Friday, February 3, 2012

Holy Crap

(Readers: In case the punchline is too obscure, Metamucil gives you "great regularity.")

We are living in an age of miracles. This week, a simple groundhog predicted the weather with every bit as much credibility as highly-paid government climate scientists... Mitt Romney got the endorsement of a monomaniacal reality show host with really, really bad hair and expected conservatives to be happy about it... and Barack "Damn, I Love Abortion" Obama attended the National Prayer Breakfast to try to convince potential voters that he actually looks up to God.

And you know what? We're not buying it.

Oh, Barry made the claim that he has "fallen on (his) knees with great regularity," but anyone who has ever seen his Mussolini chin thrust skyward knows that humility isn't exactly his strong suit (nor for that matter is he keen on dirtying the knees of his designer suits.)

And why would someone who brags about being devout sneeringly tell liberal donors behind closed doors that he sees other members of his alleged faith as "bitter" people who "cling to their religion?"

Now throw in the radical anti-American anti-White tirades of Obama's "spiritual mentor" Jeremiah Wright, and the president's well-known preference of golf to church, and it becomes fair to question whether this president is actually a Christian or just a (perhaps literally) damned liar.

Full disclosure time: Hope n' Change Cartoons isn't affiliated with any religion, but we deeply respect the faith of others - especially when that faith is exhibited in actions which help others and reflect strong and unapologetic morality.
But we certainly haven't seen that from Barack Obama.

So despite Obama's claims at the prayer breakfast that his policies are essentially identical to those of Jesus Christ (albeit with a lot more fines, regulations, backroom payoffs, and waivers), we're just not buying his shtick.

For one thing, every time he said anything good about Christianity at the prayer breakfast, he had to hurriedly point out the parallels to the glorious beliefs and teachings of Islam. And - oh yeah - Judaism, Hinduism, and the writings of Plato. The wisdom of Mormonism didn't come up, but the Bamster has probably already written off the vote from Salt Lake City.

Moreover, "love thy neighbor as thyself" was never intended to be written into the tax code as justification for redistribution of wealth (as B. Hussein suggested to his audience). And wasn't there a little something in the Bible about not coveting anything that belongs to your neighbor? Maybe Obama hasn't read that part yet - and it never came up in 20 years of Wright's screaming sermons.

Meanwhile, many Catholics are seething mad about Obama's so-called "War on Religion" which is forcing churchgoers and Catholic charities to accept abortion and birth control in violation of their beliefs...and in clear violation of the Constitution's First Amendment: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

But as is seemingly the case with his Bible, perhaps Barack Obama hasn't read that far into the Constitution yet.

Or, as is seemingly the case with his Bible, he's also lying about believing in the Constitution.



Anonymous said...

A Christian is one who worships Jesus as God and removes himself from the throne and allows Jesus to control his life. Obama worships himself as god and kicks Jesus off the throne and tries to make Jesus his puppet. On a scale of who is Christian, Obama falls somewhere between Judas, Hitler and Satan

Coon Tasty said...

Barack "My Muslim faith" Obama a Christian? Puhleeze. Only the wilfully stupid would believe that a man born to a Muslim father, raised in a Muslim country, and indoctrinated at an Islamic brainwashing centre a.k.a. "madrassa" could be anything other than a Muslim.
This explains the arrogance of The One. - He knows he has duped stupid non-Muslims into making him their supreme overlord.

Stan da Man said...

"preference of golf to church"
Balls (golfs balls, in particular) *I* sure as heck prefer Golf to Church - on the golf course, there's no one screaming at me, telling me what a sh*t I'm being.
WTF would ANY one not prefer golf to church?
Then again, I don't pretend to be any particular fond of organized religion, either...

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

If this wasn't an election year do you really think he'd be anywhere near that prayer breakfast? And I thought Clinton was a calculating piece of excrement.

Randy S said...

You guys just don't get it. Just as with his brilliant Obamacare and economic strategies where the problem lies not with the programs but with our slackjawed troglodyte inability to comprehend them, the solution is to keep telling us why they're good. Eventually we'll catch on as to why Rome crumbling in flames and riot is actually for us and is actually a sign of progress, our lyin' eyes be damned.

So, too, does he need to keep showing us how deeply rooted his faith really is. Eventually our blinders of ignorance and hatred will fall away and we'll slap our collective heads with the dawning realization of just how wrong we've been.

Then we'll shame-facedly admit what thankless clods we've been and that we made him and his cronies use up valuable time that could've been spent focusing on this country's problems instead of running around putting out small fires of protest. Oh, the wasted years! C'mon, comrades, get with the program! Just eat the Soylent Green and be grateful to have it! Sheesh.

Randy S said...

Whoops. That should've read "flames and riot is good FOR us," not "good us."

Randy S said...

Of course, the valuable time lost is actually time he lost to be on the golf course, hence his urgency for us to fall in line, but still...

Mike Porter said...

Someone sent me the following joke - seems appropriate here:

The Pope and Obama are on the same stage in Yankee Stadium in front of a huge crowd.

The Pope leans towards Mr. Obama and said, "Do you know that with one little wave of my hand I can make every person in this crowd go wild with joy? This joy will not be a momentary display, but will go deep into their hearts and they'll forever speak of this day and rejoice!"

Obama replied, "I seriously doubt that! With one little wave of your hand? Show me!"

So the Pope backhanded him and knocked him off the stage!

And the crowd roared and cheered wildly, and there was happiness throughout the land!

Paladin said...

I've noticed that those with deep abiding faith are usually the ones who don't feel the need to advertise.
Calm waters run deep. Shallow waters make a lot of noise.

Anonymous said...

He falls on his knees 5x a day, facing to Mecca...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- I like your perspective that Obama is trying to use Jesus rather than being used by Him. And again, let me make clear that today's cartoon and commentary aren't about theology, but rather about my belief that Obama is a calculating liar who is dismissive of religion in general (except for the one whose call to prayer is "the sweetest sound on Earth").

@Coon Tasty- I think Obama has great love and respect for all things Muslim, but I still doubt that he is a Muslim. That being said, I think it's far more likely that he's Muslim than Christian... but I think the likeliest scenario is that he holds himself above any faith which does not recognize him as the supreme being.

@Stan da Man- In fairness to the president, people don't have to be inside a church to worship. Then again, shouting "Jesus Christ!" after every bad shot on the golf course probably doesn't count as prayer.

@Angry Hoosier Dad- It's always an "election year" for Obama. He is the eternal candidate. But I agree that he'd never come near a prayer breakfast except for political expediency. Or, perhaps, to steal a donut.

@Randy S- You're right (as was Newsweek, apparently). We're just too dumb to recognize leadership and policy success when we see it, or to appreciate a genuinely inspiring servant of God. The devil is putting blinders on us.

@Mike Porter- What a beautiful and moving story. And I can't make any promises, but if the Pope would actually follow through and do that in real life, I'd seriously have to consider becoming Catholic.

@Paladin- Speaking seriously here for a moment, the Christians who have most impressed me in my personal life are those who clearly live their beliefs instead of trumpeting them from a soapbox. And let me be clear, I'm not saying that they hide their faith (nor should they!) Rather, actions really do speak louder than words, which is why I deeply respect people of true faith, and why I know in my heart that Obama is no Christian in any meaningful sense of the word.

@Anonymous- When I first read about Obama falling to his knees with "great regularity," I immediately thought of the timetable which requires Muslims to kneel on their prayer rugs and face Mecca at various times throughout the day.

And I toyed with making that the thrust of today's cartoon, but in the end my point is not to say that he's a Muslim...but that he's a cold and cynical liar.

My Dog Brewski said...

@ Mike Porter:
Great story. Not sure it would have worked with JPII but with the Kraut in the pointy hat...just maybe.

Jim Hlavac said...

He better be careful lest his allies, liberals, ACLU, and assorted "No church" folks sue him for looking to Jesus for guidance, or abandon him for having gone to the conservative side. Still, "regularly" could mean, oh, once a year. And God, Jesus, the prophets and the Apostles all said what they had to say without a teleprompter and with a lot less words than his "give it all to Caesar" ObamaCare, Dodd/Frank, and whatever other laws he put into place, which run to some 10,000 pages already. And Jesus would have cut the tax code down to the Sermon on the Mount size. So there's something very un-Jesus about Obama indeed. Let me know when he cures the ill instead of throwing them to a bureaucrat. And let me know when he walks on water, or even stops the rise of the oceans, as he so boldly claims to have done. What a putz.

Though, to hear some folks say, and if rumors be true, he's gotten on his knees a bit, but at a certain place in Chicago other than church, home or office.

Chuck said...

The only possible reason why he falls to his knees with great regularity would be that he can't tie his shoes properly and trips over the laces.

His attack right now is on the Catholics, but we are not the first to be attacked. Unless everyone rises up against his arrogance, all remaining faiths will have their turn. Religious faith gets in the way of oppressors. The First Amendment is being flushed down the toilet.

To be clear: islam is NOT a religion. It is a totalitarian political system designed to keep the masses under control by feeding the baser instincts of unprincipled men. The allah of islam is not God, or even god. Muhammad was no prophet; just a very crafty arab who knew well what would appeal to his kin.

Obama is his own god, there shall be no other before him. He serves himself and will throw anyone else under the buss when need arises … just look at his track record.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@My Dog Brewski- You're does work better now.

@Jim Hlavac- I think that Obama's supporters on the left are all comfortable with the idea that their president is lying about having any faith whatsoever and think it's a pretty good joke on the rubes.

As far as Obama's experience with kneeling, I think that Chicago place of worship was called "Man's Country."

@Chuck- You're right that this is far more than a Catholic issue. The First Amendment not only protects Freedom of Religion for you and others, but offers Freedom from Religion for those folks like me who are Golden Rule Secular Moral Absolutists. So when the government attacks the rights of Catholics, they're also attacking the rights of Jews, Muslims, Quakers, Mormons, Hindus, Agnostics, and Atheists.

And let's think about what the destruction of the First Amendment truly means: that the government can order you what to think or say. Not just in matters of faith - but in every aspect of our lives.

That's why this needs to be important to everyone.

Coon Tasty said...

@SJ - Yes, even if he's not a Muslim, he's dangerously, alarmingly sympathetic toward Islamism. I firmly believe that he will act in the interests of Islamic expansionism before he will act in the interests if the USA. And just watch him continue to tell the Israelis not to expect any support from the US.

Chuck said...

Maybe Øbama didn’t do such a “bad” thing after all … if it gets him out of the oval office! Here is an interesting read (especially the last few paragraphs):

Even our parish priest (who I think might well be liberal-leaning weenie … juries out on it right now) read a letter from our Bishop from the pulpit this past Sunday. You see, even the most corrupt and despotic priest draws the line at murdering the innocent unborn. I was at a Pro-Life rally last month – in the rain – and he was there. This is NOT negotiable. Sanctity of Life matters. Amen.

Take heart. Øbama may well be campaigning against himself … and to channel Martha Stewart, “That’s a good thing”.

P.S. Read the Dave Barry book “Big Trouble” for a fun take on Martha Stewart (in a small way, but it’s a lasting laugh for me) … or watch the movie. Both are laugh out loud Funny (with a capitol F).
I miss Dave Barry, btw.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Jim Hlavac (pronounce it?! I can't even SPELL it!): You missed the wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more part of his comments regarding his knees...

@Chuck: You left off "with the rest of the Constitution" after "flushed down the toilet". Øbama, the alleged constitutional law scholar, has no regard for that rag in total.

And I can understand why he likes golf: it's the only time he has any balls in his possession....

SC said...

Obama’s clearly fallacious religious statement reminds me of one that W made during his Presidency & the left lambasted him for it.

Shayne said...

Terrific cartoon and commentary, S. Thanks!

John the Econ said...

I should be used to it, but again I'm outraged at having my religion misinterpreted/used by a faux Christian as an excuse for outright thievery. For those who might be confused, Christ never suggested that the road to salvation merely consisted of allowing your taxes to be raised as part of any redistribution plot. (It's not for me to say, but I have little doubt that those who do make that assumption will have a very rude surprise in store come judgement day) More so, he certainly never said that your road to salvation consisted of petitioning the Romans to raise other people's taxes as part of any redistribution plot. In fact, he was quite clear on the point that envy and thievery were, in fact, sins.

Of course, leftists have always been quite free with the charity, as long as it has been paid for by someone else.

In 2009, the Obamas gave 5.9 percent of their income to charity, about the same as they gave in 2006 and 2007. In the eight years before he became president, Obama gave an average of 3.5 percent of his income to charity, upping that to 6.5 percent in 2008.

George W. Bush gave away more than 10 percent of his income each year he was president, as he did before becoming president.

Thus, in 2005, Obama gave about the same dollar amount to charity as President George Bush did, on an income of $1.7 million -- more than twice as much as President Bush's $735,180. Again in 2006, Bush gave more to charity than Obama on an income one-third smaller than Obama's.

In the decade before Joe Biden became vice president, the Bidens gave a total -- all 10 years combined -- of $3,690 to charity, or 0.2 percent of their income. They gave in a decade what most Americans in their tax bracket give in an average year, or about one row of hair plugs.

Of course, even in Biden's stingiest years, he gave more to charity than Sen. John Kerry did in 1995, which was a big fat goose egg. Kerry did, however, spend half a million dollars on a 17th-century Dutch seascape painting that year, as Peter Schweizer reports in his 2008 book, "Makers and Takers."

To be fair, 1995 was an off-year for Kerry's charitable giving. The year before, he gave $2,039 to charity, and the year before that a staggering $175.

In 1998, Al Gore gave $353 to charity -- about a day's take for a lemonade stand in his neighborhood. That was 10 percent of the national average for charitable giving by people in the $100,000-$200,000 income bracket. Gore was at the very top of that bracket, with an income of $197,729.

When Sen. Ted Kennedy released his tax returns to run for president in the '70s, they showed that Kennedy gave a bare 1 percent of his income to charity -- or, as Schweizer says, "about as much as Kennedy claimed as a write-off on his 50-foot sailing sloop Curragh." (Cash tips to bartenders and cocktail waitresses are not considered charitable donations.)

In 2006 and 2007, John McCain, who files separately from his rich wife, gave 27.3 percent and 28.6 percent of his income to charity.

In 2005, Vice President Cheney gave 77 percent of his income to charity.

What charitable people these liberals are when it's with other people's money.

John the Econ said...

Speaking of jackassery, squishy-elect Romney continues to demonstrate his cluelessness as he continues to hand the ready-and-waiting class warriors at the Obama camp free sound-bites.

First, I have little doubt that he cares any more for my plight than "the poor".

Second, as a mea culpa to the first, he instead demonstrates his utter lack of understanding of conservative principles by suggesting that the "minimum wage" should be pegged to inflation. Well, isn't that special?

Any conservative with at least a high-school understanding of economics should know exactly how destructive the minimum wage is for those at the bottom of the employment scale, mainly teenagers, nearly half of which in many communities remain unemployed.

Nope. Instead of taking advantage of some "teachable moment" like Reagan, or even Gingrich would have, he instead makes another socialist plank a part of his platform. Way to go. Once again, the squishies are poised to save us from absolutely nothing. Are you all getting ready for ObamneyCare?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Coon Tasty- B. Hussein definitely sports a little wood for all things Islamic. And how bizarre is it that his Secretary of Defense just "happened" to mention the window in which Iran should be preparing for an Israeli attack?

@Chuck- I hope that this issue will hurt Obama, but I'm not convinced it's the case. And it's a HUGELY important issue, not just for people of faith, but for anyone concerned with the meaning and quality of life. (Hint: that SHOULD be everyone, but probably isn't).

Regarding Dave Barry, he's still a funny sonofagun (I enjoy his annual "year in review" article) but I miss his weekly columns. He's writing young adult books these days, including a pretty well-reviewed series about Peter Pan (which he co-authors with someone else who I'm currently too lazy to look up). He produced a boatload of quality work in his time, and if he wants to slow down he deserves it. But I wish that we had more funny material like his to laugh at these days. (And by the way, if you liked "Big Trouble," check out some books by Dave Barry's buddy and fellow Miami-an Carl Hiaasen. Good stuff!)

@Emmentaler- Obama is a constitutional scholar in much the same way an oncologist is an expert on cancer. In both cases, they use their knowledge to destroy the target of their interest.

@SC- There is absolutely nothing holier to the Left than hypocrisy.

@Shayne- Thank you, Shayne. I worried about sticking my neck too far out in this arena...but I'm not going to waste anyone's time by being too cautious, or less than honest. And I'm deeply gratified that everyone commenting today clearly knows where I'm coming from.

@John the Econ- Thanks for the great breakdown on charitable giving. I think it says a lot about people's actual beliefs versus their lip service.

And regarding Romney, his continuing gaffes are literally making me sick to my stomach. He's not just expressing himself poorly - he's demonstrating that he doesn't appear to have either a great grasp of, or fondness for, real conservatism.

I'm hoping that he will magically turn sharper, smarter, and more conservative soon. But sadly, I'm not expecting it.

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, yeah, "magic". It's pretty much our only hope.

Mark Steyn had a great quote the other day about where Obama and the squishies are taking us: ...the main purpose of these dysfunctional labyrinths ever more disconnected from any genuinely free market seems to be to discredit the very concept of a "private" system and thus soften up the electorate for statist fixes. I've argued for years in these pages that governmentalized health care fundamentally transforms the relationship between citizen and state in ways that make it all but impossible to have genuinely conservative government ever again. But at least the Canadian and British systems have the saving grace of an equality of awfulness. Both Obamacare and, alas, Romneycare seem designed to combine the worst aspects of the Scottish NHS and America's present third-party pseudo-market — and thus a scale of bloated, bureaucratic, inflationary capriciousness unknown to human history.

We're on the precipice folks. Will there be any big difference between 4 more years or Obama or 4 years of Romney? I really don't think so.

Michael Haltman said...

It is truly unbelievable how this man will go to any lengths to attempt to deceive the American public, and now it is with his "spirituality."

The people cannot be that dumb can they?

If you are interested I posted some Saturday morning cartoons at The Political Commentator here:


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

John the Econ- As usual, Steyn's words ring distressingly true. And I remain convinced that even a Romney presidency would have to be better than 4 more years of Obama (keep in mind that without the need to run for re-election, Second Term Obama could make First Term Obama look good). But "better" is a very low bar to cross, thanks to the depths this administration has sunken to. And "better" is not good enough.

@Michael Haltman- I wish I could say that people weren't stupid enough to be fooled by Obama. But they have been, they are, and they will be.

Nice collection of cartoons at your link - thanks for sharing!

pryorguy said...

Obama knows so little about Christianity it is laughable if not so sad! But, let me add: most of us here remember that 'old time religion' thing we grew up with, but if you are not aware, we are living in a 'post-modern' world now, where that 'old time religion' doesnt cut it anymore, at least not in the minds of those who are embracing post-modern thought.

Obama is just another example of not only a person ignorant of the traditional teachings of the bible, but he is espousing the 'new' line of doctrine that is more and more prevalent in our culture, a doctrine that, if followed, will sound very similar to 'social justice'.

Earler, someone mentioned how Obama used the verse "love thy neighbor" to support his redistribution of wealth ideas. This is a perfect example of how post-modern thought has affected how people read the Word of God. It's being taught in many christian churches and is a very relativistic point of view. I agree with all the great comments today, just my 2 cents worth!

Loved the pope and obama story too, if only it were true!

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, the net effect of a Romney term will be the same as it was for the Bush terms; The continued neo-Keynesian meddling & micro-management of the economy and continued crony capitalism. He honestly believes that he can "fix" what is wrong, not by getting the government out of the way, but by more tweaking of the existing tax code and regulations. This makes him fundamentally little different than Obama. We will continue to muddle along like Japan and the Euro-socialists with >8% unemployment and <2% growth. Like with the financial meltdown post-Bush, the left will label this as a failure of "capitalism" when it's nothing of the sort.

An aside: I just got a "chain" email titled "UK Cartoons" from a friend with a collection of "Hope n' Change" cartoons attached. The email says they come from a paper in the UK, and represent "British humor". Jeeze, some people can't even give Americans credit for being funny anymore...

Michael Haltman said...

My pleasure and thanks for stopping by.

Pete(Detroit) said...

John, my Dad sent me that same email, I was pleased to set him straight.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, a devotional-reading from this morning (written 15 yrs. ago) aptly explains the difference between the Bible and Obama on this issue. It read: "Scripture differs from Socialism in that, with the latter, the individual relinquishes control of his assets, to be allocated by the state. Christian teaching deals with an attitude whereby you view all you are and have to be at the disposal of Christ, but you maintain responsiblilty for stewarding your assets. The good news is God gives to you alone the task of stewarding your resources. The bad news is, you must answer to God for your decisions relating to same."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pryorguy- Lately, it seems like everything is post-modern, post-moral, and post-logical. And whether it's coming from Obama or someone in the pulpit, I don't want to hear religion used as an excuse for forced redistribution of wealth, or subjugation of our freedoms.

@John the Econ- What can I say, other than that I agree. Romney sounds like he wants to "fix" things which should be discarded entirely. And that's not good news.

Regarding the cartoon email you received, it's natural for even the British to assume that I'm a native son with a name like Stilton. Plus, of course, I do have an actual title: in liberal circles I'm known as a "Royal Pain in the Ass."

@Pete(Detroit)- Hey, I don't mind if people think Hope n' Change is big in England. I think it gives this blog a certain international flair, don't you?

Anonymous- Excellent addition to this discussion. Thank you for sharing!

John the Econ said...

@Anonymous, I'd take it a logical step further; that simply relinquishing control of your wealth to the government to do "Christ's work" in stead of your doing so would in itself, be a sin. We all know how the government abuses our hard-earned assets, often to evil ends.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- To me, thinking that you're doing "good work" by trusting the government to do what's right with your money is like the old practice of "buying indulgences" in the bad old days of the church.

As "A Clockwork Orange" teaches us (brilliantly, in my opinion) morality isn't based solely on what you do... it's based on why you do it.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Got a survey from the RNC yesterday, asking for opinions (yes, no, no opinion) on several different points, and wound up asking for donations. I checked 'other', wrote in $0 and in the space for card info wrote 'not one dime for RINO dusche bags.'
Will it matter? Probably not - but it felt good.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pete(Detroit)- I hate those letters, with their preposterous push-poll questions leading up to "send us your money." They always go straight into the trash.

When I receive an honest and open appeal for a donation, I'm much more likely to consider giving money if they're not playing games with me.

pryorguy said...

Holy Crap is right!!

Following up with my comment of Saturday on the 'new thought' of christianity...this is, briefly from American Thinker, Jon Hall...

America is a Christian nation, or so some would like to believe. But, just as in Europe, traditional religion is losing its sway in America, and a substitute religion is taking hold. This new religion, however, doesn't have much to do with God.

Nowadays, America's real faith is the "religion of self." As the late poet R. P. Dickey once observed, "[p]eople walk around acting immortal." They sashay about as though they were gods. If fewer folks celebrate Mass, then they certainly celebrate themselves.

He goes on to say the god he is speaking of is 'pro sports', but it includes many other areas of interest.

Colby said...

Da Won is a Christian much like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright are "Christians." You notice how much THOSE guys try to spread the word about Jesus, and humble themselves during the process?

Nope... not a Christian, Not an anything else either, except an Obamunist.

Anybody out there who read the "Left Behind" series? Does BO remind you of Nicolae Carpathia? That thought scares the crap out of me!