Friday, April 20, 2012

Same Bus, New Driver

Perhaps because he wanted to distract from the media frenzy attached to his admission of eating dog meat and other sordid things, Barack Obama finally decided to make a bold, decisive move to set America back on the path to prosperity and harmony.

Specifically, he flew Air Force One to Detroit in order to be photographed sitting pensively in the bus made famous by Rosa Parks (and, oh yeah, as long as he was in town,
attend another fundraiser) knowing that the inspiring image would cause all Americans to ask themselves the same troubling question etched into the president's somber face: "I wonder why this bus isn't going anywhere?"

Because our economic bus
isn't going anywhere...and the longer Obama is driving, the farther back African-Americans are being told to sit.

This situation is captured perfectly in a now-infamous recent photo of Obama's reelection headquarters in Chicago, which shows a room crammed with computers, tables, and seemingly
hundreds of enthusiastic young campaign workers. All except one of whom are white. And the one who isn't white is Asian... presumably because the campaign needed at least one worker who could do math.

Supporters of the president say that he's forced to overcompensate for his own alleged blackness by not having too many black people around him or his organization (although they're still apparently fine crowded around him at photo-ops as if they were Japanese subway riders during rush hour).

And similarly, he's overcompensating for his own blackness by doing virtually nothing to help the plight of Blacks in America. So bad is his record that the Congressional Black Caucus has said they'd be
demonstrating in front of the Whitehouse now...if Obama was a white man. But if the first black president fails to do anything for the African-American community, they don't want to risk criticizing him as being heartless, manipulative, and ineffectual - no matter how truthful that assessment is.

In response to the embarrassment of having a campaign headquarters that looks whiter than a gathering of the KKK, Obama's people are now making an "urgent push" to hire more minorities -
especially black ones. Although last time we looked, it was a serious crime to hire someone based solely on their race...or even to consider it as a condition of employment.

Maybe this is why Barack Obama felt the sudden desperate need to be photographed sitting in Rosa Parks' bus. And we hope he enjoyed the experience while it lasted.

Because he's got to get off at the next stop.

Barack Obama shares a ride with all the Black Americans he's helped.
(Note to readers: the first link in today's commentary is actually a bit of
Hope n' Change Friday mischief. Feel free to share it with your friends!)


Steve Burri said...

The President can sit anywhere on the bus he wants 'cause all others have been thrown under the bus.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Steve Burri- Great observation!

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Great comment, Steve. Great link, Stilton. Where did you get a voice-over guy who sounds so much like Obama?

FlyBoy said...

So it's illegal to hire someone based their race? Why let the law get in the way of good intentions? What enrages me most about our current White House occupant is his total disregard for our Constitution-as though it exists to inconvenience him and all he'd like to do (when he's not using it for toilet paper).

Gang of One said...

@ Steve -- Ouch! Wish I'd said that.
@ FlyBoy -- The Current Occupy WH does, in fact, hold our Constitution in contempt ... to him and his ilk it is a flawed document, conceived of and written by white, slave-holding Christians, Deists and Masons. As an acolyte and disciple of both Bell and Wright, it is impossible for the Current Occupy WH to appreciate and defend it.

Colby said...

NO, Barack! When we told you to "Just hop on the bus, Gus," we meant the bus leaving the White House.

Maybe he thinks it's a magic bus that will earn him the respect we have for Rosa Parks. Sorry, dumbass, she quietly EARNED our respect; she didn't arrogantly demand it.

Stilton, Awesome as usual! I noticed something else about the crowd of volunteers at BO's Chicago shack. They all look like a bunch of kids! There isn't a taxpayer among them, I'd bet.

Pete(Detroit) said...

I was there when they officially dedicated the installation of that bus - quite a moving ceremony, even if Ms. Parks was unable to attend. The president being such a turd burglar that he has to attempt to piggyback on that poor woman's sore feet is just pathetic.

How big of a D-bag ARE you, if it takes $1B to convince people you're not a D-bag?

Gang of One said...

And on a note altogether unrelated note, we have BO back-tracking to make his campaign "diverse".

Anonymous said...

That should have said " ... NOT altogether unrelated ... "

Chuck said...

And he speaks ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

Øbama has no more in common with the vast majority of black Americans than Ted Kennedy did, so the Rosa Parks Bus Photo-op is just pandering, trying to bolster his cred in the black community. The kicker is that he doesn’t need to worry because the majority of black voters will vote for him no matter what, because he is black. NOTE: in today’s America, that is NOT considered racism for reasons I don’t comprehend. It’s only racism if you DON’T vote him because he is black.

@Stilton – great video. I, too, wonder where you got the voice-over from ... and I wonder how long it will be before YouTube pulls it. And, you caption on the bus photo is priceless!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Angry Hoosier Dad- Fun alert! You can make "Obama" say whatever you want at this site, although it takes a bit of work, multiple word choices, and odd punctuation to make it sound right.

@Flyboy- Obama feels about the Constitution like Reagan felt about the Berlin Wall.

@Gang of One- Good summation; I completely agree.

@Colby- To me, the picture in the bus is an insult to Rosa Parks, Americans in general, and Blacks in particular. It's only purpose is to not-so-subtly imply that the black president of the United States is still fighting Rosa Parks' battle in a racist country. The man has no shame.

Regarding the 99.99% white workers at Obama HQ, I doubt there are any taxpayers, but I bet those kids know damn well that the government now makes the decisions about who will have their college loans forgiven.

@Pete(Detroit)- The bus is iconic and important, and Rosa Parks was a hero. Barack Obama (who sneeringly said that Republicans need to "ride in back" while he's driving) defiles her memory.

@Gang of One- Actually, I believe that's one of the links in today's commentary. And if it isn't, I meant it to be!

CenTexTim said...

Okay, Stilt, prepare for visits from the Secret Service, audits from the IRS, problems getting your passport renewed, rejected firearm purchase applications from the ATF, demands from ICE to see your papers, extremely personal patdowns from the TSA, and many other probes into your background (literally).

I hope you haven't torn the tags off any of your mattresses...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Chuck- Racism isn't actually hard to define: it's anything done by white people. Glad to help!

And I'm glad you enjoyed the little Youtube video. Mrs. Jarlsberg raised a disapproving eyebrow over it (not without justification) but I couldn't resist the fun. And although it's subtle, I was actually trying to make a point: most people really DON'T know what's in Barry's autobiography because the media didn't even bother to report on it when allegedly vetting him before the last election. Otherwise, serious questions would have been raised about his drug use, his religion, his embrace of radicals and anarchists, and his stated animosity towards white people. To me, those facts are more shocking than anything I jokingly suggested, yet they were kept from the American people by a complicit press.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@CenTexTim- I hear at Guantanamo Bay the rooms are good, the food is great, the weather is always nice, and there's an expensive new soccer field. In other words, even in the Obamaconomy, I've found a way to plan for my retirement.

pryorguy said...

To silly women and some blacks, that picture will touch their hearts, the rest of us know better! Great video too, laughed my honky butt off!

Anonymous said...

I apologize for any impertinence but if you look at a very high resolution picture of the Obama office staff the one Asian woman in the picture isn't the lone non-white. There is a second Asian woman and way, way, way in the back, if you look really closely, you'll see the lone African-American (I remember him wearing a black, baseball cap but I could be wrong).

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Plus, the detainees at Gitmo get ice cream! Yay!

It is interesting how all of the so called civil rights "leaders" today are the antithesis of MLK and Rosa Parks. To them, civil rights = entitlements. Pitiful and shameful.

Per Øbama's staff in Chitown: why is anyone surprised by this? Liberals do not mean for their ideology to apply to them; only to you! Just as they will happily spend you into oblivion, and crucify you for trying to protect your wealth - while they follow more aggressive (and often: illegal) financial precepts to ensure they preserve and build their wealth. After all: they are the giants that got all the good for the little people. They deserve their gains.

Hypocrisy just is not in their system of beliefs...

Gang of One said...

@ Stilton -- D'OH!!! You did, in fact, provide that very same link. My apologies for not reading closely.
I throw myself under the bus ...

Jazz said...

Does anyone remember when these Rights were inalienable ("natural") ... instead of graciously (gracelessly) granted(!) by a so-called civil government?
That which a government can grant can as easily be removed by that (or a subsequent) government.

Gang of One said...

And while we are vetting the Current Occupy WH's own lack of Racial Sensitivity®, I offer this tid-bit:

Barack Obama said...

Damn! This "Bus" gig didn't light the torch like I expected. Maybe I'll go to the Woolworths lunch counter in Greensboro next!

... and order a hot dog...

Carney! Make sure it doesn't have any damn snake meat in it! That's tougher!

Gang of One said...

@ Barack -- Somewhere in there is a joke about crunchy crickets chirping, right?

Mike Porter said...

Perhaps a more accurate if still symbolic gesture would be a photo-op on a short bus. But then, that's probably not a good idea since 'special needs' and 'opportunistic scumbags of unmitigated evil' fall into entirely different categories.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@pryorguy- I'm an old advertising guy, and can appreciate the cleverness of the message(s) they're sending with that seemingly simple picture. It's smart and deliberately deceptive.

And you laughed at the video? Geez, I was just trying to encourage people to get over their cultural sensitivity and learn to appreciate the "different but just as good" traditions of Indonesia.

@Anonymous- Hey, it's not impertinence to point out things I might have missed! I'll admit that I didn't look that closely at a high-rez version of the picture, but I think if you have to use a magnifying glass to find a single black face then this crowded room doesn't "look like America." Plus, the black guy could have been delivering lunch. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

@Emmentaler- Your point about MLK and Rosa Parks really gets my blood steaming. If there's one freaking thing Barack Hussein Obama could/should do, it's use his presidency to open an honest dialogue on race in this country, and help solve problems (by which I certainly don't mean more entitlements). But no, he prefers to stoke racism for his own political gain. He's like the black African slavetraders who sold their own people into bondage. And I don't mean that metaphorically.

Per the Chicago HQ, it really does show the hypocrisy at the core of liberalism. What skill set was being required in the hiring process that had such a (ahem) "disparate impact" on minorities? If this picture was taken at any other business in America, Eric Holder would already be filing charges.

@Gang of One- Hopefully it's the unmoving bus that Obama is sitting in. You'll be perfectly safe.

@Jazz- A huge and excellent point. Rights are NOT granted by the Constitution - they are ours naturally. The Constitution just tells the government when and where they have to back off...and no president until now has so resented and actively challenged those protections like Barack Obama.

@Gang of One- Hilarious! The Romney slogan is "Obama Isn't Working," and a survey of five liberals (including journalists) found that they all agreed that the first thing it makes them think is that black people are lazy and shiftless. Isn't it amazing how close to the surface the very worst racial stereotypes are in liberals? But then, they're the ones (the only ones) who insist that Blacks are physically and mentally incapable of caring for themselves.

@Barack Obama- Glad to see you dropping in again! If you plan to do a racism nostalgia tour, be sure to stop at the Pickrick cafeteria in George, where owner Lester Maddox used an ax handle to keep blacks from entering his all-white establishment...and then rode his popularity into politics (actually using autographed ax handles as campaign gifts) eventually becoming Georgia's governor. Georgia's Democrat Governor.

@Gang of One- mmMMmm. Crunchy crickets.

@Mike Porter- Sadly, the only actual pictures I can find of Obama getting into a bus is when he climbs aboard his huge, wildly expensive, jet black campaign bus: "The Darth Phallus."

Coon Tasty said...

@Colby - If it wasn't a magic bus before, it certainly is now, now that the Magic Negro-Nobel Prize Winner-World's Smartest Economist has sanctified it with the presence of his Holy buttocks.

If it was painted gold, you'd probably be able to get people to worship the damn thing. (I guess that applies equally to both the bus and Obama.)

Pete(Detroit) said...

Mike P - He's afraid of the Short Bus. Remember when he cracked about his bowling "I'm like all Special Olympics in there"? He was then contacted by a Special Olympian gold medalist (who carries like a 290 average) who offered to come over and give him some lessons / pointers. Proving that not only is he a better bowler, but a better person (and possibly smarter). Since then, he's stayed the HELL away from ANY thing like that, especially including comments about Trig Palin.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Interesting metaphor - Rosa got arrested ("I was tired, and my feet hurt"), spawned a boycott that nearly bankrupted the bus company. The President, running unchecked, is bankrupting us all.

In the system of the day, whites got on in the front, and filled to the back. Blacks got on in back, and filled to the front. If a white person got on and there were no seats in the 'white' section and no empty rows, the front row of blacks were required to stand, effectively 'creating' a new 'white' row. Until Rosa said 'no'
The boycott ran for over a year.
She was 42 at the time, which in 1955 was a LOT older than it is anymore...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Coon Tasty- Clearly Obama thinks the bus really is made more important by his posterior.

@Pete(Detroit)- Presidents say the darnedest things when they don't have teleprompters - the "special olympics" quote being a good example. And yes, I'd happily vote for Trig Palin over Obama in November.

The story of Rosa Parks is indeed an important and inspirational one. And it's worth noting that one of the reasons things really started changing is because black and white Americans were working together for change instead of calling for race wars. But what has Obama done to even try to bring us together as a nation.

I know I'm just repeating myself, but his presence in that bus was an insult.

Stan da Man said...

Stilt - "insult" - DA!

Hello Birdy said...

Obama's Excellent Bus Tour.

Rosa rode that bus with great courage.

Obama ride that bus with great self-pity.

I eagerly await the departure of the first affirmative action president and greatest guns salesman in American history.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Hello Birdy- "Self-pity" nicely captures what he seems to be exhibiting in that picture, no doubt combined with his standard resentment that his "greatness" isn't applauded as much as he thinks it should be.