Monday, September 12, 2011


I almost made it.

I almost got all the way through the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks without being overwhelmed by anger or filled with rage.

But of course, all that changed when America was brutally and viciously attacked again on this most solemn and sacred of days. Only this time the attack didn't come from a much-marginalized Al Qaeda, it came from Paul Krugman of the New York Times in his oxymoronically titled column "The Conscience of a Liberal."

Krugman labeled the ten years following the 9/11 attacks America's "Years of Shame," and decried the fact that what should have been a unifying event became a "wedge issue." He then demonstrates his odd view of "unity" by saying that Rudy Giuliani and George W. Bush "raced to cash in on the horror." Krugman then sneers at our "fake heroes," and says that our corrupt leadership "hijacked" the atrocity. He says that 9/11 "has become an occasion for shame. And in its heart, the nation knows it."

Here's what I know, Mr. Krugman...

I know that you and your despicable kind have continued attacking America every day since September 11th, 2001. Personally, I think the "wedge" that ended the spirit of unity began with Hillary Clinton on the Senate floor, holding up a newspaper declaring "BUSH KNEW!" to help cover her husband's cheating ass for repeatedly failing to pursue terrorists, including letting Osama bin Laden slip through his fingers.

And then it was open season, whether it was Bill Maher praising the courage of the hijackers, Jeremiah Wright telling our nodding president-to-be that our "chickens have come home to roost" and "God DAMN America," or Whitehouse "Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones accusing George W. Bush of setting the explosives which allegedly brought down the twin towers.

You want "wedge issues," Mr Krugman? How about a president who refused to speak to the American people about a Ground Zero mosque...but days later told the guests at his Ramadan dinner that the mosque needed to be built in the shell of a building damaged by falling aircraft debris?! How about watching our nation's manned space program come to an end after Barack Hussein Obama declared that NASA's main mission is Muslim outreach?

How about Janet Napolitano warning that the people who should be watched for terrorist inclinations are veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan? How about Nidal Hasan screaming "Allahu Akbar" before brutally killing and wounding our military people, after which a general says that "diversity" mustn't be a casualty, and the president gives a joking "shout out" to a Native American political ally before mentioning, in an "oh, by the way" fashion, that there's been a massacre at Fort Hood?

And now the Left, which celebrates all things Islamic and has nervous palpitations when even contemplating profiling of any kind, routinely describes flag-waving "Mom and Pop" Tea Party members as barbarians, hijackers, hostage-takers, and terrorists?!

I pause now for a deep, cleansing breath...

Nope, it didn't work; I still taste harsh bile behind my gritted teeth.

So I'll just wrap this up with a quick summary. The attacks of 9/11 have never stopped...but now the majority of them come from the ideological Left. Inside and outside the media and the government itself. And I consider these enemies of our nation and freedoms to be far more dangerous than Al Qaeda was on its strongest day.

By the way, Krugman said he would not allow comments on his New York Times piece "for obvious reasons." I firmly believe that those obvious reasons are that he's a mewling, pontificating coward who knows that his anti-American opinions can't stand up to scrutiny or criticism...and is secure in the knowledge that he'll get neither at the New York Times.

If Paul would like to leave comments here, however, he's free to do so for obvious reasons: because our "fake heroes" genuinely fought and died to give him that ill-deserved privilege.



Christopher D Ross said...

I am 100% with you on that. It is sad that good men and women served, fought, and died for the freedoms that these ass jackals abuse to vilify the very people who gave them their rights.

"Liberal Conscience" is a bit of an oxymoron. I Do have to give him points for Creativity on the column title, if for nothing else. It takes quite a stretch of the imagination to believe they have anything close to a conscience (or integrity, ethics, etc.) these days.

And May God Bless the true heroes!

Also, I caught the George W. Bush 9/11 interview. It was great to hear him talk on his experience of that day and the days immediately following and really see the emotions in his eyes. No matter what anyone says, he was a good man who spoke from the heart (not just from a teleprompter) and did in his integrity, what he felt needed to be done.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

I think the best smack down we can give to putrid rat farts like Krugman is to elect a solid conservative in 2012 who will help remind us of our true nature and that we aren't finished leading the world in justice and prosperity quite yet. We need to be about the business of growing, thriving and doing the right thing so that we don't have time to focus on microscopic insects. Right now we hear them because they represent the very "leadership" of this country. We have to change that. Not just for the sake of our economic health and national security but for our emotional well-being also. We need to be reminded that America is still the shining city on a hill and not the moribund hulk that needs its decline managed. The next big-government (R) in line won't do. That is slow but certain death. We need the same boldness, humility and reliance on Divine Providence that guided our founders. We need it now.

Anonymous said...

I too read the piece of intellectual trash. It speaks volumes of the NYT management for allowing that to get into print, or perhaps in second thought, they are so callously capitalist that they’d put rash such as that in print for a few dollars more.
I also noted the column which would normally be open to comments was kept closed by this intellectual piece of trash. Very brave, very brave.

Deep down I wonder if he is not unlike the hateful, annoying kid in a school despised by most and who does the most annoying things for attention.

The good thing is he’ll have to live with what he wrote for the rest of his life. Perhaps someday he’ll understand what a shameful ting he’s done, and should that day come, I hope he chokes on it.

Earl said...

I read the piece and it is vile. While I was appalled at its sheer nastiness, I was more stunned by how it was the absolute opposite of all the thoughts and feelings I had about that day and time. My mind immediately went to the fact that Krugman (also a Nobel Prize winner like Obama) uses that same foul mind to denigrate conservative economic policies (free market) and promote the drivel that's coming out of the current whitehouse. No wonder nothing makes sense. These people are pathetic. And while Krugman won't accept online comments to his column, I hope the NYT gets a shitload of angry letters from across the country, but mostly from New Yorkers.

Anonymous said...

That's KruDman.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Hoosier Daddy: More than simply electing conservative leadership needs to happen. The media needs to be wrested from the hands of those the likes of George $oro$. No matter who is running things in Washington, liberal or conservative, as long as they have this indoctrinating tool at their disposal, we'll ever be fighting this battle. For that matter, the same can be said of our educational system...

Anon: You're applying the incorrect metric to the NYT. They are not capitalists; they're ideologues. They truly believe the crap Krugman vomits up. To them it's not opinion: it is fact. And anyone who pays for a subscription to such a rag is guilty of providing financial aid to the enemy...

Earl: I'd rather hope that the last of their truly American subscribers drop their subscriptions and demand refunds. Letters? Eh. They can ignore them. Money? Well, if enough of these "news" outlets go belly up, either $oro$ will go bankrupt trying to prop them all up, or, God willing, we'll be rid of them.

Pat said...

Thank you for posting exactly what I felt when I read his vile article. What has happened to the New York Times?

Anonymous said...

It is sickening the way the commies hijack every event and word, but effective. They are now saying tea partiers are treasonous. Dilute the word treason so people won't recognize it where is really applies.

I can't understand why anyone gives people who spout such vile and disgusting ideas any respect.

I commemorated 911 by totally ignoring the media.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

What does it tell you that the Nobel prize committee goes out of its way to award "peace" prizes to America-haters like Krugman, Obama, etc.?

Jim Hlavac said...

Mr. Krugman, I know some heroes that day, those heroes were friends of mine, I sat at family kitchen tables with those heroes; you sir, are no hero.

George Bush personally, quietly, without fanfare or press or politics invited all the kids and widows of the firemen lost to the White House for a picnic, (and most probably all the other groups, on different days, but it was so quiet you had to be on the inside track of info, which I was,) and he and Laura spent more than a few hours consoling people who had a wedge driven into their skulls in ways that Krugman apparently can't grasp.

Rudy Giuliani, Kerik, Pataki, and others, spoke at funerals the likes of which Krugman can't grasp, and again, it was quiet, without fanfare or politics, so you all never heard about it.

In the decade since 9/11, I spent 7 winters running the Phx AZ Youth Hostel; I just loved it when the truthers (or liars, your choice,) started with "there were no Jews killed," or explosives set in the columns or something; as I sat quietly for a few moments; as so many nodded and agreed, and then I'd say something like, "Well, now, let me all tell you some stories of that day ..." And well, I can demolish that crud from a mile away.

It just boggles the mind the way some of these people torture fact and reality into some bizarre fantasy that just makes no sense; and then cash in on it.

CenTexTim said...

When I first read Krugman's piece I thought it was satire. I couldn't believe a once-respected columnist at a once-respected newspaper actually believed such, such ... arrggghhhh ... words fail me. The fact that he won't allow comments tells you all you need to know about that sniveling weasel.

I wish I subscribed to the NYT so I could cancel it.

Andrew said...

Taking a look at steadily declining NYT subscription numbers, lots of people are doing exactly that--unsubscribing and writing off The Marxist Grey Lady. Pity, it was a great (and different) paper onceuponatime.

The irony of NYT mgmt taking their web site behind a subscriber-only firewall is that, even online, fewer people can view their mewlings, and their influence only declines further. Fewer views= lower ad rates, a biz plan just as moronic as their frozen-in-1968 politics.

One day soon we will read that the NYT, like once-great Newsweek, has been sold for a dollar. Paper pages will be re-sized with added perforations to fit all the standard birdcage sizes.

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, I don't know why you were surprised by this. For me, 911 was an occasion to give thought to what has happened to America since. But out of respect for those who had suffered personal loss far greater than myself, I thought it inappropriate to express those thoughts personally. Until now.

Krugman is correct, but only in the title of his piece, "Years of Shame". (And it is obvious why he's not allowing comments on his blog) How America has responded in the last 10 years to 911 is shameful, almost exactly how the Islamofascists hoped we would, resulting in a less free and prosperous America.

If "the right" exploited 911 for political gain, it's nothing compared to what the left actually achieved. 911 spurred a massive expansion of government mostly in the name of "security". Has Krugman already forgotten Tom Daschle's famous "You can't professionalize if you don't federalize" comment, as part of his cynical mission to instantly create tens-of-thousands of new government unionized jobs mere weeks after the event? The comment was so absurd, that it should have been a punchline instead of a policy goal. And yet, that was just the beginning.

I lost count of how many stories I've seen in the last week as to how 10 years after, our "first responders" are still unable to cross-communicate effectively because their communications technologies are incompatible, even though we've spend billions of dollars since 911 to theoretically solve that problem. 10-years and billions of dollar spent and we have the exact same problem?

We had Janet Incompetano declare "The system worked" when Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab purchased a one-way ticket with cash in Ghana, then sailed through security and boarded a Detroit-bound flight with no luggage. The "system" only worked in the sense that a Dutch businessman took it upon himself to beat Abdulmutallab into actual submission as he attempted to ignite his explosive underwear.

We've spent billions of dollars on "security" and have subjected countless grandmas in wheelchairs to endure body cavity searches, and yet the only reason that we're any safer is because alert private citizens now know that if they don't act on their own initiative, they will die. Almost everything else is multi-billion-dollar taxpayer supported theater.

Our borders are even more porous than they were 10 years ago. Again, billions of dollars spent, and yet it's still possible for jihadists to obtain legal US government issued visas, pay cash and board airliners, and then disappear once they leave the airport on US soil. (I'd go on about how our northern and southern borders are still insecure, but why bother hoofing it when coach on a 777 is so much easier, cheaper, and more comfortable)

10 years after the destruction of the World Trade Center, its replacement is still years away from completion. It took barely half that time to conceive, prepare the site and build the original. That it has taken so long post-911 is a testament to the dysfunction of the political system.

The shrillness of the left is even more galling in that their hero, the most Progressive President ever, has not only preserved nearly all of the policies of the Bush Administration that they still revile, but has actually extended them!

Freedoms Americans used to take for granted are under attack, or have been eliminated in the name of "security". Every time a unique American freedom gets squelched, we become just a bit more like regulated and controlled social democracies liberals like Krugman wish us to be. The real achievement of the left is that the generation now coming of age has only known a world of privacy invasions, body pat-downs, and government sponsored fear. It's all normal for them. Soon, a free America will be a quaint Normal Rockwell-ish memory only espoused by old-folks.

Pete(Detroit) said...

I cancelled my subscription to the Times before I subscribed to it

Anonymous said...

Amen! I refused to watch the 9/11 ceremonies. There are exactly two politicians I want to see on 9/11. George Bush and Rudy Giuliani! I watched the ceremonies before the football games and was pleased to see Bush at the Jets game and even more please Obama was no where to be found.

I couldn't stomach watching all the liberals down there pretending to care when they've done nothing but blame us since the planes hit the buildings. They seem to have forgotten what this is all about. We were attacked, brutally and without warning by people bent on our destruction. It's deadly serious, but they've turned it into a American guilt-fest.

It won't be soon enough when the politicians, celebrities and media vacate ground-zero and leave it to the people that it was actually built for. It also won't be soon enough when America wakes up and figures out the left and their ideology needs to go, for good!

Andrew said...

Turning it into a generic Anti-American Guilt Fest is all part of the stealth jihad plan...any/every battered wife can recite the drill.
First the violence, then misdirect the victim into self-doubt and asking herself as to how she can change to please the abuser better so the violence will stop.
The longer game plan is obviously to morph 9.11 into a generic day of national handwringing, confession and repentance for our unforgivable history of imperialist/capitalist/environmental sins.
Krugman's loathesome piece is stupid to those of us who know better, but it's a deliberate piece of The Morph Program, and fits perfectly into the Left's talking points to erase the Islamic attack and replace it with generic national shame. That's why Bloomberg deliberately excluded the firemen, EMTs, and cops from the ceremonies. They don't fit in the new National Day of Shame.
Watch as the actual victims are phased out of any mention, and 'diversity, coexistence, tolerance and embracing multiculturalism' become the main themes.

RainCloud said...

I almost did not read this post once I got to the word "Krugman". I almost never read anything that contains his name, and I especially don't read anything he wrote. Your giving him the honor of your attention is much more than he deserves.

Everything the left believes, when instituted, destroys or makes worse the thing it was supposed to “fix”. If there were any truth to the theory of evolution, the left would be extinct by now!

RainCloud said...

But, as you said, the cockroaches always manage to survive, somehow.

John the Econ said...

Okay, is there a reason my posts are dissapearing this morning?

Cookie said...

Well said, SJ! Well said, indeed.
God bless the USA!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- I loved your posts, and have no idea why Blogger's spam filter retroactively decided to move them to the spam folder. I've since restored your original post, and eliminated the duplicate post. Thanks for making me aware of this annoying problem. For the record, if ANYone posts and it disappears, please let me know. I don't nuke anyone's posts.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Great comments (as usual) above. I'm still shaking my head over the fact that the Bamster went to a soup kitchen yesterday as part of our new national "day of penance."

Earl said...

Just read on Drudge that Rumsfeld cancelled his description to the NYT after reading Krugman's "repugnant" article.

Marj the Truck Driver said...

It's a bad day when I think McCarthy might have been onto something.

Colby said...

The only way to get rid of hate mongers like Krudman is to vote with your money. When the NYT goes belly-up, he will be unemployed and I will be laughing my ass off.

My wife and I completely stopped watching network TV and buying newspapers years ago. I really believe if all true Americans would do this, we could rid ourselves of the daily dose of bile and bullshit. It was not easy, but now when I happen to flip to one of the "major" channels, the programming sucks and I'm glad I weaned myself off of it.

Yes, Soros has DEEP pockets, but even he would eventually go broke trying to bail out all the unprofitable papers and TV networks. May the NYT go the way of the Rocky Mountain News and so many others.

When I was a kid, people used to say, "If you don't love America, leave it!" That's for you, Krudman (and Wright, Mahrer, Garofalo, Moore, Kutcher, Pelosi, Soros, Behar, Biden, Obama....).

"Age of civility," my big ol' hairy butt!

Anonymous said...

"Bush did it!"

I heard it nearly constantly from one coworker for over a year. I'm not even sure how long I had the misfortune of working with him, but it was far too long. He was ill-informed, arrogant, freeloader, and state-dependent. He loved Michael Moore and quoted Bill Maher. He was also a thief and a liar - literally stole sales/commissions from coworkers and merchandise from the company.

Statists love these types of people. They have fallen so in love with the idea of 'big government' that they know more about 'the system' then maintaining their own existence. They are also excellent propaganda tools. They spout the nonsense literally created by the left and expose it as truth. They don't listen to reason, and they have their own 'evidence' as proof of their conviction.

The person I'm talking about is probably a 'proof concept' for the left. He also believes:

"The CIA confiscated videos of the missile attacks Bush ordered on the World Trade Center (and Pentagon) in order to photo-shop in images of 747s."
"Jet fuel can't burn hot enough to melt steel."
"There were never any hijacked planes."
"The people on the 'missing' planes aren't dead. They were given new lives by the CIA to perpetrate 9/11 and are staunch allies of Bush."

I had to hear these vicious lies on a near daily basis for over a year from an idiot who lived in his girlfriend's parent's house and deduced who to claim their child under for the best tax benefits. I had to hear his malicious and erroneous 'evidence' for over a year.

The truly sad part is the fact that some of the 'evidence' was based in the real world. It was not complete fiction. There was just enough truth to make it impossible to argue the ideology. At least to somebody like me who is not armed with the grace, patience, and force of will required to deal with pure, malicious ideologies.

These people won't go away. The ideology won't go away. Worse, they have control of the media and education systems. They have an army of union thugs ready to do the government's bidding; they've said as much. They try to vilify and demoralize. They protect themselves to feel superior, and they have no qualms doing horrible things to people they openly hate.

Here's a link to calm people's nerves a bit. Well, cry might be more apt. By the way if you're using Mozilla Firefox, you can highlight a link, right click, and click Open Link in New Tab even if it's not a 'hyperlink'.

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, thanks. Although I was going to re-post it paragraph-by-paragraph, so that I could see exactly which phrase or words it was that was offending the filtering gods. Would have been interesting.

John the Econ said...

And remember, liberal self-loathing is hardly a new phenomenon. To hear them tell it, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was our fault too.

Earl said...

@John the Econ. I'm going to try an experiment. Could it have been using the word die?

Earl said...

I guess not.

Earl said...

Dang. Rumsfeld cancelled his SUBSCRIPTION to the NYT, not his description. Sheesh. I'll just go away for now.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous (five above)- Great post. The devil mixes his lies with truth, and never more so than with the "truther" crap. Just recently I had someone forward a "definitive" little documentary to me, in which the toadlike Ed Asner presented all the "proof" that WTC7 was imploded by preset explosives. It was all horsecrap, of course. (Side note: the brother of one of my best friends had his marriage break up after he found out that Ed Asner had knocked up his wife. Nice move, Ed.)

@John the Econ- I've never been able to figure out Blogger's filtering mysteries. Glad we're squared away for now.

@Earl- Obviously the filtering trigger can't be "die" or we'd never be able to enjoy robust online discussions of Strauss's delightful musical work "Die Fledermaus."

Andrew said...

@John, extremely well said.
@Stilton, for whatever reason the entire comments section from yesterday's post has been vanishing and reappearing on and off since yesterday afternoon. Up as I type, not up earlier. Just FYI.

As for Krugman, when/if the NYT goes under, so long as he remains a serviceable Useful Idiot, Soros et al will always find a platform to install him on. And when Krugman's shrill dullardry wears out, there's no shortage of others--the system has raised a generation of them, who as John points out have had no experience of a free America in their short lives.

As for the 'Truthers' who prefer to believe that the attacks were all a government hoax, it's psychiatrically complex, but clearly it is psychologically easier and more comforting for them to believe that it's only bad old Bush and 'rogue' elements of the familiarly old 'bad' CIA at work.
The concept that much of their well intentioned kumbiyah world-peace worldview could be dangerously mistaken, that there are in fact billions of stupid yet determined Islamofascists eager to exterminate them and that this is the looming battle of our times is psychologically much scarier and unsettling for them to wrap their minds around.
This denial mechanism runs through the whole spectrum of liberal thought, a clinging to a craving for childlike reassurances that's only intensified by their hapless unpreparedness for any sort of actual(non-verbal) conflict.

CenTexTim said...

Stilton - re: "the Bamster went to a soup kitchen yesterday as part of our new national "day of penance."

No, it was part of his new American Jobs Act - you know, where he proposes 'innovative training programs' for unqualified individuals...

John the Econ said...

Perhaps Blogger's spam filter is smarter than we suspect. My guess is that it views any post with "Paul Krugman" in it more than once as crap.

Andrew said...

When I first typed 'Obama' back in 2008 my autospell kept trying to correct it to 'Abomination'.

Smarter than we think indeed.

badlarry said...

My mother always told me that if you can't say something nice about someone then you shouldn't say anything.

On the subject of Paul Krugman...

Jazz said...

Not that it matters even a half-hill of beans ...
but Krugman's Nobel prize was in Economics, his area of academic whatever. It may have helped with the prize selection committee that:

a) he is clearly on the side of government largesse -- AKA Keynesian "economics" ; and

b) he remains a globalist.

Should the NYT collapse, nobody need worry that Krugman will starve. He'll still have his job at Princeton to fall back on. If all else fails, I'm sure the folks in DC will consider him as "too (whatever) to fail" and will "bail him out" of any difficulties he may face.