Monday, August 13, 2012

We're Having Scum Fun Now!

If you hear a loud "beep-beep-beep" over the next few months, it's likely to be the Obama/Biden garbage truck backing up to dump another load of stinking, rotting refuse into the hungry mouths and empty heads of liberal voters and the mainstream media.

The man who said he would "change Washington politics" in 2008 has actually kept that promise, lowering political and personal attacks into a gutter which would make a maggot gag.

You've already heard from Obama's political operatives that Mitt Romney gave a woman cancer and laughed gleefully at the news of her death. But the same team who produced that fact-free commercial is happily bragging that they are going to be releasing "more incendiary" ads soon - including ones that suggest contact with Mitt Romney causes people to commit suicide. And if that's not bad enough, they claim that they've
got other commercials which are even more emotionally inflammatory (or should we say libelous?) "in the can." Which is no doubt where they belong.

And Obama's Chicago attack machine has been quick to go after Paul Ryan, pointing out that he is young, annoyingly white, lacks private sector business experience, and is a novice on foreign relations. All of which could have been said of Barack Obama in 2008, except that he was annoyingly half-white.

But they're not stopping there. When Ryan released his economy-saving budget ("A what?" asked a genuinely puzzled Harry Reid), the Dems were quick to film an ad with Ryan pushing an old woman in a wheelchair off a cliff. But why? Because - according to the information added to Barack Obama's own website in the past 48 hours - the Ryan plan would increase senior's health costs by $6,350 a year! Yikes!

Except it's a complete lie. The Ryan plan specifically calls for NO changes in Medicare or its costs for anyone currently 55 or over. And it turns out (surprise!) that all seniors are 55 or over. Then again, the Obama team has never really been strong on math. Which is why without the Ryan Plan, all of Medicare will be going over that cliff soon.

The battle lines of the 2012 election are now clearly drawn: Romney/Ryan are going to put forth specific ideas for addressing America's very real problems... and Obama/Biden are going to do everything in their power to lie about their opponents and smear their reputations.

But what else could they do? Because Obama, Biden, and the liberal left have nothing else to talk about other than the nearly unbelievable amount of damage they've done to our country in 4 years.
And they'd rather not talk about how much more damage they hope to do in the next 4 years.



Velcro said...

I chastise myself that I continue to be amazed at the depths of depravity BO and his pals sink to... why would anything surprise me at this point? However, what did amaze me was the pushback he started getting from, at least, Wolf Blitzer, of all people.

THAT is a high-tide measure of the foulness of the garbage they're dumping on us!

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

We can do nothing and continue on the present path or we can make a change and go in another direction. From early on in his regime, I knew Obama's approach was to induce a fearful paralysis in people. To make things so bad that people were afraid that any kind of change could be worse. He's counting on people being comfortable in their misery and resistant to the unknown. A kind of nationwide Stockholm Syndrome. I don't think he's counting on a wider range of emotional responses available to people, like...anger. Fearful people are paralyzed. Angry people act; whether it be torches and pitchforks or standing in long lines happily waiting for the chance to vote the SOB out. Personally, I think his math is faulty and he didn't give enough weight to the anger quotient. Speaking for myself, there aren't enough NBPP thugs with clubs on the planet to stop me from voting this November. But a smiling, evil gremlin inside me actually hopes they try.

TrickyRicky said...

Entirely off topic, but now with the Olympics over, I won't have to tune in to NBC for four whole years. I wasn't sure if my mute button and supply of barf bags would hold out.

SeaDog said...

@Angry Hoosier Dad - The Purple People Beaters, the NEA, and the NBPP can't stop me from voting, I may not be as lean, but I'm still a Marine and I was trained well. I've noticed that CNN lately has not been swallowing the KoolAid as much.
@TrickyRicky - I had to replace my remote - I wore out the mute button.

I dealt with senior healthcare for a number of years, primarily medigap, LTC and Part D, and I can say that the number of seniors (which includes me) that are not cognizant of their healthcare benefits and their options is actually surprisingly low. The main gist of the Obama attack is the 'Ryan Plan destroying Medicare as we know it', which most know is a complete lie but will be used over and over again. The best thing the Romney/Ryan team can do with their local volunteers is develop an informational seminar on Medicare and the Ryan Plan, and visit all the church senior groups, retirement communities and assisted living facilities in their area and present the facts. We used to do this with Part D when it first came out (caveat was that we, as licensed agents, could not provide any company specific information)and it was very popular with the seniors.

From my days as a hiring manager, I know that most who fit in the under 55 grouping want to be in control of their benefits and healthcare. We had to change our retirement plans to provide an choice to our prospective new hires of either a pension benefit or an enhanced 401(k)/company stock plan to be competitive in the hiring marketplace (needless to say this was before the recession, but still applies today) - the graduates were were trying to hire no longer wanted to hire on to a company for life, only planning to stay for about 5 years before moving on, therefore, there was no interest in a pension plan.

John the Econ said...

I hope the Obama camp stays with this strategy. It's over-the-top. It stinks of desperation. It just stinks. And I think enough people will smell that.

The reality is that Obama's trickle-up poverty has stung enough of the swing-voters Obama needs to win, and this approach does nothing to convince these people that another 4 years of Obama will change anything.

@SeaDog, you hit on a good observation: The younger generations are figuring out that dependence (on employers & pensions or government) is a bad deal for them. They actually want "freedom". This is completely opposed to what Obama is selling with his bile.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Velcro- After all of this time, we know to expect the worst from Obama and company, but we still expect their bad behavior to be rooted in reality. So we're still blindsided when Team Obama claims that Romney causes cancer.

And oxymoronically, I know we haven't seen the worst yet, but I also know I'll still be shocked, surprised, and angered when it gets here.

@Angry Hoosier Dad- Very well put, and not a perspective I've heard elsewhere: make things bad to create paralysis among those who fear they could get worse.

But per your second point, those who aren't paralyzed are angry and ready to vote. Just like they did in 2010.

@TrickyRicky- Plus, you now have four years in which to train in case projectile vomiting becomes an Olympic event!

@SeaDog- I'm not a Marine or a particularly physical person. But I currently have the same attitude about thugs in the polling place as I do about terrorists on an airplane: Let's Roll.

Regarding Medicare, one simple truth is that no one has to destroy Medicare as we know it, because it's already terminal. The only remaining choices are to save it (by altering it) or watch it die. I agree with you that a real initiative needs to be made to reach out to seniors to explain the Ryan plan. And happily, Ryan himself makes things clear and understandable. That's why I'm delighted he's on the ticket.

FlyBoy said...

Hmmmm...Wisconsin's main industry is dairy farming-cows, specifically. Cows fart a lot. Cow farts cause global warming. And Paul Ryan is from Wisconson. Therefore, Paul Ryan is responsible for global warming.

It doesn't get much more obvious than that!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- I can see why Team Obama would think they can get away with saying anything that flits through their noggins; after all, they won last time with "Yes We Can." But as you say, there's an ugliness and desperation fouling the air around them now, and even their liberal media lapdogs are refusing to accept the lies being thrown out.

And per your comment about SeaDog's comment, I'm really hoping that there will be a big push to reach the youth vote with the message that Obama's vision of their future is one of economic enslavement and declining opportunity.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Flyboy- Great, now you're giving the other side free ammunition! (grin)

Emmentaler Limburger said...

I, too, like Paul Ryan, and am happy to see that Romney has selected a relatively solid conservative to bolster his image among most who would vote for an undisclosed third party candidate. I think this choice in veep will corral a huge swath of those voters who don't feel Romney is conservative enough.

Seeing the picture of Ryan and his family in the news, though... I fear for them. He has some really young kids, and I just know how the DNC, the liberals, and the media will just coddle them. I almost felt as if the MSM showing that picture was like Hitler, Stalin, or the Mafia reminding someone they would master that their family is involved in their level of cooperation...

Øbama's campaign to date is disgusting. I agree that Team Øbama miscalculated at just how hard-left they could turn the ship of state, but, frankly, I am disgusted and dismayed by all the Øbama/Bite-one 2012 stickers I see careening about town, and all those who still thin Øbama will bring his hopey changey goodness to the land - and are happy to tell you so.

On that note, I leave you with this musical interlude: The Øbama That I Used To Know

Earl Allison said...

I honestly think the best solution is using Obama’s own words against him;

Has the Debt been cut in half? Doesn’t appear so.

Does “the most transparent Administration in history” seem accurate when you have high-ranking members of your own party saying things like “you have to pass it to learn what’s in it”? I don’t believe it does.

Has President Obama honored his pledge to work WITH the opposition party? To work on uniting, rather than dividing? I doubt it, since class warfare seems to be a substantial piece of ordinance in the Obama campaign’s stockpile.

Why was raising the Debt Ceiling a bad thing when Obama was a Senator, and now a good one since he took office?

Why were gas prices in excess of $3.50 a gallon reason for concern and railing against GW Bush when he was President, while we hear naught but crickets when the price has exceeded $3.50 again (and doubled from the price per gallon when Obama took office to now)?

“You didn’t build that!” -- It hurt Obama, so keep the pressure up!

I apologize for getting more and more frustrated and negative, but Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Wasserman-Schultz and others need to be figuratively slapped down HARD every time they blatantly lie, or demonstrate double standards that would require them to become morally double- or triple-jointed to maintain.

Thanks for another great cartoon!

My Dog Brewski said...

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Not a conservative dream-team, but a presidential rarity these days to have two serious and intelligent adults in the room. Yeah, I'll vote for that.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

@ Earl Allison:
Gas was $3.95 here in northern Indiana over the weekend. Thanks a bunch, Barry, you fargin icehole!
BTW, your name reminds me of one of my favorite movies, Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison.

SeaDog said...

OT, but according to Drudge, they have just announced the moderators for the debates - talk about MSM water carriers - PBS-Jim Lehrer, CBS-Bob Schieffer, ABC-Martha Raddtz, CNN-Candy Crowley - makes me want to go back to the Olympics and see the dancing National Health Service.

txGreg said...


Your comment above regarding Obama's vision for the future reminds me of two current movies that appear worthwhile. Now, I've not seen either of these yet, but I plan to see them both (quickly, before they're yanked from the small handful of theaters willing to show them):

If anyone else has seen more than the trailers, please chime in.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Emmentaler- I share your concerns for Ryan's family. The Dems will try to destroy them, and they won't be restrained by either truth or decency. And what becomes of our country when good people decide that politics is just too ugly to participate in?

Regarding Obama bumperstickers, I like seeing them because they help me spot the drivers who have no idea of what they're doing, where they're going, or how they'll get there.

@Earl Allison- You're entirely right that Obama's own words need to be crammed down his throat. Sideways, if possible. There are really only two explanations for Obama's failed promises: he was lying or he was incompetent. Either one should be enough to show him the door.

And I agree that the time has come to slap down liars and label them accordingly. I'm tired of euphemisms like "a distortion of the record" or "a mischaracterization of the facts." No, these people are LYING and it's time to start saying it to their faces.

@My Dog Brewski- You echo my thoughts. I've been playing with slogans in my head like "This Time, Let's Try Grown-Ups."

@Angry Hoosier Dad- Barry is doing everything he can to help Americans cope with the high price of gas by making sure that a lot of them don't have jobs to drive to.

@SeaDog- I saw that list too, and it took some of the edge off my Paul Ryan "high." We've still got to play with the media's stacked deck, but I have a lot of confidence in our side's ability to debate. Still - I may need dramamine to watch.

@txGreg- Both are on my list, too.

John the Econ said...

@SeaDog & @Stilton, of course the MSM is going to deploy the A-Team of water-carriers for the debates.

The Romney people should be ready for this. The enemy at the debates will not be Obama, but the moderators. My strategy would be to be ready to embarrass the moderators with their predictably-loaded non-questions. Leave Obama to embarrass himself.

SeaDog said...

Perhaps get some pointers from Newt about media bashing.

REM1875 said...

Si, se puede!

(the official language of the new democrat majority, with a few minor tweaks to US law from executive orders- congress? congress? We don need no stinking congress!!!)

Cookie said...

Great post and great comments.
Emmentaler--the song "Obama That I Used to Know" is pretty good. Those people just don't understand the the obama they used to know is the same obama we have here and now. He has always been a scumbag liar.
I hope that the Romney/Ryan ticket will stay focused on the important matters and can shed some light on the lies and crap that continue to spew forth from the opposition camp.

God bless Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. And may we all send up prayers and good thoughts to them during the remainder of this campaign.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@SeaDog: I'm an occasional recruiter for the rather major corporation I work for, and I agree that grads today do not look for "career positions", but are interested in opportunities from which they can launch to other opportunities. Corporate loyalty is a quaint concept from the past for these professionals. The unfortunate consequence is that the converse, corporate loyalty to the employee is also an antiquated concept. Not sure which one surrendered itself to history first, though. In my experience, it came about in the late '90s and early '00s with the likes of Jack Welch and Jac Nasser - people more focused on "shareholder value" than customer and employee satisfaction. Frankly, though I condemn these folks for their loss of focus on providing product that their customers want and can depend on, the benefit or liability the break of the "loyalty continuum" between employee and employer represents to both is still being evaluated by both parties. So far, though, its impact on those who were loyal to a company which was, at one time, loyal to them has been criminal. Many chose jobs - jobs that, on a level: sucked, because of the benefits promised them while employed and in retirement. These benefits have been yanked from under them for political gain. Notably, these people, to a person, have not been members of any of the unions. So, should employees be loyal to their employers? I think not. Employees need to think of themselves as corporations unto themselves, marketing their skills and their ability to help others make profits, rather than helpless victims of "their jobs". And I commend all the new graduates in doing just that. Wish I had had that mindset when I was starting out. Corporations? They have to divorce themselves from the expectation that employees will operate to the benefit of anyone's interest save their own - and this is where the most detriment to the corporations has and will continue to be experienced.

@AHD: Johnny Dangerously! Roman Moroni! You've reminded me of one of my all-time favorites! And, in that vein, it could be said of Øbama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, and that douche-bag Wasserman-Shultz that they are all a bunch of miserable cork soakers, too.

Ah, good times, good times!

@Stilton: I've been running a little observational "demographic survey" on these stickers. So far, the vast majority "appear" to be voting along racial lines, as they fit a certain demographic. The next largest grouping I have formed in my "data" are the "when cut, I bleed liberally" seen in and around such bastions of democracy as, say, Ann Arbor. MI. The rest are inexplicable by any obviously observable characteristics. Perhaps the stickers were slapped on their cars without their knowledge. Or they've suffered closed head injuries - stuff like that...

@SeaDog: Amen to that! Newt is quite adept at turning their sycophantic sanctimonious bull-pucky right back on them. Maybe they should hire Newt as a consultant on debating strategy- if only old Newt would have them...

@REM1975: and getting away with not needing no 'steenk-een' congress is what scares me about our future prospects the most...

Pete(Detroit) said...

Emmentaller, can't imagine better illustration that he's losing his grip on the youth, too...
Facebooked it!

SeaDog said...

@Emmentaler Limburger - you are correct about the timing. I worked of a major telecommunications company, and when we hired on in the 70's it was about the benefit packages and we hired on for life. We took care of our employees as they were our family. Then the combination of divestiture and the company contracting such management consultant 'geniuses' (and I've forgotten most of their names)but the 'blue space/red space' and the 'break their toys' guru's stood out for their idiocy. It was then that we lost it, having managers that "didn't have to know the business to manage it", and saw the employee as a necessary evil to their corporate ladder climb. Luckily, I got out when they offered me an early out package, and entered another career. The funny thing was that 4 of us retired early, and after a two year search while we were 'contracted' so we could train our replacements, they finally had to hire 11 new hires to split the work up where someone would take the jobs we 4 had been doing for ten years. Somehow that made sense to upper level management????

SeaDog said...

One of the things the Romney/Ryan ticket needs to look at under 'Obamacare Cost' is the loss of physicians both entering family/general practice as well as more importantly (to us seniors) is the rapidly increasing number of doctors refusing to accept Medicare patients. I lost my MD a month ago, she moved to another city, and the MD picking up her practice does not accept Medicare, period (according to her staff RN it was not only no, but h*** no). I have gone through about 10 MD's on my company health insurance plan list and when they realize that I will be on Medicare in two months, they say they won't accept me as a new patient. We saw the same thing happen when we lived in NC, Bev Perdue mimicked Obamacare with the state's Medicaid program, and 3 of the 4 MD's working in my wife's unit decided to retire or pursue other fields.

Colby said...

Way to go with the Biden fake heart attack scenerio! You have probably really pissed in obama's cornflakes by publicizing his master plan. Now he's going to have to use "terminal cancer brought on by Bain Capital" or something.

@Earl Allison,
The obama blather that absolutely pisses me off most is the bit where he whines about Bush being un-American and un-patriotic for taking a credit card on the bank of China and running the debt up. If I were Mitt Romney, I'd be bringing this one up over and over, along with the "I need to be a one term president" statement.

@Tricky Ricky,
Amen on your opinions of NBC! I can sort of stomach CBS or ABC, but NBC is friggin' evil. Alas, they cover the NFL, so I endure them maybe once a week in the fall, but never tune in for anything else. At least they axed that moron Olbermann!

I like to do bumper sticker "surveys" as well. When I see a BO sticker, I always try to pass the car just to see what the occupant looks like (I'll admit that the thought of running them off the road sometimes occurs against my will). It is my conclusion so far that the car owners fall into two catagories. The first is people that will vote for him based solely on the color of his skin. He could be satan incarnate, but they want him a pres because he looks like them or because they carry some sort of misplaced guilt over the slaves their great great great grandfather had. They usually drive beaters or old Subarus.

The second category? Older, rich white people. You know, the ones who are not affected by the economy because they still have money from when Reagan was president. They are usually driving a newer Caddy, Lincoln or Mercedes.

So obama scores with poor people and rich people. God save the rapidly dwindling middle class! And God bless Paul Ryan, and Mitt Romney and their families. They are all in for a bashing like we have never witnessed before.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- I agree about firing back at the moderators. Newt Gingrich proved it can be done without looking petty. The trick is to make sure that Romney and Ryan are ready to call a question inappropriate, but don't come in looking for a chance to attack the moderator.

@Cookie- The song parody was pretty funny, although it still misses the point if young voters are yearning for the man they thought they were voting for last time. There ain't no such animal.

@Emmentaler- Great points about the changing culture of employment. I keep telling people (especially young people) that we're all entrepreneurs now, whether we know it (or like it) or not.

Regarding bumper stickers, in my neck of Texas the Obamites are outnumbered but are still visible. I think the stickers are considered standard equipment on electric hybrid cars.

@SeaDog- Boy, are you salting some wounds of mine by bringing up those (ahem) "managers" who didn't need to know anything about the actual business to "manage." And also the problems inherent when those managers dismiss the "old guard" who actually got things done, and then can't seem to cover the workload. Oh, I could tell you stories...

Regarding the physician shortage, we ain't seen nothing yet. Who in the world wants to impoverish themselves going to medical school and working insane internships, only to get a job with sky-high liability insurance, endless paperwork, and a LOSS of money every time a government-sponsored patient walks through the door?

And the Bamster's healthcare bill takes $700 billion out of Medicare funding without suggesting any way to make up those missing funds - except reducing payments to the few doctors still in the system. Oh yeah, that'll work great.

@Colby- It doesn't have to be Biden's heart attack. His wife could get a case of scurvy and he'll step down to sit by her bedside and feed her lime wedges.

Colby said...

Scurvy.... Argh, matey!

Romney and Ryan were in nearby Mooresville, NC yesterday, and there were huge crowds cheering them. There were also some morons from Move On and some union ass-wipes holding up signs of protest, but they were largely ignored and outnumbered. There is hope! The spender in chief won NC by about 14,000 votes in 2008. I sort of get the feeling it will be tough sledding this time around.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Colby - tough sledding - YAY!!!

Stilt, agreed on teh kids and the yearning, but if at least they realize they're NOT going to get freebies maybe they'll just stay the heck home this time?

Emmentaller, I think it was about the time that "Personnel" Office became "Human Resources" - and employees went from being "people" to "resource units"

In terms of managers who don't know the biz, I fail to see why the board pays Execs $$M to run a company into the ground - Hell, I'd do it for $2M...

SC said...

Love the cartoon today

When I see a vehicle with a ‘bark 2012’ bumper sticker, I give them the thumbs down as I pass them.
Good news here in the ‘people’s republic of Illinois’ there are FAR fewer bumper stickers for ‘bark’ out there. By this time in 2008 they seemed to be everywhere.

I am lucky enough to work for a family-owned privately held company that still cares about their employees.

John the Econ said...

@Pete (Detroit), I would hope that a great number of those kids would be coming to the conclusion that the freebies are over; the ones who "hope" for freebies will stay home. Those who'd rather have jobs when they graduate will go out and vote for real change.

Pete (Detroit) said...

John, I'd like to THINK that moving back in w/ Mom would get old... *I* did it for a few years, but was working off shifts, and never saw the folks...

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

@ Stilton:
I think the plan is to ultimately have government decide who gets to go to medical school, pay for it with tax dollars and decide what specialties the "government" doctors go into. They will then be little more than "tradesmen" and paid commensurately, again by the government. Combine that with Obamacare and death panels and it'll be good times, indeed. While there is little evidence that aspirin cures cancer, if you are over 55, that's what you'll be given to treat it.

John the Econ said...

@Pete (Detroit), relatively few people actually want to have a "poor" lifestyle; certainly most of those who go to the trouble of going to college wish to have a life better than what can be had in the parent's basement. Most of those kids know that even on welfare, life will not be better than in the basement. They'd be happier with a real job; both materially and spiritually.

@Angry Hoosier Dad, I think what is more likely is that our medical system will be like that of the NHS in Britain; mostly consisting of foreign-born and trained people imported to America for a better life and higher wages for them, yet lower than what American's would be willing to go to school for a decade to earn. It would be much cheaper than what it costs to train doctors here.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Angry Hoosier Dad- Regarding the future of doctors, I think the government will pay for their education - and lock them down, hard, to get service out of them. I also think that many of the students will be imports from other countries.

But (just speculating here), I think the real growth will be in government "paraphysicians" who will be little more than white-coated DMV workers who enter your symptoms into a computer terminal and wait for a diagnosis and treatment to pop out. And since common symptoms can point to many illnesses, you'll be treated for the least expensive first and be told to "come back in 90 days - and get to the end of the line - if you're not better." Repeat ad nauseum until the patient either gets better inexpensively, or dies (fully and compassionately insured) during the trial and error period.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- Looks like you and I hit the "send" button on our comments at the same moment...but we're in pretty close synch about the future of medicine.

Anonymous said...

We are already seeing a huge influx of foreigh doctors and nurses here. I was in the hospital last December for emergency gall bladder surgery. I had night nurses that literally could not speak a word of English. The doctor that discharged me could not write a note to my employer that made any sense(the note indicated a return-to-work date that was actually prior to the date I was admitted). Cut-rate care is already here.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Sigh. There are bound to be examples of Øbamacare's chilling effect on medical advances popping up right and left any day now, but, for the, meantime, I don't think they've quite figured out where Øbamacare leaves them.

I just read a news article regarding a couple of (foreign-born) researchers who had just made a phenomenal discovery: they had decoded how the retina sends signals to the brain, and duplicated it externally, sending real visual information that the brain can decode as sight. As a result of their work, they'd restored sight to blind mice and the resultant "sight" wasn't just the bright light, high-contrast results achievable already today. A comment from the article tells of their naivete: No foreseeable barriers should stop the movement into humans now that the technology has been created... ...if researchers can come up with adequate cash to fund clinical trials [they hope] to soon adapt the technology.

Clinical trials are usually very expensive. What commercial concern would want to invest in the development of this potentially astounding technology with the very real risk that, due to the strictures of Øbamacare, they will never recoup their costs? Since the majority of potential candidates are of the "take an aspirin and wait for that black hooded guy with a sickle to take your medical history", macular degeneration crowd, who will want to invest a bundle of cash for something to enhance the life of these throw-aways?!

I guess I'm getting cynical...

Colby said...

We don't want to try and tell you what to do, but we think it's about time that leg humper, Bark chimed in on the Ryan for VP pick.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Emmentaller, let's not forget the likelihood of ludicrous, lucrative lawsuits...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- I almost take it as a given these days that doctors are likely to have unpronounceable names. And I know of a number of nursing facilities with staff that speak virtually no English. But unless things change, and soon, we'll look back on these as "the good old days."

@Emmentaler- We've already seen the way Obamacare thinks about treatment: will it be cost-effective and aid the "greater good" of productivity? In the case of the miraculous restoration of eyesight, Obamacare won't give a rat's patootie if old folks can see - and I doubt there's a large enough population of blind people to make the investment "worthwhile" when only the government (and not the private sector) will be approving and funding medical research.

So no - I don't think you're being cynical in the least.

@Colby- All in good time. And I've actually got a cartoon with Bark humping Chris Matthews leg sitting on my harddrive, but I haven't decided if I should release it.

@Pete(Detroit)- The easiest, most cost-effective way to improve medicine and medical expenses in this country is via tort reform. And Obamacare stipulates penalties for any state which tries it. Sickening.

My Dog Brewski said...

In the name of all that is holy, how can you consider not releasing that cartoon. Just imagining the image of Bark humping Chrissy Tingles leg renders me near-spasmodic.

Anonymous said...

It's really funny to go back and see how wrong you were and how stupid you look.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- I appreciate your candor and willingness to admit your mistakes. Is this, by any chance, part of a 12-step program to recover from Progressivism?