Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Let Me Be Frank

In the least surprising news of the week, Democrat Anthony "Bulging" Weiner admitted yesterday that he is a perverted scumbag who enjoys sending sexually graphic photos to women he contacts over the Internet, that he has been lying his ass off about it, and that he won't step down from his position because his actions were...a mistake.

And laughably, he seemed to feel that he shouldn't be blamed harshly for all the damage he's done because he hadn't "planned" to hurt anyone. He just "planned" to get his rocks off enjoying anonymous Internet sex with women whom he believed were "probably" not minors, as well as trying his best to destroy the careers of the journalists (notably Andrew Breitbart) who reported the story.

So let's see...he's a self-confessed liar, a pervert, a sexual predator, and a man who would surely violate his oath of office as readily as he violated his (very recent) marital vows.

If the Democrats find this to be beneath even
their standards of decency, we should soon see an internal push to throw Weiner out of office.

And if not, the American people won't need to check their Twitter accounts to see
all Democrats as nakedly immoral.

We hope he's only describing how long his future in politics will be.


Pete(Detroit) said...

Push him out of office?
Nakedly Immoral?

The $64,000 question (wow, remember when that seemed like a LOT of money? Buy a NICE house, retire, kind of money? Barely get a CAR for that anymore (w/o a gov't subsidy >koff< VOLT >koff<))
ANY way, the question is, how good is/was he at 'bringing home the bacon' - you know, stealing from folks in other districts to line the pockets of the donors in his district?
Maybe in his case, they should all be labeled 'organ donors'?

Proof said...

On the news tonight, they said "a deflated Weiner left the stage".

John said...

Pelosi Calls for Weinergate Investigation
Ha ha :)

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

As was pointed out on the radio yesterday, this behavior puts politicians in danger of being blackmailed. Who knows how many pork projects or exposure of sensitive information arose from such indiscretions. I'm guessing more than one. Even if that vile POS survives this, he should have no power or influence over anyone from here on. At best, he deserves to be treated as punchline to a bad joke.

Anonymous said...

He's dead meat (pun intended)walking. Finito.

Chuck said...

I still can't wrap myself around his taking "full responsibility" for his actions, but believing that his "I'm sorry" ought to be enough to put this to rest.

I raised my kids to understand 3 related truths: If you screw up, you'll be better off telling me yourself than having me find out; if you lie to me you only make it worse; sorry isn't always enough ... actions have consequences.

And I don't think there ought to be exceptions just because you are a sleaze and everyone knows it.

How was he raised? How could he possibly believe, as a public figure, that he could get away with any of this? Did he not realize he was setting himself up for blackmail? Been on-going for 3 years ... has he already been blackmailed?

Jim Hlavac said...

And once again, DOMA did not work. Stopping gay couples does not stop hetero nonsense; and whom harms marriage more? So when does the House come together to expel him? Can't they do that? Sure they can. And to not do so shows the sham and shame of it all. For you can't very well go around "defending" a law to "defend" marriage, and then allow this creep to sully the halls of Congress. Can they? The hypocrisy would be too much. Wouldn't it? He's got to go; where are the calls for his immediate resignation from his fellow congressmen? For decency, to "defend" marriage all the way. For family values. Now is the time for Boehner to get rid of the boner flasher (isn't there even a law about that? You know, flashing one's privates? This is no different than a creep on a street, just because it's a tweet doesn't exonerate him, does it?) Or Boehner should forever hold his piece, oh, um, peace, about "defending" marriage. Speak up Mr. Speaker, speak up, now's your chance to show how much you wish to "defend" marriage -- and save the nation from anymore of this sordid discussion.

Earl said...

I'm afraid Weiner's going to stay in Congress and continue to drive us nuts. His mentor (who actually officiated at his wedding) was Bill Clinton. In the whole sleazy scheme of things, I suspect Weiner has rationalized that what he did was less damaging than what Bill did in the Oval Office. They both lied (everyone does), they were both married, but Bill actually DID THE DEED so to speak. If so many people can excuse Bill Clinton, to the point that many of them consider him a saint, the same can happen with Weiner. Maybe he'll start his rehabilitation by consulting a priest, a minister and a rabbi. And heck, he at least didn't produce a child like Edwards and Arnold. And he didn't resort to prostitutes like Elliot. Boys will be boys.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John- I'm guessing Pelosi has called for an ethics investigation so she, and other Dems, can control the process. Additionally, it gives the whole pack of rats the ability to tell the press that they can't make any statements about matters that are under investigation. In other words, "ethics investigation" is their code language for "protective wall of silence."

@Chuck- Like you, I'm dumbfounded by the concept of "responsibility without consequences."

@Jim Hlavac- You make a great point. If DOMA is indeed not anti-homosexual but truly "Defense of Marriage," then anyone so clearly guilty of attacking the institution of marriage should be drummed out of office. But of course, that won't happen.

I also agree that Boehner needs to speak up and take action. As I said above, Pelosi's call for an "investigation" is just a defensive strategy. It's Boehner's House of Representatives now, and it's his responsibility to make sure the trash is taken out.

@Earl- Sadly, I can't disagree with you. In a culture without shame, there's almost nothing someone can do which will cripple them politically over the long term. Marion Barry enjoyed political resurrection after being caught with crack and hookers. Teddy Kennedy became the "Lion of the Senate" after an attempted tryst (one of many) ended in a young woman's death. Barney Frank allowed a gay prostitution service to operate out of his home. Eliot Spitzer used taxpayer money (at rates of $1000-$5000 an hour) to pay for prostitutes who complained that he insisted on doing things that weren't "safe." Now he's got a high-profile television show, and would surely have no problem stepping back into politics.

So I fear that Weiner isn't going away or, if he does, he won't be gone long.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Well, I don't recall who or when, but at some point today I think I heard that there is a swelling of support to force him out. Also, the party is pretty PO'd at the state level, and NYC area is slated to lose a district or two - good chance that his will be one of the ones eliminated.
Natch, that won't prevent him from running again, nor the morons from voting for him, but it would be an 'official' spanking, so to speak.

As for DOMA, I've said for years that the gov't should be in charge of the gov't part - the legal relationship. Issue 'domestic partnership contracts' to whomever wants them. Let the churches worry about 'marriages'..

robert said...

Stilt you missed a couple of things in your reply to Earl. Besides the "murderer" Kennedy, and Franks prostitution ring, Frank also put his next boyfriend in charge of Fannie and Freddie from which they siphoned tens of millions of dollars. (Cue the crickets) AND when Frank and his next boyfriend were caught growing weed, Franks defense was "I'm not an outdoorsman."

In short.... NOTHING will happen to Tony's Weener.
(More crickets). Nothing to see here, move along......

JustaJeepGuy said...

Again, the big factor to remember is, Weiner is a DEMO_RAT, and therefore does not need to show any real contrition. A Republican who did this would have resigned already (former Rep. Lee--remember him, for instance?) but not a Demo_rat. The party of Slick Willie just can't seem to develop any morals. I wonder why that is.

stephen boone said...

If you expect this thing to get voted out of office you are living in fantasy land. This was a set-up by the Republicans. The fact that he "admitted" it means nothing. Of course he did. What else could he do? Cheney masterminded the whole thing.

pryorguy said...

I predict he will resign in 48 hours or less. If he doesn't, it is totally his arrogant hubris that will push back to working in congress where he will be totally ineffective now. What a weenie.

Stephen Boone said...

jimmy and pete mi lads, me lads ,me lads... how did DOMA come a sneaking in here eh? As for "the gov't should be...." who do you kid with THAT one? I guess the gov't can be in charge of changing it to what some people want and to heck with the rest. The GOVERNMENT has be licensing marriage to one man one woman both past some age at long as the GOVERNMENT has existed. Nobody is discriminated against. There is not and never has been "gay marriage" in this country or any country from which our laws, culture etc has evolved. Some countries in their late stages of dissolution such as ancient Greece has had public ACCEPTANCE or more commonly official ignoring of homosexual unions between the classic DOMA arrangement, except that stood for "Dirty Old Man (and an) Adolescent. "The Church" has always been empoweed to perform whatever commitment rituals they wished to in this country so long as it did not confer-- and nobody tried to claim-- LEGAL PROPERTY RIGHTS which is the domain of the Government. Get it??

Pete(Detroit) said...

Stephen, welcome!
You must be new, not to realize Jim's mission to play the confused and deeply wounded conservative homosexual. Or at least sympathizer. In fairness to Jim, he does it with a modicum of dignity and great sincerity - he's faced w/ the choice of voting for religiously bigoted conservatives that hate him, or wackjob leftiods that a) see him as part of a victim group that needs to be 'helped' and b) are set about the destruction of the country - ergo, he's hating himself for voting that way. Some have tried to shut him up, or shout him down, others think he rather makes sense and offer him some support. I utterly agree that hetero slimes do far more damage to the fine institution of marriage than any 'domestic partnership' ever could. Not that I'm familiar w/ the passage in the bible where Jesus is all hatin' on homos in the first place. (warning - if you offer up the same old testament rules from Leviticus that Pred Felps uses, feel free - but expect the same reaction he gets..)

As far as "government should" - I agree, there's LOTS of stuff I'd like to see them do / STOP doing (mostly stop). I ain't gonna hold my breath. Won't stop me from putting up a digital soapbox and venting a bit, ya know? Who knows, it might even eventually do some good.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pete(Detroit)- Very well put (not that Jim Hlavac has any problems presenting his side of things without our assistance)! I can't speak about the "church" side of things because I'm not a churchgoer (though I have great respect for those who are). But I support the idea of the government recognizing gay unions and granting the same rights that straight couples get. Marriage is already an imperfect institution (the way it's practiced, anyway) and I can't really see this changing it for the worse.

And I know that there are many conservatives who will disagree with me, which is their right. But the Left is just a heartbeat from killing off our country, and I'd really like Gay conservatives to be on our side for the next election (and have reason to be on our side).

By the way, I especially liked your observation that "hetero slimes do far more damage to the fine institution of marriage than any domestic partnership ever could." In part because of the sheer numbers involved: statistically there's got to be WAY more hetero slimeballs than homosexuals...and the sub-group of homosexual slimeballs would be smaller still.

And on a side note, may I just point out that it's interesting to spend so much time today writing the words "weiner" and "slimeballs"? I think I'm going to go wash my hands...

Earl said...

Spent some time wondering if there was anything that was different between Clinton and Weiner that would change the odds of Wiener leaving. The one difference (well two) I can think of is that Wiener is charmless and spent a considerable amount of time in personal interviews with the media lieing through his teeth about the alleged photos. If the media turns on him, it might be a game changer. But then, I heard on Rush today that defenders are already out there. One guy (Mark Helprin I think?) was quoted as saying that Wiener and Spitzer are so extremely intelligent that they feel invincible. Or something like that. What horse shit.

SC said...

Cut the Weiner some slack…maybe he was just doing follow-up research for the bill that he co-sponsored a few years back: KIDS Act of 2007 (Keeping the Internet Devoid of Sexual Predators). Talk about hypocritical & ironic.

Jim Hlavac said...

Stephen Boone -- DOMA didn't come sneaking in -- it was thrown in by me like a fire ball -- for Family Values -- of which I'm accused of lacking. Ha! Orwellian language is not a strong point of mine.

You are wrong when you say "There is not and never has been "gay marriage" in this country or any country from which our laws, culture etc has evolved." Sorry -- but you don't know your history. The word "marriage" might well not be ours -- but Greek and Roman, Slavonic, Byzantium, and American Indian societies all had legally and socially accepted "gay relationships." -- what DOMA says is that there's no such thing allowed, not by "marriage" or even "sissy smooching." -- and that's not only historically false -- but reality false -- hi, hello, here I am. Sissy smoocher indeed.

Meanwhile -- in Our New Republic of Liberty For All -- not based on some other culture that is foreign to our existence --- Liberty is our existence -- not what foreign, ancient, imperial or theocractic states ever said; return to them if you wish -- but don't "defend" what you screw up and blame me!

Hi, welcome to America -- it's a new world order -- not a recapitulation of what went on in other places -- or we would have remained there.

And thanks Pete of Detroit -- for your well, convoluted, but still kind words.

I pay my taxes -- what part of Liberty requires me to adhere to some religion I don't adhere to? And denies me my religious believe, as newly constituted as you think it might be. And the entire DOMA force is for religion, not liberty.

Anonymous said...

The guy is wrong. Wrong because of what he did: upon being called on it, he lied. Did he break laws? Doubt it.

For every Dem who does a sex crazy thing, he is matched by a GOP congressmen...Count them up and see. In fact, GOP ahead!
how many of you here have NOT done something slimy online? Sure about that?

Anonymous said...