Friday, August 5, 2011

Stocks & Bombs

Well that didn't take long. Whether we're talking about Washington adding trillions of new dollars in debt, or Barack Obama making a not-so-secret wish ("Please let America crumble") when blowing out his birthday candles, the stock market has reacted by plunging in ways not seen since the bad old days of 2008.

Previously, administration officials have accused Wall Street of doing this deliberately just to make Barack Obama look bad. But just maybe the reason for this death spiral is that there are no new jobs, consumer spending has dried up, manufacturing numbers are in the toilet, and basically anything else than can go to Hell is now emitting the strong stench of sulfur and brimstone.

Which is why Obama's administration has instituted an emergency tax freeze for businesses wait, they didn't do that. Well, it's why they've decided to make capital gains taxes less painful for investors and...hang on, they didn't do that either. Well, it's why they lowered our actual debt by the $4 trillion that Moody's insisted was the only way to avoid a credit downgrade and...and...

No, of course they didn't do that. They simply borrowed much more foreign money, made no plans to ever pay off our bills, and labeled as "terrorists" anyone who calls for a balanced budget.

In other words, Barack Obama and his Lefty cohorts deliberately killed the last vestige of "Hope" that this administration would ever embrace - or even allow - fiscal responsibility. And the investment world (and the World in general) now clearly see the United States for what it is: economic roadkill.

But the most frightening thing of all is this: Barack Obama, speaking at his gala "millionaires only" birthday bash, looked out at the flaming ruins of his accomplishments and said "we have made some incredible strides...but we're not even halfway there yet."

Maybe not. But the screams of the damned are growing louder every day.




Angry Hoosier Dad said...

This is one turd we just have to flush, no matter how many pulls of the handle it takes. If he succeeds in dragging us down into a socialist hell, the fault will be all ours. A president cannot do what we the people don't allow him to do. I don't care that the electorate was asleep or fooled in 2008. Shame on us. And more shame on us if we stand paralyzed by fear and refuse to change course because we just don't know what's out there. Those of us with eyes to see will have to drag the rest of the country back into the light. Remember, it was only about 30% or so of the population that thought proclaiming our freedom from Mother England was a good idea in the late 1700's. As a Christian, I don't believe we can do this without God's help and I implore Him to help us, as He did back then. But as we well know, God is waiting for us to do our part. Can we do any less than our forefathers did? Accept that you will be vilified and called "racist" for opposing Obaka. You know what you are and God knows your heart. There's more than just America at stake. We can stand alone as a nation if we must, but if we go down, the world goes down.

Anonymous said...

@ AHD - I don't care if they call me "racist". For starters, that sort of technique is the Liberal equivalent of the Jedi Mind Trick, i.e. it only works on the weak-minded.
Anyway, how can it be racist to not like Obama? - I don't like his White half, either.

Colby said...


First, VERY well written text and cartoon as always, but today's hit me harder for some reason. I would LOVE to submit the text to the editor of our local paper to see if they have the guts to print it (with a by-line).

AHD, you always seem to say exactly what I am thinking, so.... Amen, brother!!!


Too funny! A turd is a turd; no matter what color it is, it still stinks.

WMD said...

All this, and george soros is warming up to take his victory lap.

Dave said...

The debt ceiling hike was just another nail in America's coffin...With the number of nails this administration has driven in I'm surprised that we're not buried yet. But take heart, American was founded by radicals and it might just yet be saved by radicals (Tea Party). We need to keep speaking out, fighting the good fight, informing our neighbors, and not taking this administrations leftist BS laying down.

We need to fight back, but with words and thoughts, and at the extreme civil disobedience, not violence and blood shed, not yet. Plan rallies, plan marches, plan e-mail and letter writing campaigns to your Senators and Congressmen. Flood DC with your complaints and grievances, But don;t forget also to e-mail Senators and Congressmen that do stand up to big government and the left. Now is the time for action. Fight now with words and thoughts to save our country before we have to fight with guns and bombs.

Jim Hlavac said...

Well, we'll always have the Declaration.

Now we just perhaps need to switch the words "the present King of England" with "the present government in Washington," and nip and tuck a few of the "and he did this ..." You know, it's a living document, and needs to be updated to our current times, ahem.

Meanwhile, it is still conceivable that a bunch of people will really begin to wake up, and his support will fall to oh, 20%. Why, it might even stop him from running. But surely he's going to have a harder and harder time blaming everyone but his own policies, no? Interesting times, though; in a most Chinese worrisome sort of way.

John the Econ said...

Unfortunately, the only opportunity for a solution to this problem passed over 20 years ago. That was when Bush (41) caved, and voted for expanding government over restraint. Since even before that, I was telling anyone who'd listen that we were soon to approach the point in our supposed "democracy" where 51% of the electorate would be dependent upon a government check. I think we're now past that point; the Federal government now issues over 200-million checks per month! And the swap of the ratios of those of us who write checks to the government versus those who receive them is increasing.

The Democrats only response to this is "soak the rich"! Never mind that even if it were possible to seize Bill Gate's entire fortune, it would fund the Federal government for barely 40 hours! (Probably much less, considering this week's market slide) We simply don't have enough rich people to soak.

Suzy said...

I can't believe anybody still likes this guy after what the country has been through....and I can't believe he can even get away with having a "millionaires" dinner after bashing them so much. We have the most hoodwinked (or bribed?) media in the history of our country to even support this administration in the least. This is horrible.

Anybody else with this record would have been impeached by now....seriously.

Suzy said...

Hey check these out! Disappoint-Mints! LOL!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Angry Hoosier Dad- Getting Obama out of office will only be the start of a very long and difficult road to recovery. Or something like recovery. We've reached a point where even if we could get a 100% Tea Party President, Senate, and House, they'd have to make drastic changes that many (most?) voters will hate. All of that being said, we need to fight on - knowing that it's the right thing to do. And that divine intervention isn't likely when the righteous are sitting on the sidelines.

@Anonymous (seven above)- The "Jedi mind tricks" you're describing are wearing pretty thin. At this point I think we can all shrug off the accusations of racism, terrorism, or fetishistic love of the Evil Rich. We know who we are; straightforward fiscal conservatives and constitutionalists.

@Colby- I'm flattered! Feel free to submit anything to anyone at any time. I think such use is specifically permitted in the "terms of use" at the very bottom of every page (which also contains some funny stuff amidst the legal jargon).

@WMD- Yes, George Soros is probably sitting pretty as all of this is going down. It's really handy to know the dates of major market meltdowns before they happen.

@Dave- I still believe there are enough right-minded people in this country that words are the only weapons we need...IF they're the right words, and IF we can get them out there to be listened to. Thankfully the "alternative media" has never been more robust. But we've got to find a way to get the message into the mainstream.

@Jim Hlavac- I'm still having my first cup of coffee of the morning, so haven't turned on the news to hear if Obama has blamed Bush yet - but I'll bet he does before I finish my second cup of coffee. The only bright side to the current stock market debacle is it may be a wake-up slap to people who actually believed that the debt-ceiling agreement was A) a good thing, and B) fiscally responsible.

@John the Econ- That "tipping point" in which a majority of the electorate is dependent on government checks (ie, "other peoples money") is truly frightening. I can't help but think we need a fundamental change which disenfranchises non-taxpayers from the voting process. Ugly idea? Absolutely. But not as ugly as what's going to happen if we continue to allow piranha to vote on what should be done to (cash) cows.

@Suzy- Obama is the greatest human scam ever pulled. I specify "human" because other scams (like Social Security) would have to get the absolute top spot. But this guy has been an imposter from the day of his alleged birth. He was, and is, shoved down our throats by the media. And someday, when archeologists try to piece together the last days of America, they'll look at the records of Obama's reign and wonder "what the hell were they thinking?!"

Anonymous said...

Update- The episode of MuscleCar I mentioned a while ago will be airing this weekend on Spike!. Here in Nashville it airs at 11:30 a.m. I paint a car while wearing the now-famous Stilton-designed watch. I've already seen it, and there's a few shots where you can see it pretty clear, especially if you have HD! This one's for you, Stilt! (and everyone here at H&C) Thank you for everything you do.
-Rick Bacon

John the Econ said...

Just watched the President give another "I'm not the problem, it's you" speech. Inspiring.

Tax "Fairness": Personally, I support the FairTax, mainly because it taxes everyone based upon how much of the economy the consume as opposed to how much they produce. If everyone was faced with federal taxation each and every time they spent a dime on anything, they'd think much longer and harder about how much that tax was, and how it was being spent.

Compare that to the nonsense that is happening now, where the President touts polls that suggest that "the majority" want higher taxes, albeit paid by someone else.

Talk about greed!

Alternatively, in my "fantasy democracy", (and I'm not a particular fan of "democracy", btw) voting would be combined with your tax return. Your vote would be multiplied by line 60 on your 1040 form. You don't pay any taxes, you don't get a vote. How's that for "fair"?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Rick Bacon- Great! I just checked TIVO but I only seem to be finding an episode from 2007, and one from 2010. Do you know the name of the episode?

@John the Econ- According to the news, marauding gangs of young black men were beating the hell out of people for being white last night at the Wisconsin State Fair. I think that's the kind of "Fair" Obama is talking about.

Doktor Paulie said...

George Soros is world-class ugly and never sat pretty in his life.

It would be interesting to see how events would evolve if gangs of black yutes tried to carry out wholesale beatings of caucasian persons at the Texas state fair. I think things would fairly quickly come to a screetching, and I DO mean screaming halt. With the density of legally carried concealed handguns down here, odds are a fair proportion of any threatened persons of any hue would be armed. It's just amazing how staring down the crater of the muzzle of a .45 will calm down even the most excited pinhead.

My neighbor is a good man who happens to be black and who voted for Obama in '08 because he, Obama, is half black, as my neighbor himself characterizes it. Two nights ago we were standing around in the front yard (fighting these B-29 sized mosquitos) and solving the world's problems. He was expressing his extreme disgust with and disappointment in Obama, and said he plans to vote for other offices in 2012, but that he will leave the presidential ballot blank. He can't imagine voting for a republican, but he will NOT vote for Obama. I'm fairly certain that sentiment is widespread among former Obama-dupes.

Hold fast, friends. Legally arm yourselves with the truth, and a .44 or .45.

Pete(Detroit) said...

DkP - even a 9mm looks pretty big, from the business end...

I liked the Bill Board I heard about the other day - "If you voted for Obama to prove you're not a racist, will you vote for someone else to prove you're not an idiot?"

Doktor Paulie said...

@Pete(Detroit): Roger that on the 9. Even a nice little .22 derringer is better than harsh words. Still, in handguns I prefer calibers starting with a '4'. To each his or her own.

I'm going to remember that billboard quote, and put it to frequent use.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Doktor Paulie- I suppose if your neighbor is willing to give up on Obama (even if he won't vote Republican) that's half the battle. Did you ask if he'd consider Herman Cain or Alan West?

@Pete(Detroit)- I couldn't get the link to work, but love that billboard.

@Doktor Paulie- I don't know anything about handguns, other than it scared the crap out of me when I tried one on a firing range. I am, however, a strong believer in keeping a Louisville Slugger handy.

Andrew said...

So, Obama's Nero-like (Caligula-like?) eerie complacency could have several origins:

1. He doesn't interpret his falling poll numbers (does anyone dare show them to him?) as being a one-term lame duck,he actually expects to be re-elected in an actual relatively free election, and actually believes his own Smartisst. Prezudent.Evar. PR; or
2.George Soros has assured him that his UN Presidency has already been arranged; or
3. He knows something we don't know, such as the precise planned date of the October 2012 Reichstag Fire/bioweaponized pandemic/mass assassination of Congress/hyperinflationary Zimbabwe financial meltdown/ declaration of national martial law/etc in which the November elections will for national security be indefinitely postponed until, say, 2050;
4. Some blood-chilling variation of the above.

Doktor Paulie said...

@SJ: neighbor is a good man but has drunk the Marxist Kool Aid. He wouldn't call it Marxist, but that's what it is. And he certainly doesn't have consistent positions politically versus personally, that is, what he wants out of politicians compared to what he expects out of people he knows personally. I'm working on him.

Louisville works great at close range, but is difficult to carry concealed. (This IS an opening for an off-color remark or several by those so inclined) You ought to be able to find a reasonable instructor to get you past any difficulties with shooting iron. Or come to Houston for a weekend and Judy and I will get you fixed up.

@Andrew: there's some kind of rule to the effect that you don't need to look for a conspiracy if stupidity will explain things. Some appropriate rephrasing of that probably explains BO's attitude and approach. Otherwise, I vote for your Option 4. As a Christian, I believe there really IS a conspiracy, and it runs a LOT deeper (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, appropriate casting of significant looks downward) than most people suspect.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Andrew- I agree with your assessment. I don't think these guys are going to just sit back and let "the process" work. I think there's an ugly surprise heading our way.

@Doktor Paulie- Granted, it's hard to conceal a baseball bat. I really should get a gun, but I'm afraid that it will cost me a fortune in computers and TV sets unless the news gets a lot better.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- It's official; after the close of the stock market today, S&P officially downgraded America's credit rating for the first time ever. Why? Because clearly Washington is unable and unwilling to demonstrate any fiscal responsibility (as a certain cheesy cartoonist opined earlier in the day).

So America sinks a little deeper on the horizon, and the cost of borrowing money goes up...buying us nothing at all.

This is the natural and inescapable consequence of the Worst Presidency Ever.

Doktor Paulie said...

@SJ: The temptation to do an Elvis on the TV is ever with us. But it can be controlled with regular doses of Bible reading, whiskey, and jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Oh, ZZ Top helps too, I find. Hold fast, friend. Death to Moby Dick!

Andrew said...

ObamaEconomics triggers the first ever (but soon to be first in a series of) US credit downgrades. Nice resume item for B.O.
Ought to really improve his image with undecided Independents and those Undecideds who don't follow the news closely because they're trying to run their small businesses.
And now our national debt level to GDP is exactly on par with Greece.
Next step will be rising prices demanded at our weekly bond auctions, the LIBOR and other debt-pegged benchmark rates rising despite the Fed's attempts to keep rates down, and predictable madcap tomfoolery and hijinks will ensue.

Tonight I Netflix'ed "Inside Job", a brilliantly done 2010 documentary that beautifully sums up the origins and vilains and profiteers in the financial meltdown. Great introduction, summarization, and call to action. Timely.

@ Stilton: A very ugly surprise indeed. A series of them. They are not going to just quietly be voted out and peaceably vacate the premises January 2013.
They will stage manage whatever it takes to retain the reins of power. Look for the mother of all black flag/ false flag events.
@DoktorP, in this case, stupidity meets conspiracy meets stupidity.

Reaganite Republican said...

I had to link this pic at the bottom, you KNOW that's what this Cloward-Pivinist pos is striving for...

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