Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Civil Writes Protest

When news came out that a third "Fast & Furious" gun had been used in the brutal killing of US Patrol Border Agent Brian Terry, and the gun had subsequently been hidden by the Justice Department to disguise their involvement, people wanted to know "where is Eric Holder" to give answers?

When the New Black Panthers recently put a price on the head of George Zimmerman, the man accused of shooting Trayvon Martin, law-abiding folks again asked "where is Eric Holder? Why isn't he
arresting those people?"

And only days ago, when a white man was
beaten nearly to death by a mob of blacks using chairs, pipes, and paint cans in the name of "justice for Trayvon," people again found themselves asking "where is Eric Holder?!" And now we know.

He was busy filing a
far more important legal action: in this case, suing the city of Jacksonville, Florida for requiring black firefighters to take the same written exams as every other firefighter in order to qualify for promotions.

The Justice Department argues that the tests have "disparate impact" on black firefighters because those firefighters get
significantly lower scores than white firefighters...and therefore, the results can only be explained by racism, and such testing needs to be stopped immediately. Based on this logic, we assume that Mr. Holder will also be filing suit against the SAT testing service, since Asians tend to score better than other ethnic groups...and therefore that test must be racist.

Unless, of course, it isn't - and instead reflects things like how hard someone has studied, the quality of their education, and - just possibly - their innate mental ability. And all three of those qualities should be legitimate concerns when weighing leadership positions within life-and-death professions like firefighting.

Hope n' Change finds it unacceptable that Mr. Holder would assert that in the 21st century, with one black man as president and another as Attorney General, African-Americans are simply incapable of competing scholastically with other ethnicities.

On the other hand, if he's
right it might explain why Holder previously pronounced Arizona's immigration law unconstitutional without ever having read it.

Maybe he thought he

Hey, if you were named Venkataratnam Narasimha Rattaiah,
you'd grow up to be a good speller too.



BS Footprint said...

Only in a topsy-turvy, upside-down, rabbit-hole world could 0bama and Holder be considered black. Not that skin color matters to me -- competence is the only thing that matters. I'll leave it up to the supremely capable HopenChange readers to pass judgment on that front.

Pete(Detroit) said...

OK, gonna take the low road and riff on Indians for a minute. I know most of us have called an 800 number for 'help' and spoken to "Dave" or "Linda" who they could barely understand, and received NO "help" what so EVER...
I used to work for a major retail chain that made the amazing decision to take their internal help desk (the one stores called to fix issues w/ coupons that didn't work, printers that didn't, registers not ringing - you know, the small shit that has NO customer impact... anyway, they shifted it from people who had YEARS w/ the company (often coming up from the stores) to a) a local 'pimp house' who at least had the decency to offer the 'old' people their same jobs (at 1/2 pay). Then, when that didn't work out, they shipped it to India. I was working the 2nd level team at the time - you know, when after 6 hours on the phone they realize you actually have a REAL problem, and call in the "experts"? Yeah, that was me... ANY way, the company did not subscribe to making them take fake 'western' names, and I'm Ok w/ that. But at a meeting I actually suggested that we issue them numbers, so we had clue one who we were talking to? Suhresh, Sukesh, Suteth would ALL sound distinct if they had numbers after them. They can even pick their own, I don't CARE!!! I just want to know who the hell I'm talking to!!! (hint - code them, odd for guys, even for girls, because I can't even GUESS at "Avindar's" gender...
Unless it's Grace John - SHE was totally famous. And not in a good way. Like she had the Shi'das touch. Like King Midas, you know, only a different substance was produced (shudder).
Anyway, more to the point of the day, I'd LOVE to give the AG a number, too - tattooed on his forearm... Effing jackass.
BS like this is why my brother is not a fireman. He was 6'3", 215, and could haul a hose up and a dummy down a 30' ladder in good time. He was beat out in trials by a 5'2" 225 lb woman (of unreported skin color) who had difficulty carrying a bag of flour (representing a baby) DOWN a ladder, much less any thing UP it. So she, who has ZERO chance of saving my life, has the task of doing so. He, who COULD do so, was encouraged to seek other options.
My tax dollars at work.

Pete(Detroit) said...

And yes, before anyone asks, I *have* seen a number tattooed on a forearm. I was working at a major fast food chain, WAYYY back in the day. An elderly woman came in, placed her order. I saw the tattoo, almost asked about it, and realized what it must be. I was tempted to promo her lunch, for free, but didn't want to embarrass her. I let it go, uncommented, un-noted.

Except in my nightmares....

I am torn b/n the dichotomy that a) there are / were such d-bags out there as to treat people like that, and
b) there are people out there that are such d-bags that they DESERVE to be treated like that...


NOT that I mean(t) to shut down / bum out the thead... Please, people, the standard snipes, japes and good humor to brighten the mood!

Pete(Detroit) said...

BS - When BO was running in '08, I commented to my (famous leftard) brother that based on his (BO's) life experiences (growing up in Indonesia / Hawai'i, freebies to Columbia and Harvard, etc, etc) he HARDLY qualified as "black"...
"That's the most RACIST thing I've ever HEARD!!!!"
Ummmm, Skuze Meeeee..
I find the color of his skin the LEAST important thing about him, yet somehow *I* am the "racist"? How does that effing WORK, exactly?
Never heard back from him on that one...

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Tired but true: "When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

Earl said...

Used to work for a major city fire department. At some point along the way, fire fighters also had to become EMT's. Reading skills became very important (wouldn't YOU want your EMT to be able to read the label on the bottle of whatever he was going to plunge into your body with a syringe?) Anyway, minorities were failing EMT training in droves because of their poor reading skills. We recommended reading tests PRIOR to the year-long training as a way to reduce the wasted training costs. I think it was about $1 million per recruit. But no, our smart city attorneys said that would cause disparate impact and be racist. Meanwhile, women were being hired using much reduced physical standards for pulling hoses and carrying dead weight. And due to the allegedly racist Civil Service Tests, blacks, hispanics and whites were hired from three separate lists with no concern for test scores. And all of this nonsense was the result of liberal judges on all courts, especially the Supreme Court. That's why I will always vote for the person who convinces me he/she will nominate proven conservative, strict constructionist judges. It became my single most important voting issue.

Colby said...

Pete, I feel your pain and share your disdain for that jackass Holder. What the hell!? Why are white people still required to make amends for slavery? I know this sounds blunt and even racist, but sorry, I was not your great great grandpappy's "massa."

Holder has learned well at the feet of HIS massa, BO. Make big deals out of small things to drag scrutiny away from the real issues. Iran building nukes? Sue Arizona. Egypt falling to the Muslim Brotherhood? Sue Jacksonville. Economy going down in flames? Talk about Romney's dog.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Pete: The Indians have organized. No kidding. They've got unions and the like now. Most of the services you rant about ("Betty" from that credit card commercial comes to mind...) are being re-sourced to places like the Philippines. So what for "Dave's" and "Linda's" accents to change, if they haven't already... (What's FMEH?)

To your point, I was listening to Andrew Wilkow yesterday, and he was going off on the incident. Some obviously black man called and accused Wilkow of being racist because he was so enraged by "the brothers" taking it out on some "crackers" but not about the Trayvon killing. Wilkow called him out on the terms he used, and this guy just couldn't get it through his head that HE was using racist terms. I swear, there is something wrong - seriously wrong - with most people today. I think their dain bramaged... (Of course some obviously white guy called and spouted off that we all need to let the "black man whip us for a while because of what was done almost 200 years ago to black people here; and that black people are justified in killing all of our children. I think he was off his meds.)

@Stilton: What Holder is trying to do in Florida is not new. It has been done many times over - as Pete indicates in his anecdote. It is part and parcel of affirmative action aka codified reverse discrimination. The affected folks are not inferior or defective; they've simply never had to compete before. And Holder is just making sure that they still don't have to.

Eric Holder is the most corrupt attorney general this country has ever experienced. But why should we expect him to be any different from the remainder of this administration?

@Colby: Amen. I'm well acquainted with my family history. My mother's side came from Ireland in the early 1900's. No slave holders there. My father's line goes directly back to the Pallatine Germans who were brought here as ship builders in the 17th century; our family name traces to a gentleman who landed in RI in the early 17th century and settled in New York. No slave holders identified in that genealogy, either; universally northerners. Yet I am somehow responsible for the actions of unrelated people, the last of whom must have died over 100 years ago? And show me one living person who was a slave in the US back then? No-one? Huh! So what, exactly are we to make reparations for? There's no-one left alive to whom reparations are owed.

In any case, "people of color" as they like to represent themselves, enjoy a much higher standard of living here than they do in any other nation on the planet. They have the availability of free education, rent, food, whatever, apparently, they want; whether or not they choose to work for it. And somehow we owe them something more? Please...

My Dog Brewski said...

@ Emmentaler:
Not only are you and all whites responsible to pay up for sins of the past, we are responsible in perpetuity. But it's only money. We'll just print more.

mlester101 said...

We were promised a "post-racial America". We got reparations.

Great cartoon. Great post. Sharing.


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@BS Footprint- Competence is the only thing that matters. And no one is helped when race is used to advance someone who is less than competent. And yes, mr. president, I'm talking about you.

@Pete(Detroit)- Great posts. Regarding Indian call centers, I hate having to interact with them, but it's not because the people on the other end are Indian (I applaud them for working). But between the language barrier and the support person's limited authority to help, it's a predictably frustrating experience.

Your brother's experience is emblematic of what happens far too often these days. When organizations fear government lawsuits more than they worry about saving lives, their priorities have gotten dangerously (but understandably) out of whack.

And regarding the numbers tattooed on forearms, it's not that far-fetched to see a similar mindset in the Obama administration. They want to dehumanize the individual at all costs, and categorize people as being interchangeable members of a demographic group.

@Angry Hoosier Dad- Perfect summary of how Holder sees the world. Race should never have entered into the Black Panther voter intimidation case - yet Holder wouldn't act against "my people." He's recently blamed racism for criticisms raised against him and the president. Every problem is seemingly caused by racism, and every solution involves bigger, more intrusive government. Holder is a one-trick pony whose one trick stinks on ice.

@Earl- Thanks for sharing from your personal experience. Those kinds of stories (like that of Pete) trump anecdotes from unknown sources, and give a wonderful glimpse at how policies are really implemented in the real world. If Eric Holder is ever trapped in a fire, I hope he is aided by those who best meet his criteria.

@Colby- Holder's opening shot against America when taking office was to declare us a "nation of cowards" when it comes to discussing race. Which is why I choose to do Holder the honor of not being a coward and saying that slavery is dead and buried in this country, and every conceivable legitimate reparation has already been made...and quite a bit more.

I am fiercely against racism and prejudice... but that includes racism and prejudice directed at me and others like me. The conditions that Black America finds itself in can not, and must not, be blamed on white people as a race anymore. But quite a bit of blame can be legitimately aimed at liberals (of all colors) who force African-Americans to trade their votes, their futures, and their freedom for government handouts.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Emmentaler- It's funny how many black people claim they can say any damn thing about a white person and claim it's not racism because "racism can only be perpetrated by the dominant ethnicity." Well here's a wakeup call: when you share the ethnicity of the president and the Attorney General, your group is in charge, so it's time to clean up your act. You stinking racists.

And "disparate impact" is just another tool in the same old "affirmative action" toolbox. Recently, the government has been making noises about making employers drop criminal background checks from their screening procedures because (surprise!) it has a "disparate impact" which serves to eliminate too many blacks. But criminality isn't an ethnic quality, and I'm not going to let any individual - or any government - tell me otherwise. (Which again, oddly, makes me the "racist.")

Finally, you mention your family history - and it's a very common one. Most white people aren't descended from slave holders, and have nothing to apologize for. And don't give me the argument that "all white people have benefitted from a society that black slave labor was used to build." Sorry, but that cotton boll is rotten and always has been.

@My Dog Brewski- Excellent point. Fake sins repaid with fake money... until we all take the real fall headed our way.

@mlester101- America is a long way from being post-racial, but Obama could have actually ushered in an era of race relations that was post-bullshit, in which honest questions and answers were finally aired. We need to have a national discussion about the failures of the Great Society programs, the failures of the Black community and family, and an education system which cripples and enslaves those who are trapped without choices.

That Barack Obama refused to do this, and instead preached class and race hatred for his own political gain, will always be one of the great tragedies of his administration.

txGreg said...

@Emmentaler, at the risk of mis-stating Pete's acronym, I'll leave the "F" up to your imagination and guess the rest of it is "Me Even Harder." (there are other acronyms that use those letters, but that one fits the tone of any reasonable comments on this administration)

Hmmm, I think I now have a new slogan for President Obama's campaign: "Obama 2012: FMEH"

Mike Porter said...

I recall a number of years ago seeing an interview with Gloria Steinem in which she spouted her usual sexist blather. At one point she bemoaned the unfairness of standards for firefighters as concerns upper body strength, and made an unsurprisingly ridiculous argument in support of her position: we're told that in the event of a fire, stay as low to the floor as possible to minimize smoke inhalation. Now, the fireman's carry places you far from this recommended position, and so it is better to be dragged from a burning building. Ergo, said standards are insidiously codified sexism.

I can only guess that Mzzzzz. Steinem has some experience with this issue, and was probably dragged from a burning building feet first down several flights of stairs. That would explain a lot. Of course, we all know this most likely isn't the case since we won't find blunt trauma to be the root cause of all the idiocy lurking about these days. Regardless, I sure wish these zombies would just quit wasting good air.

txGreg: For My Every Hurt, there is Federally Mandated Even Handedness... such that Far More Evil Hails for those Feckless Meat Eating Hoards than for Feeble Minded Exit Holes who cry for Obama to FMEH.

Gang of One said...

@ Stilton and Colby -- here is a link to a rather good essay about the need and demand for an honest discussion about race.

@ Mike Porter -- One of my favorite philosophers,Dr. Kelly Ross, has this amazing essay/take-down on the intellectual barrenness of post-modern feminism.

And then there is this magnificent essay about the feminization of the West.

All of it is sobering and chilling.

Cookie said...

I'm shocked that the beating of the man in Alabama isn't being investigated as a hate crime. Seriously?
Many years ago my husband applied for a job but wasn't hired. A few days later, he talked to the man who interviewed him. My hubby was told that he had definitely been the best qualified and the one they really wanted to hire, but due to affirmative action, they had quotas to fill. They ended up hiring a Native American woman with a disability. That filled three quotas! The man said they had no choice. I have no aversion to Native Americans (my brother is one), women (I'm one) or the disabled (my son is one); but I do have an aversion to reverse discrimination and employers not having the ability to hire the best person for the job. *sigh*
I digress...I just know that we need to get Obama, Holder and all the other losers out of power. If we don't, we are pretty much doomed.

Pete(Detroit) said...

As much as I LOVE Stilton's Eff Me Even harder (and the others) it's actually meant to convey a noisy expression of disgust, somewhere b/n a snort and a grunt....

Pete(Detroit) said...

Stilt - you are absolutely correct wrt Indians in call centers - I'm dangerously close to hating the players, when I should be hating the game.

Colby said...

Something to ponder...

When I criticize the president or the AG, I am labeled a racist. But, I am NOT critical of their RACE; I'm critical of their STUPIDITY. Does that make me a stupidist? A moronist? A hypocritist? A communistist?

From now on, when I hear a liberal criticizing Alan West or Herman Cain, I'm going to call them racist and see how they like it.

Gang of One said...

@ Colby -- West and Cain have been criticized, mocked and demonized by many on the Left. That c**t Janeanne Garofalo comes to mind when she arrogantly posited that blacks like West and Cain are nothing but sell-outs to the white power structure because they don't hold the conventional oppressed/victim mind-set. There is no truth that an illiberal Leftoid won't spin and deny. Here is a gathering of Youtube vids of that twat mouthing off:

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@txGreg- The problem with "Obama 2012: FMEH" is that so many liberals would enthusiastically embrace the slogan.

@Mike Porter- I hadn't head the Gloria Steinem "logic" before about the importance of having firefighters drag you by the feet. It's jaw-dropping and unsurprising at the same time.

And FMEH was a new one on me, but the Urban Dictionary defines it as a "Grunting declaration of recognition among tribal drinkers, derived from a word first used in the comic-book version of the Speilberg movie "1941".
Sometimes preceeded by the words "Hoo Hah!"

@Gang of One- I went to the link on an honest discussion about race, and the article looks great. It's also long, and I haven't had time to read it all yet - and want to give it the time it deserves. I'll check out your other links, too!

@Cookie- Affirmative Action is a nightmare and a quota system, pure and simple. I know so many stories like that of your husband (including within my own family). And this is why it's critical that we get Obama out of office ASAP; if he's able to stack the Supreme Court further, there will be little hope of ever escaping this madness.

@Pete(Detroit)- Hey, it was txGreg who suggested "Eff Me Even Harder," although I'll admit I admired the directness and underlying kinetic quality of his phrase.

Suzy said...

I'm sick of black people being too stupid to realize they're being dissed by their own people. I wouldn't appreciate it if somebody said white people are too stupid to take firefighter tests!!!! The only answer is that they LIKE being the "victim" because its the easy way out. And we've seen a lot of black people enjoying victimhood lately. And its sickening.

The other thing that's sickening is that, frankly and honestly, there are a lot of non-racist people who are being forced by our government and by our media to become racist. This is the most racist government we've ever had in our history. And yes, IMHO, that includes Civil War Era. Its just a different manifestation, and different races, but its the same. And if blacks could enslave whites tomorrow....mark it down...they would.

And I'm not racist. But I'm tired of the racism. I try not to "see color" but when MY color is constantly being pointed out, it becomes difficult to maintain color blindness across the board.

CenTexTim said...

From Thomas Sowell:

"If you have always believed that everyone should play by the same rules and be judged by the same standards, that would have gotten you labeled a radical 60 years ago, a liberal 30 years ago, and a racist today."

For those of you not familiar with Thomas Sowell, he is an economist, author, columnist, social theorist, political philosopher, and Rose and Milton Friedman Senior Fellow on Public Policy at the Hoover Institution at Stanford. He was born in North Carolina in 1930, grew up in Harlem, graduated with a bachelor's degree from Harvard, a Master's from Columbia, and a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago.

He is also black (not that it matters - or should matter).

Sowell's works are among my favorite reads. If you're not familiar with them, do yourself a favor and check them out. You'll be impressed...

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Stilt: I, too, found that definition. Just thought there should be a deeper meaning. Like that Fornicate [with] Me Even Harder that was offered up, which seemed a reasonable definition, all thing considered :o)

No, I guess it wouldn't be [with] Me. That implies complacency. Hmmm. Add [against my will] after ME, and I think we have the flavor of it in more, ahem, "sociable" terms...

Earl said...

Oops. Just reread my comments and have no idea why the figure $1 million popped into my head for training costs. Seems it was more along the lines of $100K. Even so, a chunk of tax payer money for someone who ends up fired because they can't perform the job.

Earl said...

Me again. And that was over 20 years ago.

pryorguy said... said,
"From now on, when I hear a liberal criticizing Alan West or Herman Cain, I'm going to call them racist and see how they like it."

I totally agree with you, but the racists won't give a rats butt. They will think they are justified in their warped little world! There is definitely been a major shift in some people's thinking which is kinda scary...mainly because I share the same planet as they do!

txGreg said...

"...justified in their warped little world!"

For a current example of this, I commend to you this story from Hot Air:

Take a look at the link to the story (on Gawker) about Mitt Romney and Sean Hannity "bantering" to see just how self-deluded their little minds can be.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Suzy- Holder isn't saying that blacks are too stupid to take the tests, but he's saying that if they don't score as well the reason must be racism. Personally, I think that the actual answer is more likely to be neither racism nor innate mental ability, but instead the failings of the educational system as it serves (or more accurately fails to serve) the black community. But the answer to that is to improve the education system - not to drop the standards for firefighters or anyone else.

And I agree with you that this current administration is tremendously racist...and would like to further institutionalize racism as public policy.

@CenTexTim- I'm a member in good standing of the Thomas Sowell fan club. He's brilliant - and oh, how I wish more people were listening to him.

@Emmentaler- The additional verbiage may not be necessary, as there is built-in ambiguity contined in the f-word which might imply either a consensual process or an aggressively intrusive act of an unwanted nature.

@Earl- Apparently you were simply accounting for inflation. And your numbers were still closer to reality than any estimates the government makes.

@pryorguy- But there's a Catch-22; nobody can be accused of being a "racist" for condemning Alan West or Herman Cain, because - by virtue of their conservatism - they are no longer "black." And I wish I was making that up.

@txGreg- Interesting story, and here's a clickable link to it.

Gang of One said...

@ Stilton and Suzy -- while I agree that by and large the public education system in this nation has severe flaws, I have the honor and privilege of teaching in a very decent northern NJ public high school. And while I still have to ferret out some of the left-leaning teaching materials and even add counter balance to it, I have to make an emphatic point: it is not just the flaws and failures of the public indoctrination curriculum, but that there is a major cultural influence in most of the black and Hispanic communities that fail to set education as a priority. Asians [Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Indians -- Sikhs and Hindus] drum education and discipline into their kids. The other cultures do not. Rap/gangsta swag and reclamation of Aztlan seem to be the driving force of our black and Hispanic minorities.
When I was doing my Masters of Science in Special Education and General Education, I had the eye-opening experience of taking classes with black and Hispanic teachers who corroborated the not-so-urban myth that education, to blacks and some Hispanics, is a whitey thing; education is to be rejected because it conflicts with some ethnic mind-set that believes education is just another white-power-structure imposition on the perennially oppressed classes.
Until this mind-set is banished, blacks and Hispanics will lag behind.

Coon Tasty said...

It's sure tough being of mixed ethnicity. - My Black half constantly wants to kill my White half.

I'm just glad I'm not a Black Hispanic. - I'd be too lazy to steal.


Gang of One said...

@ Coon Tasty -- I am half Israelite and half Mexican; if if I can't get it wholesale, I'll steal it.

Colby said...

You are spot on about the double standard that allows only liberals to make accusations of racism, but it would sure make me feel better to say it! Most of the libs I know would get red in the face and start blathering nonsense; might be quite entertaining!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Gang of One- First off, let me salute you for being a teacher. That's an enormously important and challenging profession - and one which desperately needs to be saved from the depradations of government and the unions.

You're absolutely right in your assertion that the biggest problem regarding minorities and the education system isn't the teachers or curriculum, but is instead the subcultures which discourage learning in these groups. (And please note that this was my thought when I mentioned the problems with "education," but I didn't spell it out - and am very glad that you have.)

Bill Cosby and Allen Toussaint have written eloquently about what needs to be done to change the black mindset from victim to victor (in their book "Come On, People" and reshaping attitudes about education is a huge part of it.

This should be a message that Barack Obama honestly promotes, but instead he recently declared that black folks need to "take off your bedroom slippers and put on your marching shoes" - not to go to school or find a job, but to campaign for him. Presumably, living in bedroom slippers is fine the rest of the time.

None of this is complicated, and the so-called black "leaders" who do nothing to change the status quo are clearly invested in keeping African-Americans indebted and subservient to the government.

@Coon Tasty and Gang of One- As Barack Obama says, we're all mutts.

@Colby- I'm in favor of anything which frustrates liberals.

Gang of One said...

@ Stilton -- Thank you, Sir. While we can speak endless volumes of the deteriorating state of tax-payer funded indoctrination, I just wanted to also point out that there is also the added nefariousness of the
"helicopter mom/dad". This is a parent who constantly hovers over both child and teacher, many times interfering with lessons, curriculum, rules, regulations and standards. As a somewhat comical polar opposite to the un-involved slacker parent, these adults have perpetuated a climate of disrespect for genuine authority [the school board of education, the administrations, the teachers] and an atmosphere of unaccountability. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have butted heads with these assholes who demand that their child be given a re-test, a better grade everything and anything that exculpates the child from any wrongdoing, malfeasance or irresponsibility. Too many times we teachers have heard our administrators talk about 'educational excellence' and yet they fold when parents pressure them because little Johnny or Suzy was not recommended for an AP or Honors level course, or because the child is failing and this MUST be because the teacher is cheating the student. IT is NEVER the child's responsibility.
There is too much leniency and too much throwing good people under the bus to avoid the lawsuits. I wish I could tell you about the times I have sat in meetings with special ed kids, their parents and their lawyers who demand modifications that make a joke of the whole learning process. I hold Dubya and his misguided No Child Left Behind pandering for this kind of degradation, but I digress.
The only reason I signed on the dotted line to become a union dope was for their legal coverage -- you can only imagine what teachers are liable for -- look at a kid the wrong way and you are brought up on harassment charges. Don't even talk to a student alone in your classroom or office ... Again, I digress. The point of the above screed is that teachers and schools are really no longer in charge in many cases, and that is just as discouraging and pathetic.

In regard to your point about BHO's criminal neglect of the state of education priorities in the black and Hispanic communities, it is counter-intuitive -- people with real educations, who KNOW history and have critical thinking and analytic skills, would vote every Socialist/Big Government/Democrat turd out of office. We can't have that now, can we?
So, for votes he throws tax-payer funded indoctrination at the People of Palor®, and he throws racial division and class-warfare at the People of Color™.
We have a republic, if we can keep it.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Gang of One: That "cultural difference" is, in my view, a direct result of affirmative action. As I said above, these people know that they do not have to compete. And it is the very rare bird that continues to strive to fly through the top when a lower window is open to them. Like most things in nature, even man will usually take the path of least resistance...

(And God bless you for being a teacher - I started teaching a class once a week to fourth graders last year, and, through that experience, have determined that you people have the patience of saints. God bless you doubly for trying to undue the lies that have been rolled out to these kids through the usual indoctrination...)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Gang of One- Thank you for the additional insights into the rat's nest which the education system has become (and NOT because of the educators!). I've attended school meetings (and I live in a very good school district) in which parents argued against any homework because their kids have other activities to do. And when you stir lawyers into the mix, nothing gets better. Ever.

And I think we're in agreement that Mr. Soetoro doesn't want the education system improved for anyone, especially blacks, because it might lead to something individuality, accomplishment, and questions that the president would rather not answer.

@Emmentaler- Affirmative Action has been, and continues to be, a curse. Whenever the standards are lowered in the name of "fairness," the prejudices and stereotypes which divide us are only reinforced.

And hey, points to you too, for teaching fourth graders! I myself have dabbled in the children's education field (albeit not within a school setting) and found it enormously rewarding.

pryorguy said...

Ya know, I was just thinking...the 'presidency' of BO for me has been quite the education. I recall when Clinton was in office and it was difficult for me to grasp just where a liberal was after. After this ONE TERM of obama's, I can say that I do understand what they are after although I don't fully conprehend WHY they are they way they are; maybe it is just the power, that is all it can be. They are not really concerned one whit about the welfare of anybody or even this great nation, which is their home as well as mine. That's the part that will always elude me. It is as though the blinders are on to stay.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

He's a pimp of race baiting.

Bob Mack said...

Holder's old law firm (Spite & Envy)doesn't even want him back. Meanwhile, the Boss "who’s spent the last week or so singing, dancing, telling jokes, and in general currying the callow student vote by promising them wagon loads of free spermicides and other goodies (well, free to them—somebody’s going to have to pay for ‘em), appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night dorm room shindig to do something called “slow-jamming” the news. How hip. How cool. How unbecoming the so-called leader of the Free World."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@pryorguy- It's not complicated; the Left wants everyone to have equal misery, except for the few who are absolutel rulers. And they, of course, will be the absolute rulers.

@Woodsterman (Odie)- In fact, he's a master race baiter. And you can read that joke at least two different ways.

@Bob Mack- There's a great new campaign ad out which mocks this "hip, hot, happening" and most un-presidential president. Watch this, and then pass it along to as many young voters as you possibly can!