wife has ordered him (lovingly, of course) to call it a day.

As I've mentioned before, I've only been to the gun range once...and it scared the crap out of me. Obviously safety training and regular practice is essential for anyone who plans to own a firearm. For now, I'm more of a Louisville Slugger guy: it's hard to conceal, but pretty effective at close range. (grin)

Reaganite Republican said...

Very good, heh-

Linked @ RR:

Reaganite's Sunday Funnies

diploma world said...

It's too bad that people though like that earlier, I guess everyone has a full right to get educated and get a diploma for their life. But like these countries are pounding each one for not educating the illegal migrants, that not going to generate lot amount of trust on people.