Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Not Silent But Deadly

Just when you think Barack Obama couldn't possibly become a bigger liar or more partisan political hack, he produces (or at least reads aloud) a jaw-dropping speech like last night's primetime attack on Republicans, fiscal responsibility, capitalism, and logic.

After being thrown out of the negotiating process, the president desperately elbowed his way back onto television to finally reveal the sinister truth behind our nation's fiscal problems and countdown to disaster. And that truth is...it's Bush's fault!

That's right, Barry's first shot was aimed squarely at George Bush, claiming that virtually all of the debt we're currently drowning in was caused by the President's profligate spending on post 9-11 wars, tax cuts for the evil rich, and unfunded drug benefits for those no good, rotten, dirty senior citizens who Obama hopes will vote for him in 2012.

Obama then suggested that all of our nation's woes have been worsened by corporate jet owners, hedge fund managers, and stinking partisan Republicans who think the only way to reduce the deficit is "all cuts, and no revenue."

Except John Boehner was offering new revenue - $800 billion of it - until Obama went back on his word and refused to honor the deal. And it's Democrat Harry Reid who is now trying to pull Obama's political ass out of the fire by creating a deal which really is all cuts and no new revenue. (Although it's worth noting that Harry's "cuts" aren't cuts at all - and instead amount to things like "cutting" $1 trillion in funding for wars we've already said we're pulling out of).

The president then trotted out a list of all the cuts that Republicans are allegedly trying to force down people's throats: cutting Social Security and Medicare, ending college grants, stopping vital medical research, turning off weather satellites, ending food inspection, and slashing the budget for Mr. Obama's annual Ramadan feast.

Simply put, Barack Obama demanded primetime exposure last night for the sole purpose of telling the biggest, ugliest, and most self-serving political whoppers since Bill Clinton waggled his finger in the air at the TV camera and insisted "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"...while everyone else in the Oval Office tried to figure out where the smell of "Summer's Eve" was coming from.

The president summed up his speech by warning uncooperative Republicans that "the world is watching." Sadly, that's true...and when this pompous, ignorant, angry little stranger preaches class warfare from his bully pulpit, they can see the true measure of how far America has fallen.

As can we all.



Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Watching Barry the Bitch piss and moan is way down on my list of things to do. It's right below doing 20 laps in a septic tank. I'm glad you have the stomach for it, Stilton, because I don't. Clearly, to him, every problem is a nail and his hammer is "blame Bush". The House Republicans see him for what he is; a petulant, whiny ingrate. He's hoping the people see him now as a victim. I just don't think "victim" looks good on a president.

DavidD said...

Please, Sarah, run--so we can get an adult in the White House again.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

I accidentally fell upon his speech looking for Cam & Comapny on Patriot Radio. I listened until I became so disgusted and enraged by his blame-throwing and lying that I had to turn it off to avoid imprinting on the back of the nearest car ahead. Forgive me, Lord, but, though I was brought up under the adage of "hate the sin, love the sinner", I really, really hate this guy. I'm all Hope & Change, fer sher. I HOPE that we make a significant and substantial CHANGE in the polital landscape in 2012...

Emmentaler Limburger said...

(Good typing skills are clearly optional. My apologies :o)

Earl said...

He continues to impress us as the POtuS he is.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the masses are deaf to voices of reason, and although they aren't listening to Obama either, they are hearing in effect, "it's the Republicans' fault."

So what if we are downgraded from tripleA to AA+? If ratings meant anything we should have a D- for the government's prolifigate spending and taxing!

John the Econ said...

Actually @Anonymous, a credit rating drop would be devastating to the Federal budget, and eventually the entire economy. Remember, the Federal government is currently borrowing roughly 44-cents out of every dollar it spends. A credit rating drop ultimately means a several point increase in what the Federal government will have to pay in interest. Our debt is so huge now that a mere on-point increase would more than cancel out any supposed savings now being bargained for. It may in fact, be the ratchet that will will begin the final spin to economic collapse. What will be the point of the GOP negotiating a mere trillion dollars in spending cuts over the next 8 years if the principal and interest we will have to pay on the outstanding debt will go up by twice that?

But like I said yesterday, that may be the real agenda of the Obama administration.

As for the class welfare rhetoric: It doesn't seem to be stopping Obama's fundraising on Wall Street; the very people you think he was talking about.

No, the real victims of the Democrat's tax agenda are those who wish to be wealthy, or at least self-sufficient. Many of those who already feel quite comfortable with the status quo.

John the Econ said...

Oh, and a final comment on the Obama presidency: Now that he's pretty much rendered himself useless in the debate and Congress in a stalemate, what is the most powerful entity in the US (or perhaps the world) right now? It's not anyone in the government anymore. They're all rendering themselves irrelevant.

Yup, it's Standard & Poor's.

Ultimately, it will be the adults outside of government that will have to impose discipline on the spoiled children running amok in Washington.

Colby said...

Thanks for breaking your self-imposed summer schedule to take another bullet for the team. I'm with Angry Dad and Emmentaler; I simply can NOT bear to watch the self absorbed POS; I would end up throwing the coffee table through my TV set.

What depresses me the most, however, is the knowledge that there are a substantial number of sheeple that still think he is "The One," and will digest his lies and spread them like a cancer.

And how pathetic is it when we are depending on Harry 'Cowboy Poetry' Reid to work with Boehner to come up with something that actually makes sense?

I loved it when Boehner said, "...the president wouldn't take YES for an answer." Brilliant!

I really like Governor Palin, but I think she is a bit too controversial at this point in time. Still, you have a very valid point. If an election could be won by the most "adult" candidate, we could run Lindsey Lohan and beat Barry's ass.

Anonymous said...

What is controversial about Palin? She is the most honorable politician out there and there is no doubt that she loves her country.

DonSurber said...

Good one. And I see your summer vacation once again ain't working. Don't try. Give up. You're too good to sit on the pines.

moronpolitics said...

YEEEEEEHA! I won't repeat it here, but this reminds me of a hilarious story about someone sitting on a horse next to Queen Elizabeth. Oh, hell.... The horse let go with an enourmous fart... They both sat there silently for about a minute and then the Queen said something like "Excuse me" or "Begging your pardon"....whatever. The person telling the story said he sat there silently for a 10 seconds or so and then said to the Queen, "That's all right, Your Highness. If you hadn't mentioned it I would have assumed it was the horse."
NOW..... I think the Republicans are missing an easy cheap shot back with all this "millionaires and Billionaires" crapola. I'll have my plan on my site later today.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- First rate comments above! As some have noted, I'm having trouble sticking to just the MWF schedule. I knew I had to watch the speech last night "for the team," and then I couldn't contain my anger for an extra 24 hours.

Per John the Econ's comments, a downgrade in our credit rating will have enormous financial repercussions...and I suspect it's going to happen whether the debt ceiling is raised or not. Our "leaders" have already shown that they're not serious about addressing our financial problems, and I doubt that anything short of actual disaster will make them change their ways. Which may be happening quite soon.

John the Econ said...

I'm afraid you are right Stilton. No matter what they do; extend or not (I think they will, btw) the damage has already been done. Everything now is just theater to shift blame when it all comes crashing down.

Andrew said...

'Obama puts the POS in POtuS'...brilliant. I'll be using that one, thanks.

3 groups of voters. Those too stupid to grasp why there's a problem. Those in the middle, undecided whether Obama 'means well' or is somehow ideologically misguided, which could explain his failures without his being an actional saboteur. And lastly, the millions of us who see him as the Manchurian Saboteur...regardless who we believe is pulling his strings.

For 2012, Obama is rapidly losing the benefit-of-the-doubt undecideds and can only count on the first group, who aren't as likely to miss Oprah for him as they were for his First Coming. He clearly intends to punish his disobedient subjects during the Default Emergency Aftermath.

As he's said, he's 'tempted' to 'just bypass Congress' and 'do it himself.'
This is a very perilous crisis.
Obama desperately needs a Reichstag Fire. God be with us f he starts one.

Suzy said...

I get mad every time Obama tries to get somebody mad at millionaires when he's a millionaire himself. Good GRIEF people are stupid!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Andrew- Obama sounded like he was kidding when he said he was tempted to bypass Congress and do it himself. Yet that's exactly what he did when starting his personal war on Libya. Blood, death, weaponry, and money is about as serious as it gets.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could bring myself to watch these speeches but all that happens is I end up shouting at the television and the dogs start barking.